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Farrow's Wood is owned by the school. All the trees have been planted by previous students, staff, or servants of whichever Lord Farrow owned the mansion in a bygone era. Now, the trees stand tall and thick. Even the smallest tree has still grown at least to five feet in height. Those who seek fitness walk the woods often. Those who seek the outdoors camp here on the weekends. Some people like to walk slowly among the trees for solitude or quiet reflection. Some like to meet their lovers here.

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Considering the reputation Farrow Wood had for privacy, it was actually a rather well-populated place if one stuck to the main trails, there was always a high chance of bumping into another student, or a staff member on a break. Even the smaller routes, ones that disappeared into the underbrush when summer rolled around, were still well-travelled, especially in winter when the majority of the vegetation had died back. The only way to truly be hidden in the woods was to walk deep into them, further than the campsites and the benches, to where the oldest trees towered over any who walked below them, and the paths disappeared entirely.

Selene had walked these woods often; it was here that she had held races with her brother when they wanted to escape the stresses of school life, where they'd see how high they could climb the towering pine trees, and where her brother had broken his arm after falling out during one of these competitions. That had been quite the fuss, an air ambulance had been called, and Caerus had been flown to the hospital, although not after telling Selene that, not only had he beaten the number of times she'd been in a helicopter, but he now held the record for amount of broken bones. Of course, she saw that as her holding the record for unbroken bones, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, Caerus always saw it differently.

Another frosty winter day spent outside meant another fluffy winter coat, and this time, Selene had chosen to wear short brown fur, belted at the waist, which gave her all the warmth she needed to wear a rather short skirt - after all, she wasn't going to waste an opportunity to show off her figure, no matter how cold it was. Heels would have gone perfectly with her outfit, but she wasn't stupid, wearing those would have led to her breaking an ankle in the woods, and she wasn't about to lose that record of unbroken bones, no matter how cute the shoes, so she had stuck with fur-lined boots, a sensible -if a little boring- choice.

As she walked deeper and deeper into the woods, the undergrowth became wilder, seeming as though it was actively trying to repel any from walking this far in; every dozen steps she took she had to stop and untangle herself. Nevertheless, she made it to her destination unscathed, though she did have to remove a few particularly stubborn brambles that had entangled themselves around her ankles.

The place she had chosen was familiar to her, this was the location of what she assumed was one of the taller trees in the forest, and not only was it tall, but it was unusually accessible. This was where she'd won the competition, and of course, where her brother had broken his arm, and it was here that she had always chosen to meet her associate. He was a favourite of hers, and, though they didn't have much of a friendship, he had been a stalwart provider of whatever alcohol she desired.

The cold bit at her fingers as she pulled off her gloves to check the time. 14:55. She was a little early, so she took a picture of the tree she was under, texting it to her brother, 'Remember this victory? Suck it, Caer.' Then, she pulled her gloves back on and clambered up onto one of the lower hanging branches of the tree, leaning her back against the trunk and scrolling through various articles on her phone as she waited for the other teen to show up.

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Crow | 44 comments Jamie had been using Farrow Wood for drop offs since he'd first snuck his first bottle of alcohol onto campus. The woods were quiet and secluded making them perfect for what he needed. Despite the fact that they were not fully devoid of other students or teachers it was safer than any other place. As long as you made the switch in one of the hidden clearings hidden deep within the forest. No matter what he was sneaking into the school grounds the forest was always were he would make the transaction. He knew the forest like the back of his hands now. He'd made the trip through these woods to one of his drop off points a thousand times. 

Jamie clenched his right hand around the straps of his duffle bag as the cold bit into him. He had hated the cold for as long as he could remember and detested going out into it just as much. He pulled the dark fabric of his overcoat tightly around him as he made his way down the trail. He had dressed much as he always did during the winter, a dark blue suit fitted closely to his body, a black overcoat to keep the cold away and a pair of dark leather gloves. He took care to look professional despite what he was doing. 

His eyes flickered around the forest his eyes always open for a member of the staff or a student. Not that he'd think a student would report him if they say him, most of the students here were often coming to him for a certain item they couldn't bring into the school themselves. The staff however were another thing, they had never been able to pin for anything but that didn't stop them from sticking their noses where they weren't needed. 

His phone vibrated in the pocket of his overcoat, startling him. He usually made sure it was off when he made one of his weekly customer drop offs. He stopped scrolling through the messages he's missed. He frowned, the edges of his mouth turning downwards slightly as turned the phone off. None of the messages had been of any importance at the moment. He'd respond to them later, or not at all. It didn't matter, right now he wanted to pass off the assorted bottles of alcohol he had in the duffel. The longer he had them with him, the greater chance someone would catch him became. 

Finally he came to the agreed meeting place, a specific tree Selene had picked to meet at. It had been easy enough to find and far enough back in the woods that no one would think to come here on a cold winter day. "buona giornata." good day he said in Italian, his native tongue, he often let Italian phrases slip into his English every now and then. It was a habit he never felt like stopping, even though most didn't understand him.

He placed the duffel on the ground, a small grin appearing on his face as he nodded to Selene. "I assume you brought payment?" He leaned against a nearby tree trying to conjure up the image of ease and importance. It was more of a formality than anything else. The people he sold to know the deal, you bring the payment at the right time and everyone goes home with what they wanted.

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Selene was rather comfortable sat against the tree, looking at a list of times that her brother had sent her, wondering exactly how many of them she could beat. There was very little chance that she could beat him at any of the records he held in rugby, she'd tried that once; the results had been laughable, and those bruises had lasted for weeks afterwards. Weight-lifting, that was another obvious no, and a no for lacrosse- clearly Kevin was playing to win with most of his choices. However, there were a few swimming records that might be more her speed; she always outdid him when it came to doing backstroke.

A soft voice distracted her from her all-important task of beating her brother, and she looked up to see a familiar face. "Jamie!" She smiled and swung down from her perch on the tree, slipping her phone back into her pocket, "Lovely to see you as always." As always, the man was straight to business- he'd never bothered with the humdrum chit chat that usually preceded such meetings. "Has anybody told you that you're just awful at small talk?" She grinned at him, shaking her head as she dug into her pocket, counting through the notes, "Straight to business then."

After giving the notes to Jamie, she picked up the duffle bag, unzipping it and peering at the various bottles inside. She'd gone for the basic party staple, vodka, but there were also a few bottles of plain gin inside, to be mixed with the blackberries she'd borrowed from the kitchen, and the mint she'd harvested from the herb garden. Of course, that elixir wouldn't be dumped in with the common lot, no, that would be either for her more private parties, with those who appreciated the finer things in life, or sold to those precious few in the school who wanted something more sophisticated. She didn't need the money; she just found a certain joy in helping others indulge their desire for a more refined drink, and in crafting the drink itself.

With all drinks accounted for, she sighed happily, hoisting the bag up onto her shoulder, "What would I do without you?" She scanned the forest around them to make sure they were alone, "We may as well walk out together. Nobody is ever in the forest in this weather." The bottles clinked slightly as she shifted the weight of the bag on her shoulder, heading back in the direction of the school, "So, are you coming to this one?"

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Crow | 44 comments The corners of Jamies' mouth twisted upwards into a slight smile, amusement flashed in his eyes as he nodded in greeting. "A pleasure to see you as well." He pushed a hair back from his forehead unconsciously as he spoke.

He'd gotten her what she usually ordered for a party, some plain gin, and voka for whatever she had planned. It was easy enough to get, he had one of the maintenance staff sneak in the duffle on one of his shifts. The man could use the extra cash so Jamie wasn't worried about the man telling the rest of the faculty. 

He chuckled lightly as she sorted through the assorted bottles. "You might have mentioned once or twice." He said, after accepting the notes. He quickly counted them, his eyes flickering over them before pocketing them. It wasn't like he needed the money but what was a little more cash. "Much appreciated." He said speaking again, his breath coming out in clouds in the cold air. He never really bothered to talk much to his clients. They needed something that he could get, and he got it. It was a simple enough, but it kept him from dying of boredom at this little school. 

He leaned against the tree she'd been perched in a moment ago. He waited in silence as she continued to take inventory of the bottles. "Should I be offended that you have to check to know that everything is there." He joked dryly, the amusement in his eyes giving him away. 

"Why not?" He said falling in beside her as she started off down the trail. "This way you can call an ambulance when I freeze to death." He said it only partly as a joke. He had always hated the cold, and the winters in England didn't suit him at all. "Depends." He said shrugging slightly in response to her question. "Farrow dorms right?"

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There was something greatly amusing to Selene about just how professionally Jamie acted when it came to smuggling alcohol in for her, it was quite easy to do really, but he still treated it with the utmost seriousness, and she smiled fondly at him, "You really are at home when it comes to the criminal element of things, aren't you?" She grinned, reaching out to poke his arm playfully, "You're always so cold and professional! I get it, it's part of the whole 'master of Farrow's underworld' vibe you have going on, but you need to loosen up a little, honestly."

When he finally cracked a joke Selene's face lit up, her tone almost mocking as she spoke, "Why, the professional criminal has a playful side after all!" She laughed and shook her head at him, "I'll stop checking if you've brought me everything I desire when you stop checking if I've given you enough money." An amused smirk touched her lips, "When you trust me, that's when I'll start trying to cheat you out of your money."

Now that the transaction was completed, Jamie seemed to have loosened up again, and she snorted at his dramatic words, "England isn't that cold, you're just too used to Italian weather." His non-committal answer made her roll her eyes, and she held her hand to her chest, her voice fulled of manufactured drama as she spoke, "Oh Jamie, you wound me." She stepped close to him so she could bump her shoulder against his gently, "You're coming to this one, I'm inviting everyone fun." Another smirk touched her lips, and she tilted her head slightly as she looked at him, a look of both amusement and intrigue on her face, "There's always plenty of gorgeous girls there. It's not an opportunity you should pass up."

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