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The Professional (The Game Maker, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fictional romance where girl falls in love with body guard her father sent to find her. [s]

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Jenna Harvey | 3 comments A few things I can remember is towards the beginning of the book, the main character and her friend go to a bar and she gets dared to go talk to a big buff looking guy. He turns out to be the man sent by her father to find this girl. She goes home and is taking a bath and he is watching her. Another part I remember is they are getting on a plane in a field and she goes to run away and he chases her and they fall on the ground and he makes a comment about her thin shirt and how he can’t concentrate. It’s killing me not to know the name of the book! If I remember more details I will update.

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Zoe | 1 comments Ahhhh dang, I think I read things before as well... was the girl a princess? Is this a harlequin book? If it's not, then never mind. I keep track of the books I read so if it is then I might be able to find it. After much digging. XD

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Jenna Harvey | 3 comments I believe she was a princess or some sort of royalty or rich family or something!

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Vieky | 23 comments Sounds like an Alexa Riley book but I'm not sure

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Jenna Harvey | 3 comments Yes! Thank you so much Terri!

Terri | 322 comments No problem

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