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Kate (kgskocelas) | 570 comments Mod
What did you think of Saga, Vol. 1? If you were new to it, how did it compare to other space operas you've read or watched? If this is your first time reading it, are you interested in continuing with the series? Why or why not?

Nerdy Werewolf (halogen) | 39 comments I loved it. I thought it was surprising and a little funnier and raunchier than I was expecting. Which is awesome.

This is one of those series I'll recommend to anyone. Between the completely amazing creature concepts, the great story pacing and the stellar artwork, it's hard to find something about this book/series I'm not into. :)

Erin (panelparty) | 210 comments Mod
I just did a huge re-read of Volumes 1-9 recently so I probably won't be reading through this volume again, but I remember loving it, and the story honestly only gets better from here!

message 4: by Ed (new)

Ed Erwin | 169 comments I remember not being impressed by Volume 1, but it was good enough that I kept going. Eventually I fell in love with it and I even love volume 1 now.

Main main problem the first time through was that the main characters felt like superheroes. They escaped from being killed with seemingly little effort. They even survived being fired on from two enemy forces at the same time.

But, later it becomes more character-focused and much more interesting.

Kyle Dinges | 53 comments I'm very biased about Saga. I started reading comic books again for the first time since I was a kid in 2012 when I graduated and got a job. For the first 6 months or so I was just reading Marvel and DC and ignoring everything else. After months of seeing it and hearing about it, I finally picked up Saga and I stopped being a fan of Superhero comics and just became a fan of comics as a medium.

I don't think I'd have volume 1 towards the top of my Saga power rankings but it'll always be special for me! The mix of sci-fi action, romance, humor, and fantasy hit me just right.

message 6: by Mike, Host & Producer of IRCB! (new) - added it

Mike Rapin (mikerapin) | 601 comments Mod
After re-reading Saga Vol. 1, I'm reminded of all of the incredible seed sown in this book that blossom as the story goes on. Such a great starting volume to a series.

message 7: by Nancy (last edited Jan 23, 2020 07:48AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nancy | 121 comments I read Saga V1 two years ago and enjoyed the epic sci-fi adventure, that reminded me of Star Trek: DS9 (huge compliment!). I've been meaning to read the rest of the layered series, but I am a mood reader and I haven't read further. However, as I order graphic novels for my library, I have purchased them all for our collection. Two weeks ago a patron came to the front desk with the most recent volume and wanted to lodge a complaint that it was "pornographic" and she didn't think we should have it at our library. Staff came to get me so I could speak to her, and I talked her down- explaining that we keep it in the adult section but all patrons can access it as we do not restrict or censor books to the public. I pointed out the M label and admitted that yes it has adult content, but she is welcome to choose books according to her values, but that I would not pull it from our collection. She calmed down and didn't officially ask to fill out paperwork, so I felt that was a win.

My blog post on Saga: https://graphicnovelty2.com/2018/05/2...

KaitLphere | 181 comments Mod
Wow, Nancy! Good job talking her down! I hope she doesn't pick up any of the adult manga--I mostly avoid that whole section at my library because there are so many questionably-legal sexual pairings in those (or at least the ones I've picked up.)

I've read volume 1 a couple of times now, and I'm always so impressed with the amount of world building and foreshadowing the creators have included in such a short page count. I would expect a book with that much information in it to feel dense or bogged down, but it doesn't at all.

message 9: by Frankie (new)

Frankie (atmageth) | 2 comments I read this for the first time relatively recently, and while i don't think it quite meets all the hype, I still had a good time with it. The art and lettering in particular really jumped out at me, and i think the world is definitely something special. I don't think its a masterpiece for me, but I definitely see how it managed to become such a big thing

message 10: by Nancy (last edited Jan 23, 2020 07:52AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nancy | 121 comments Nancy wrote: "I read Saga V1 two years ago and enjoyed the epic sci-fi adventure, that reminded me of Star Trek: DS9 (huge compliment!). I've been meaning to read the rest of the layered series, but I am a mood ..."

Thank you Kait! Manga doesn't circulate well at my library, so at least I don't have to worry about some of the questionable pairings in that genre, as our manga collection is quite small.

message 11: by Chad (new) - rated it 5 stars

Chad | 662 comments Frankie wrote: "I read this for the first time relatively recently, and while i don't think it quite meets all the hype, I still had a good time with it. The art and lettering in particular really jumped out at me..."

Have you read further than this first volume? It's a fantastic series.

Anurag | 34 comments Loved Saga vol 1.

It had all the necessary ingredients to become a successful comic book franchise. It is not a soggy love story as might seem by the cover. Rather it is a tale of humane greed of survival.

It consciously maintains its distance from other soap operas and fairy tales. It displays subtle references to contemporary political and social situations like outsourcing wars to faraway lands, yearning for the right to live, racial prejudices, etc.

Though sometimes it does seem a little too "American", but that doesn't bother much because of being a fast-paced tale.

Looking forward to reading vol 2.

Nerdy Werewolf (halogen) | 39 comments The first time I read Saga, I picked it up on a whim because the cover was interesting and I'd run out of Star Wars that I wanted to consume.

I didn't know anything about "hype" and I wasn't reading it on a recommendation. Maybe that's why I'm on the hype train? The series does really only get better the further you go along and it's difficult to pinpoint just one reason that's true.

I recommended this series on the shelf at the bookstore I work for and I had to make sure to mention that it was for "mature" audiences, lest I get the same type of complaints. We handle them much the same way. It is very interesting what people choose to get upset over, isn't it?

message 14: by Lenny (last edited Jan 30, 2020 04:29PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lenny (lennylenlen) | 137 comments It's been real fun to reread volume 1 of Saga, especially with the oversize hardcover - highly recommend to get the most out of Fiona Staples' art. Her distinctive look is just fantastic and I really like Fonografiks' childlike lettering for Hazel.

Vaughan's foreshadowing is great....and also a bit painful for those fully caught up, some things are now noticeably intentional that would be impossible to pick up before (I love when creators do that). I noticed a few teasers that haven't been addressed yet and are fun to anticipate moving forward. A few minor thoughts were how much I appreciate Alana in all ways; Lying Cat, who became a solid comics meme; the explicit scenes are likely polarizing for some, but Vaughan and Staples never apologize for it (especially when it got controversial later), though I'm not a fan of the first scene; and speaking of which, the Robots are still kinda weird.

Finally I wanted to thank Chad for nominating Atomic Robo even though it wasn't chosen - it's one of my favorites and a lesser known but absolutely wonderful series.

ok to air!

〰️Beth〰️ (x1f4a0bethx1f4a0) I read Saga, Vol. 1 last year. It was my first sequential art space opera. I am looking forward to reading more of the series. I just started trying sequential art/graphic novels/ comics in 2019. I like good science fiction so I was happy Saga was my first read.

message 16: by Ed (new)

Ed Erwin | 169 comments Lenny wrote: "... I wanted to thank Chad for nominating Atomic Robo even though it wasn't chosen ..."

Yeah. I've only read one volume, but it was great.

message 17: by Tom (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tom | 149 comments This is a re-read for me also. The first time I read it, I thought "To me, Saga is a blend of Romeo and Juliet and Dr. Strangelove, with a Game of Thrones sensibility toward its characters and a Star Wars flavor to its universe." and I still stand by that opinion. Though I will say I understood/picked up a lot more in this re-reading. Great intro to a great series.

Ok to air.

message 18: by JT (new)

JT (jtnerdreader) | 7 comments I am glad that I am re-reading Saga. I read the first volume and will continue with it until the last issue that was released. I find myself comparing Saga to Romeo and Juliet and Star Wars. A inner galactic forbidden love adventure that everyone should be apart of. Little baby Hazel narrating the story is great especially the font that the lettering designer chose to voice Hazel was spot on. Alana and Marko left behind their past lives including the way of violence. They want to be better parents, so they believe leaving violence behind is an essential decision that needed to be made. They're being haunted by all free Lancers and have a huge bounty on their heads. The horns and wings have been at war with each other, but instead of killing each other Marko and Alana found love within each other. And that is why they became the most wanted people in the galaxy.

Briana K Vaughn is one writer that I will always try and support. If his name is on any title, I will always give it a chance. Saga might just be my favorite read from him. Fiona Staples was born to illustrate this book. I can't imagine anyone else. And I am very glad they don't have any guest artist. I hope more comics take a lesson from these two.

ok to air

Francis | 124 comments Re-reading Saga was a nice start to the New Year. Like others have said above I was struck by how great Fiona Staples artwork is, and the lettering by Fonografiks is so good. It's rare that lettering stands out to me.
I've read up to volume 8 of the collected editions, and I really want to read Volume 9 soon.

message 20: by Adam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Adam M (adamagain) | 39 comments Saga is one of only a few comics where I can say I was there for since the beginning. I remember buying the first issue in my local comic shop and being excited for a new title from Brian K Vaughan. I fell head-over-heels in love with Fiona Staples and her brilliant, vibrant, heartbreaking art. My daughter was born around the time this series launched and I think that helped this title land a special place in my heart.

Re-reading the first volume I was struck by how little the series has changed in terms of mechanics and what makes it great. Same clever writing, same dazzling art and a pace of storytelling that really works for me. Others have mentioned all the foreshadowing and it's amazing how well things pay off down the line from even quick introductions here. This is my go-to recommendation for people who ask if there is a graphic novel they should read if they don't like super hero books.

Saga feels like a unique story with a unique voice/style even if we all find other cultural touchstones that it reminds us of. It really holds up in a way some series haven't. It still feels fresh on my fourth (fifth?) read. It tells a small story of a small family in a HUGE way. That may be the strength of this title - for however crazy, wild, dangerous and expansive it gets, we're really concerned about 3 people who just want to be a family. We can all understand that.

I loved seeing what everyone else thought about this book, these have been great comments. *Ok to air*

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