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UNSOLVED: One specific book > ya/na about a girl who is on the run from the law..lots of spoilers

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Amber | 4 comments I think I read the book between 2012-2015. It was on the new release shelf but I have looked everywhere and can not find it. It was about a girl who joined the mob/mafia or a criminal gang at 9 years old and quickly worked herself up to be second place by 15 or 16. She ran into an issue after killing a goverment worker (I think) and they sent her to hide out in maybe texas?? She had to cut and dye her hair and get most her tattoos covered. She lived with 2 fake brothers and started high school while there. She met a boy there that everyone said was bad because he spent the summer in a boys home for a violent crime but he really spent it taking care of his sick aunt. They quickly became friends and then started having feeling for each other. They went to prom and her giant web tattoo on her back was bedazzled and sparkled but shortly after that (maybe that night) the mob boss came and took her home. Years later after she had married the mob boss and been widowed she ran into the boy agian in collage and they rekindled the relationship. I think it is only one book but it may be two.

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Amber, what were her jobs/skills working for the mob/mafia/criminal gang?

Is most of the story about her growing or as an adult in college? Who/where are her parents/family?

What's the main location (country/region/city/small town)?

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Amber | 4 comments she started out stealing/breaking into cars which is how they found her, as she got older she became an assassin for them.

I think half is high school time and the other half college or book 1 and 2 if a series.

I don't remember the location. I assume the short start with the gang was in a big city, and then when she is hiding at the high school it is a small town somewhere.

I believe her family died before the start of the book or she was a foster child/runaway.

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