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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance book (fantasy/paranormal)? where “bad” witch & others fight against each other in some kind of challenge of some sort.

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Jean | 11 comments The one I’m looking for is about a witch who’s considered “bad” by everyone else and she’s put into the challenge with a guy to compete against other supernaturals. They end up falling in love, he realizes she’s not the heartless hag everyone says she is, etc. i can’t remember any other details, but it always reminded me of Kresley Cole’s writing style. However, I didn’t see it in her series so, help please! I read this book sometime in the last year, but I read so much I literally have no hope in finding it without help. Thank you(:

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Jean | 11 comments Oh and I’m pretty sure it was part of a series about the women who were considered “bad” guys by everyone else because of their reputations

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Jean | 11 comments She was also kind to this little boy who then wanted to go where she goes even though she persistently tried to scare him off or show she didn’t care

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