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In the daytime in the Summer months, the beach is often very crowded. However, in the evenings, and during Autumn, Winter, and the colder days in Spring, the beach is very isolated; the perfect time for the trading of secrets or promises of undying love.

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[[ For Araluen | Selene ]]

It was cold, but Kevin supposed that was to be expected from a winter visit to the beach. It wasn't as if he had come down here thinking the weather would be warm and the Sun would be shining or anything like that, and the way the harsh wind found its way through the stitching of his jacket and the inadequately chosen sweater underneath would have quickly worn away any thoughts to the otherwise. In truth, he had selected the location precisely because the cold ensured it was relatively private at this time of the year, and it was one of the places he most frequently visited on his evening runs as a result (though the benefits of running on sand also provided ample cause for the decision).

Before leaving Lambert House, he had sent his twin a text requesting that she meet him no later than seven-thirty, by the sand dune on that hidden part of the beach where so many couples always snuck to make out. Most would have thought this an odd spot to choose for a sibling rendezvous (even if some of the students of Farrow Academy had questionable relationships), but Kevin thought the weirdness only added to the drama of the request. Besides, somewhere so awkward meant any passers-by would mistake their well-hidden silhouettes for a couple of some ilk, and no one would show up to crush their little contest.

It was almost tradition by now: every so often the twins could not help but unleash their naturally competitive spirits, and they were forced to find hidden spots to have their disputes in case matters grew too heated. The beach was perfect for all the options it offered - swimming, racing, paddleball, etcetera - and, thus, when earlier today Kevin had voiced the query as to whether his sister would be up for another battle of the sexes, it had been the first place to come to mind.

Now, he dropped himself onto a patch of sand under the tree in question, crossing one ankle over the others as he attempted to adjust his body into a position that was not only comfortable but prevented sand from riding irritably up the leg of his shorts. He was a tad early, but only because he had grossly misjudged how long it would take to make the journey from the school to the nearby beach, and Google Maps had likely not assumed the boy would opt to run there rather than walk. Now, a man less certain of his ability might have taken advantage of the moment to practise his stretches, but not Kevin. No, the male Vanirion twin was astoundingly sure (and incorrectly so) that he trumped his sister in all sporting activities and, therefore, had chosen to while away the time before Selene arrived by playing Candy Crush on his phone. He was on level 5,284, and clearing eighteen double-jelly squares and collecting four cherries in less than twenty-three moves had not grown any easier since the first time he had attempted the level three weeks earlier.

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