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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Western Romance. About a man whose girlfriend dies in a train accident and marries another woman.

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Esta Decembre (barbiewbrains) | 1 comments I read this book when I was in highschool around 2010-2011 the book is older than that and I can't remember the title. As the years go on I remember less and I really want to find it. So the plot is like this: ****SPOILERS AHEAD****
Book where man thinks his girlfriend died in a train accident and marries another woman in order to help her when she gets kidnapped by some cowboys. While married they have a son together that they name Matthew/John. The baby ends up passing away during a sickness (flu) epidemic and a few years later the girlfriend shows back up. Before they were married she had made an agreement that she’d marry him as long as he didn’t get drunk which he agreed to. When his girlfriend shows up he has sex with her and doesn’t come home until the next morning hungover. The wife decides to leave and goes to leave at the prison and ends up dating her estranged husband’s best friend. On the anniversary of their son’s death he comes and picks her up to visit the grave where she cries and it becomes very emotional. At this point the guy is dating his girlfriend again and it seems that they will be married soon. Then he comes to learn the truth that the girlfriend was not recovering like she had claimed that she had nor did she lose her memory she was actually married to an older man, who I believe ends up dying. That’s when she decides to come back to him. Afterwards while at a dance he asks his wife to forgive him which she does after breaking up with the best friend. They live happily ever after.

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