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The Courtyard is enormous and highly decorative. It has a marble fountain in the centre. Water sprays from the eyes of a maiden who sits upon a unicorn. Water also pours from the unicorn's tail and horn. There are marble benches, and patterned tiles of light and dark grey.

The steps that lead into the school are off limits to all but Elizabeth, her inner circle and her minions. Others may pass them to get in and out of the building, and of course students may approach to talk to them, but they may never sit on the steps unless specifically invited by Elizabeth.

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(For Varius -- Maximilian)

Early morning mist swam in the silver sky, bathing the Courtyard in an ethereal haze. The wind was a light but insistant tug, not quite strong enough to blow the beret off Elizabeth's golden head. As usual, she sat on the very top step, a minion's jacket coming between her and the cold stone. Of course, there was no need for this. The steps were swept every day, and nobody dared tarnish them because they knew they were Elizabeth's territory, but there was still no harm in taking precautions. After all, she didn't want to get anything on her new, expensive black skinny jeans, nor on the thin cream jumper sewn with real pearls she paired with it. No, not because it was expensive -- which it wa -- but because she loathed a waste of a good outfit. She had paired the emsemble with rose pink ugg boots, a match to her beret. Her long, pale locks had been brushed until they shone, her grey eyes subtly outlined, her lashes lengthened and her cheekbones given a subtle shimmer.
Her followers sat on the step below, chattering animatedly amongst themselves about the Valentine's Ball, and beneath them, her outer circle traded rumours behind their compact mirrors.
Elizabeth took a sip from her Stardust cup, breathing in the scent of peppermint hot chocolate. Dawn's favourite. Dawn had never been permitted to leave her special, secluded wing, so Elizabeth had brought things back for her: things like Stardust hot chocolate. No longer wanting it, she handed it to her nearest minion, Emilie Finch.
"Get rid of it," she commanded, her voice cold as ice. "Bring me peppermint tea on your next run."
Emilie looked down at the cup her queen was thrusting at her, lowering her eyes with shame. "I'm sorry," she murmured softly. she had not forgotten that it had been Dawn's favourite drink. She had bought it for Elizabeth thinking that the girl might want to pay tribute to her sister that way. Obviously not.
As Emilie descended the steps, nobody daring to look at her, Elizabeth noticed a familiar face approaching. She quickly adjusted her position, straight and tall, folding her legs at the ankles and crossing her hands in her lap.
"It's him," one of her followers breathed in awe. This, she pointedly ignored.

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It was the kind of weather that Maximilian had never enjoyed. There was a gentle breeze in the air, which had immediately filled him with a sense of distaste when he had left the covered safety of Farrow House. His hair was starting to come undone - that curl of his bangs which took so long to perfect had begun to unravel, and one could almost note the way his lighter roots were starting to show - and the security Mummy had hired had no way of fixing the problem (which, so far as he was concerned, rendered them useless). He was, thus, in a dark mood, and very little could now be done to reverse such a state.

His first class of the morning was music, although he had never once thought the subject all that necessary. Maximilian tended to demand that the professor allow him a pass on most aspects of the course, and the man managed to comply on the vague condition that, once a week, he gave a class of his own. He had accepted only because there were certain things that influence could not reverse, and he desired the grade in music, at least. It seemed skill did not often matter in the real world without named qualifications.

With his violin case gripped tightly in his right hand, the leather-clad handle bumping unceremoniously against the golden signet ring he wore on his pinkie finger, the current heir to the Amereaux family fortune strode proudly across the courtyard, that unassuming security guard following a reasonable distance behind. He skirted past the fountain he thought ugly, endlessly convinced any number of ones at home were doubly elegant, though paused at the gaggle of girls seated on the steps. Maximilian had already noted the way Elizabeth had switched the way she sat, as if wishing to present herself to him as the kind of woman in which he might show interest.

"Liza," he called over to the blonde girl, his expression half-irritated as he spoke, a hint of his natural accent peaking through the words as he pronounced the nickname the same way his maternal grandfather had always pronounced his grandmother's. "Your girls are, like, in my way. I'm supposed to get to my music class and, like, show people how the violin is meant to be played. I like early practice."

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Elizabeth beamed broadly at Maximilien, then nodded to her girls. She was the first to move, taking up a new position at the far right of the top step. The girls on the next step down then moved to the right also, and the girls on the step down from that began arranging themselves on the right of three steps, so that Maximilian's path was completely cleared. Still, Elizabeth sat upright, legs crossed delicately at the ankles, hands folded neatly in her lap.

"Of course, today is your class," she beamed at the young man with teeth as bright as pearls, her dialect perfect, her words filled with warmth. "We have all been looking forward to it. Do you have to go right away though? Can't you stay with us a while?"

After all that had happened over the past month, he was reassuring in his familiarity: his pristine raven locks, his ivory skin, the golden signet ring that marked the importance of his family. As usual, his guard trailed behind him, close enough to spring into action if needed, but keeping a respectful distance. As usual, he greeted her by the nickname only her most intimate acquaintances were permitted to use. She could not explain why, but after stepping into such unfamiliar territory lately, she found his presence a great comfort.

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"Today is my class," Maximilian repeated in agreement, nodding his head towards the dark-wooden violin case, swinging it forward in a manner which indicated both excessive pride in and care for the instrument within. "I imagine everyone is, like, looking forward to it. Our teachers just don't have, like, the proper skills to teach anyone. You wouldn't understand." It was an endless frustration to him for, while the professors were indeed well-trained and their classes advanced enough to prove a challenge to the majority of students, none of them seemed capable of understanding the way Maximilian despaired.

Supposing time was on his side that morning - for there was a good while before he was due to present himself in the classroom - he nodded, gingerly settling himself on the top step beside the girl, the violin resting on his lap. It was perhaps not the most perfect fit, as he was far taller than any of the girls who typically sat here, and his legs were bent almost uncomfortably in an attempt to position himself suitably. Once he had managed, however, he drummed his fingers on the stone ground, attempting to decide on a topic of conversations. Perhaps predictably, it fell back to one of his favoured subjects.

"I, like, wrote this piece over the past few weeks, so I thought I could, like, premiere it in the class. It's a little different from my usual work but, like, it's still gorgeous." Not that he would ever think any of his music wasn't genuinely delightful, but the piece did have a particular charm to it which differed from the majority of Maximilian's work: a more melancholy tone in keeping with recent events. "That's why I've, like, been away. Mummy said I could stay in the old estate in, like, Paris while I was writing. It helps my head."

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Elizabeth was not insulted by his comment, though she knew most would be. Most, however, did not know Maximilian as she did. They did not understand that the word 'genius,' was no understatement when it came to the description of his musical talent, for he could play -- with absolute perfection -- any instrument that was set before him, and composed pieces of such beauty and complexity that upon hearing them even those who claimed to know it all were enraptured by his melodies.

"I suppose I wouldn't," she conceded. "But we're all honoured to learn from you, as we always are."
Her words were sincere, as she always tried to speak the truth to him. She was quite sure that he heard enough insincerity from those who clung to him like leeches in hopes of raising their social status, just as she did. The least she could do was tell him the truth as best she could, as she hoped he would always do for her, as she hoped all of her truest friends would.

Usually, only she was allowed to sit on the top step. It was a symbol of her power, her unchallenged role as queen. She made an exception for only one student -- Maximilian. With these symbols, she had unofficially crowned him her king, her male equivalent in social standing. Not even Lucas was ever permitted to sit on the top step with her when they were dating. Now, she had seen to it that her ex could barely get a seat anywhere in the school. She smiled over at Maximilian, handsome as always, and listened with avid interest as he began to describe the new piecce he had written.

"I can't wait to hear it," she remarked eagerly. "I'm sure it will be just as beautiful, if not moreso, than your last. Tell me, have you decided yet whether you will do me the honour of writing a song in memorial of Dawn?"

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Ah yes, the song for Dawn. Maximilian had been well aware of the request for a long time now - arguably since the very day girl had passed - and he had only put off responding as he had been so preoccupied with noting down the music that naturally spoke to him from within. There was no reason he could not compose the piece, and he was more or less happy to do so, but the young man refused to allow others to dictate the speed at which he would write his music.

"I can, like, totally do that," he answered, shrugging as he dropped his gaze to the violin, already thinking through what music might suit the girl best. "But I don't like being rushed and, like, it's Robyn's second birthday this month so, obviously, my focus is on him." Maximilian was not often considered the aptest father in the world by most individuals, particularly given his youth, but he did dote on the child, and his mother was just the same. Robyn took absolute priority over most situations (which only made it ironic that the man had so little to do with his second child). That said, he did not mind working to produce something in Dawn's name.

The approach of Robyn's birthday, however, indicated the quick arrival of other events as well, and the most important of those was likely to be the upcoming Valentine's Ball. Plenty of students were already gossiping avidly about it and, although Maximilian had been away a few weeks, he too had been considering the dance. Likely, Elizabeth would have been thinking on the subject as well: after all, girls often seemed obsessed with such things. "Are you, like, going with Lucas?" He did not feel the need to specify what he spoke of, assuming she would be able to deduce it from context, though he added: "I'm, like, still trying to decide who I want. I just have, like, way too many choices."

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Elizabeth forced her lips to quirk upwards into a believable smile as the name of his illigitimate son was mentioned, the son who would now inherit the Ameraux fortune. Fortunately, even her forced smiles looked real. It was at times like this when she found it a great relief to have been forced into such situations often, so much so that it was only natural she learn to hide her true thoughts and feelings. She had nothing against Robyn. She had seen his picture and even met the boy several times and thought him to be adorable, but Robyn was a symbol of everything bad in her friend that she tried to forget. Hearing Robyn's name made her think of the woman Maximilian had undoubtedly seduced, badly treated and abandoned. She had been too frightened to ask for specifics, knowing that if he gave the answers she feared, she would be sick. He did not seem the type to hold a woman's hand while she struggled to expel a baby from her body, and he had only been fourteen. Fourteen...to have a child at fourteen, that in itself was troubling. And then there was the daughter he never saw. Why was that? And how must it break her mother's heart? She wanted so badly to admonish him all over again, just as she did when she had learned of both pregnancies. They had been published on The Ghost's blog, and she had scolded him for his carelessness. but never again had she done so. Now, she smiled when she heard his son mentioned. She complimented his name, his hair, his growth. Her friendship with Maximilian was too precious to throw away, but she wished she could speak her mind to him.

"Then I'm sure there will be a grand celebration," she said instead, widening her smile. "He must be the most fortunate little boy in all of Europe. I'll buy him a gift as well, you can give to him on his birthday. Oh, and no rush on Dawn's song, I know you like to work in peace."

Elizabeth needed no clarification on his question. She knew at once that he was referring to the Valentine's Ball. She shook her head, a slight smile tugging at the corners of her lips. This one was truly genuine. "No, I'm not. He hasn't asked me and I wouldn't go with him even if he did," she told him. "I can't believe I didn't realize what a total creep he was," she gave a shrug of her delicate shoulders, clearly dismissing her soon-to-be ex as a lesser being. "I've already had other offers though, so I won't be going alone."
It did not surprise her in the slightest that Maximilian had been showered with offers as well. Her face lit up with a grin as she clasped her hands together. "I can help you decide?" she offered. "I happen to know that Lucienne Dubois has a serious crush on you. Of course, her father would probably kill her if she got pregnant," she teased.

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It was a superfluous comment. Maximilian was not often keen on grand displays of affection, and, although he cared deeply for a fair few people in his life, he was of the firm belief that showing such consideration for them would reflect negatively on his reputation. How was one meant to believe that harsh persona he put up when he was running around expressing love for others? Nonetheless, specific individuals slipped through his mask of alleged distaste, and one of them was his eldest child.

Maximilian had not intended to have a child so young. She had been a few months older than he, already fifteen when he was only fourteen, and had not wanted to keep the child once it was born (not that he could blame her). Henriette, on the other hand, had been insistent that she would not miss out on her first potential grandchild and, thus, on Robyn's birth, full custody had been given to his father's side of the family, and Maximilian found himself a young father. It was lucky, then, that his own mother was so eager to help raise the baby while he was stuck at Farrow Academy. But, for all his forced absence, he loved the child, and now that Robyn neared two years of age, he was pulling out all the stops to ensure the celebration would be one to remember.

"The world," he corrected, making it clear to his friend that he thought his son far luckier than she assumed. "I plan to make this, like, a super great birthday, but I'm sure he'll, like, love your gift anyway."

It seemed no surprise that Lucas had not asked Elizabeth just yet, since he likely would have assumed they were going together, but apparently Elizabeth had different plans. Maximilian frowned at her apparent arrogance in claiming that she had plenty of offers for, although he had made the same comment, he never liked to see the same level of pride in women. "Lucienne, like, isn't my type. I know she's totally into me, but she's been, like, slacking at the gym or something lately and I, like, can't be seen with that. I want someone actually cute." He thought for a while, dropping his chin to rest on one hand and looking over Elizabeth's friend group, as though they might give him ideas. "I was thinking of someone prettier. More prestigious. Not some, like, random girl you're trying to pawn off on me just cos, like, she thinks I'm fit." If that was the line of thinking they were following, then he might as well end up going out with all the girls at the school regardless of whether or not he felt they were pretty or interesting. "Someone new."

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Despite her misgivings about how young Maximilian had been when he had sired the child, one thing was clear to her: he loved that boy more than anything in the world. She could not claim to approve of the fact that Henriette had taken full custody of his son, yet his daughter was who-knows-where, but she supposed, despite her own high morals, she had to admit that Robyn's birth had not been an entirely bad thing. In Robyn, Maximilian had found a person to love selflessly. Even she could not help but be charmed by his affection towards the boy. He was young and vain, this could never be denied, but he was also a very good father. Even when absent from the child, he was never far from Maximilian's mind. She could only imagine how wonderful a parent he would make once he had graduated and settled down with a wife. Doubtless she would be beautiful and wealthy and adore his son as much as he did. Perhaps she would be French, with a lilting, musical accent, or an English Rose with a flawless complexion and an a doting father. Robyn would be the ringbearer, and perhaps, if she had a daughter by then, her little girl would sprinkle petals down the aisle.

"The world," she repeated, her lips quirking into a soft smile. "So, what do you have planned for him? Are you going to be able to go home for it?"

Elizabeth noticed the way he was looking at her and cast her eyes down. She knew that her comment had sounded arrogant, but considering what Lucas had done, she thought she was doing quite a good job of concealing her anger. If the others knew what had really gone on that night, would they turn on him? Or would it be her blood they called for? She shuddered slightly, determinedly pushing the image of a mob of students screaming for her head into the darkest corner of her mind. Nobody was going to find out what had truly happened that night, she would see to it. But if they did, they would see that Lucas was the one to blame. What he had done to her sister was an unforgivable sin. She had saved her, doing only as her sister had asked, and now Dawn was free to seek her revenge.
But Maximilian would never understand that. She didn't want him to understand. She wanted him to live apart from this madness, blisfully ignorant of Dawn's resurrection and Lucas's horrific transgression.
"I'm sorry, I sounded like a total bitch just then," she glanced over at him almost shyly, biting her lower lip. "I'm really angry at Lucas. He was awful to my sister on the day she died. He's not the person everyone thinks he is," she explained. "At least with most people I know where I stand, but he led me to believe he was someone I could trust and then he turned out to be something totally different, you know?"

She smiled slightly at his comment about Lucienne, shaking her head. "That's not what I was thinking!" she assured him. "I thought you might get on because she's a French Viscount's daughter, but alright, not Lucienne," she listened to what he wanted, 'someone new,' and an idea suddenly struck her.

She leaned in close to him, lowering her voice to a whisper. "Do you see that girl down there?" her eyes landed upon the newest in her coteree, an ethereal beauty with long chestnut waves and innocent doe eyes. Her skin was smooth and clear, her features delicate, her figure as fragile as a glass figurine. Half of her hair was pinned into a braided bun, while the rest hung in tight spirals down her back. Unlike the other girls, whose longest dresses were knee length, she wore a gown of emerald green silk, trimmed at the neck with scalloped golden lace. Golden leaves and vines were embroidered onto the tight bodice and golden ribbon wrapped around her bun. Her shoes were gold also, decorated with emerald green roses.
"That's Myfanwy, we call her Fawn," Liza explained quietly. "Adopted, parents are dead. But her guardian is rich. You might have heard of Alistair Edevane? He writes fantasy stories and fairytales? That's him. They live in a castle. Fawn says it inspires her guardian's writing."

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"He's only two so, like, I can't do much, but Mummy says he's really into Disney right now, so I'll take him there for, like, the weekend before we do the actual party or whatever. Then we'll, like, do something suitable at home but, like, I haven't worked out the details just yet." There was plenty of planning to be done, and it was even harder to organise when the child in question was so young and likely wouldn't remember any part of the celebrations when he was older, but Maximilian was still keen to ensure every detail came out perfect. The trip to Eurodisney, at least, had been carefully planned in advance.

Relationship advice was not one of Maximilian's fortés, and as Elizabeth began to speak of her relationship with Lucas, and the way things were not quite going to plan, he tried to pay vague attention, although he was noticeably less interested in the subject than he might have been. "Yeah," he replied eventually, trying to think back on people he knew who had displayed similar traits (although he himself seemed the most obvious pick for such a title). "I dated this girl once and, like, she turned out to be dyeing her hair blonde which was, like, basically the same thing." Almost. It seemed the same level of treachery to Maximilian, even if was something he did himself.

"I don't wanna date someone, like, rich; I wanna date someone cute. I don't care if they have money or not cos, like, I do." Titles were meaningless, so far as Maximilian was concerned, and he had plenty of wealth of his own, so that of others was little matter to him. Still, he glanced down at where Elizabeth was pointing, and frowned at the suggestion. "You know I don't like women who, like, dress like that. Plus, I bet she's going to be super boring at parties, and, like, she won't put out. I don't care if she lives in a castle or whatever-the-fuck."

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(Varius? What do you think?)

"Oooh!" Liza's eyes lit up, as it was known that she too had a fondness for Disney. So had Dawn, particularly The Little Mermaid. She could understand why Fawn must have liked that one. Without a voice, the girl could have easily identified with Princess Ariel. Her smile wavered slightly, but ultimately did not fade. "He's lucky. Might I suggest an enormous bouncy castle and the biggest ball pit ever? Oooh, you could hire TV characters to come and sing at his party. Not random people dressed as them, obviously. The actual actors. Fakes always get the voices wrong."

To give him credit, he was trying. Relationship advice was so not his fortés, but he was trying to listen at least. So although his girlfriend dying her hair blonde was definitely not the same, she gave him her sympathy anyway. After all, she hadn't been completely honest with him. He might have said something completely different if she had confessed that Lucas had raped Dawn on the day that she died.
"That's awful," she replied, because she supposed it was, in its way. Maximilian had believed one thing and discovered another to be true. "She should have been honest with you," she cast her eyes down at her pristine manicure, then met his gaze again. "Maximilian, I don't think Lucas and I are going to be together much longer. I know you all thought we were going to get married and be happy forever but...it's not going to happen. He's not what you think. I can't say much but I can say that he's dangerous. I care about you, okay? For your own safety, promise me you'll never be alone with him."

Sensing she was being examined, Fawn turned from her conversation with Aurora Winters to meet the eyes of the man that was appraising her, offering a small smile. But then she heard his words and saw the expression that accompanied them. She honestly did not understand these people. Alistair said she was the most beautiful woman ever to grace the earth, putting that of even Aphrodite herself to shame. Remembering this, she raised her chin a little higher and turned back to Aurora.
Elizabeth watched Myfanwy's reaction carefully, while still listening to Maximilian's every word. She was glad to see that the girl was unhurt, though it puzzled her as to how this could be. One of the most popular students at the academy had shunned her in the most public manner, how had this not dented her confidence? Yet there she was, happily talking with Aurora.
Liza lowered her voice, then spoke again. "Alright, how about this? I ask you some questions about what your perfect girlfriend would be like and hunt around. If anyone can find her it's me," she proposed, offering a winning smile.

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[[ Sure, that's fine. :) ]]

"No, I don't want something that, like, he can't properly remember. And if I, like, do it once, then I can't do it again, and it's a waste." He was not quite in the habit of allowing repetition into his life, a fact which was made manifest with some women and clothes. Repetition was a waste, especially when one had the resources to avoid it, and it wasn't something he wanted his son to start experiencing so early in his life. "I'll think of something." Robyn was his son, after all, and Maximilian was sure he would be able to find something that suited the boy's interests and proved sufficiently extravagant for a Denvers affair.

It seemed unnecessary to add that he had broken up with the girl once such a truth had come to light, so Maximilian only focussed on what Elizabeth followed with, half-tilting his head as if confused by her words. He had never thought she and Lucas were going to get married, simply because relationships at this age never lasted all that long, and it seemed wholly unreasonable. He had thought one of them would have been nothing more than a passing fancy for the other. "I have, like, security?" he answered, the tone of his voice tilting like it was a question. "He can't do shit to me. I'm not that, like, pathetic."

Maximilian shrugged, finding the suggestion relatively harmless. There were plenty of girls at the school, and no real reason why this method of Elizabeth's might work, but he supposed he was willing to try it. "Sure, whatever. If you can find someone who, like, fits all my requirements and that then, like, sure. Shoot."

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Some moments later, the moon seemed to enter the courtyard with quiet graceful steps in the form of a girl. Her hair of silver midnight flowed gently passed her porcelain shoulders at every step. Her emerald eyes flashed as she took in her surroundings as she continued to walk. A light breeze caressed her ruffling her wispy dress of ebony linen and silver lace in a unique style of old and new. It was only when she reached the fountain did, she notice that a stunned silence had over taken the area. She paid it no mind as she turned to look at the stairs that rose before her and those seated there.

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Elizabeth gave a nod of acknowledgement to this statement, thinking it fair enough. It was a well known fact that the Denvers' heir possessed a fierce loathing for repetition, so it made sense that he would instill the same belief in his son. But why should Robyn settle for anything less than perfection when perfection was always available? They were the crème de la crème of society. To deprive them of luxury would be like depriving an ordinary man of food, water, perhaps even oxygen. To them, luxury was necessity.
"Of course you will!" Liza agreed immediately, flashing him a carefree smile. "You're Maximilian Denvers, you're brilliant."

She could tell by his expression that he had not taken her warning seriously. Dropping her voice slightly, she spoke again. Her tone was grave and earnest. "I know you have security. Father's hiring me security now too. I asked him too. He didn't ask why, which makes things easier I suppose..." she trailed off momentarily, looking helplessly down at her perfectly manicured nails. In that moment she was vulnerable, a far cry from the strong leader most worshipped and obeyed. Meeting his eyes once again, she forced her tremulous voice to steady itself. "I just mean...please don't ever leave the sight of your security guards when you're around him, okay? I know it sounds insane but just...trust me on this? He's kind of nuts."

Elizabeth grinned back at him, pleased that he was willing to give her matchmaking endeavour a try. She was famously good at matchmaking and many of the school's longer lasting couples had been formed by her, so she was happy that her friend was willing to give her a chance.
"Alright, let's start with the simple stuff. I know about the blonde hair and blue eyes. What about the other physical features? If you could have perfection, what would it be? Would she be pale or tanned? Taller or shorter? I know she would be slim."

As she considered what questions she could ask Maximilian next, she noticed a stunned silence fall like a heavy mist upon the courtyard. Turning to gauge the source of the disturbance, her eyes fell upon a familiar figure. She blinked several times, wondering at first how it was that Dawn was revealing herself to everyone. That had not been the plan they had discussed. Then she realized that this girl was wearing a black dress, not the blood-spattered nightgown that Dawn had taken her life in and now wore as a symbol of her stolen innocence. It was not Dawn, then. But if not Dawn, who was it?
Raising a hand, she beckoned the girl with the face of her dead sister forward, while her followers looked on with a mixture of terror and fascination.
"You," Elizabeth's voice carried on the breeze like a siren's song, alluring and authoritive. "Come here."

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments Xena sighed knowing she was going to have to walk up the stairs. She was quite stunned when someone spoke in the silence. At first she was confused who the voice was referring to but gathered it had to be her. She was the only one she knew was currently a new student. She straightened her back with a slight sigh, thinking *time to bite the bullet that was going to happen anyway.* She then gracefully made her way through the people to the stairs. She then made he way up the stairs. Pausing when she came to the people sitting on them uncomfortable in the silence that greeted her.

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Elizabeth silently evaluated each move this strange girl made, making no attempt to conceal the fact that she was watching. All new students were put through some sort of initiation. which was something she seemed to know and accept for she obeyed without question. What Elizabeth wondered was whether she did so through knowledge of this simple fact, or knowledge of a much stranger one.

She waited until the girl had ascended the appropriate number of steps, then held out a hand to stop her ascent. New students often made the error of ascending every step without Elizabeth's permission while her court was in residence. She would be kind to this girl and prevent her from making this mistake.

"You may sit," she stated, indicating the step below her with a small smile. "What is your name?"

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments She wasn't sure what would happen but didn't question what did. She gave the girl that spoke to her a small smile. "Thank you...." She said as she made her way to sit down."I'm Xena Diana Tregard." She then said as she sat down. She still felt nervous because of the continuing quiet and focused her attention on the other girl. She wondered where this would lead. Her experiences of being new hadn't always gone well.

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"I don't, like, live by your rules. I'm not a woman, so he can't, like, hurt me, and if he tries then, like, I'll get him sued or something," Maximilian replied, his tone matter-of-fact despite the uncertainty of the statement. He didn't know if Lucas was going to try to attack him, but he knew for sure that doing so would have been sheer stupidity, even if the man was nuts. People didn't just attack a Denvers kid like his family didn't have friends in high places.

Moving on from the subject, Maximilian considered Elizabeth's question, trying to decide on a type of woman which suited his interests. Blonde (or redheaded) and blue-eyed were certainly appealing traits in his mind, though he didn't mind variety at times if it was necessary. A green-eyed girl, for example, if she was attractive enough, would never earn a rejection from him. "Tanned," he decided, glancing away momentarily as he thought over the matter. "Taller, but not, like, stupid tall. I don't want any freaks, you know?" That seemed more than reasonable enough, and indeed enough information for her to go off, although he doubted Elizabeth had the same short-term fling in mind as he did. "No, like, tiny cup sizes."

He was ruminating on the idea of what else would suit his tastes when someone else made their way into the courtyard and attracted his attention, and he could not help but frown. They did look like Dawn, but he saw no reason why that should be so exciting when everybody was supposed to have at least one doppelgänger out there somewhere. Maximilian watched as Elizabeth invited her to sit down, only mildly annoyed that someone had chosen to interrupt their conversation for no reason. As she introduced herself, he could not help but ask the obvious question: "Are you, like, new?"

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments "I am..." Xena replied politely, her Irish accent only slightly heard, to the guy that spoke to her. He seemed very unique in her opinion. She realized from his expression that her appearance in the courtyard had disrupted a conversation was going on. That had seem to be happening a lot when people noticed her. At the moment she would have rather been in the shadows but fate wasn't that kind. She studied him a few more moments before turning her emerald eyes away from him. She didn't want to seem rude, it was her first day after all. And she hoped that this would be at least something that seemed to be normal in her unusual day.

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Elizabeth did not know whether or not she ought to be offended by Maximilian's words. Her situation had nothing to do with her gender. Were this an ordinary circumstance, she would not hesitate to have him sued. Her family was more than wealthy enough to stand up to his in court. No, things were far more complicated than that. But how could she explain to Maximilian that she knew something about her current partner that could warrent her murder should she make a false move? Not only that, but the move was not hers to make. It was her sister's...her dead sister's.
"I'm sure you could," she agreed after a moment of silence. "I could have him sued too if he laid a hand of me, but things are...complicated," she hesitated for a moment, wondering how she was going to explain this. Finally, she settled on the most believable answer. "It wouldn't look good for his family and I'm very close to them. I don't want to cause them embarrassment or offense. But anyway, I suppose it doesn't matter much," she gave a shrug of her delicate shoulders, dismissing Lucas as if he were nothing more than last year's Louis Vuitton's. "...the point is, we won't be at the dance together. I'm sure I'll find someone to take me."

Elizabeth gave a nod, noting all of this down in her mind. Already she had eliminated several candidates. The remainder were all stunningly beautiful, all either blonde haired or redheaded, blue
or green eyed, ranging in height from 5'4-5'7. Their skin tones ranged from olive to lightly sun kissed, their brests all above average size.
"If wealth isn't necessary, there is a girl you might like. Her name is Ariel Van Alton. Red hair, blue eyes, 5'6. Double D, by the looks of her. Her father's an old friend of mine. You know, that new history teacher? He's protective, but Ariel seems to find her way around him. I've been thinking of recruiting her myself as a follower. She plays a few instruments, if that interests you. And she's a soloist in choir. You've probably seen her around, though she's only been here a few weeks."

Xena Diana Tregard, so that was the name of the mysterious girl who had cast this spell of silence. Her enchantment did not seem to work upon Maximilian though. He appeared utterly unfazed by this girl's resemblance to the school's most recent horror story.
"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Tregard," Elizabeth spoke formally, but with a gentleness that invited trust. "I am Elizabeth Audrina Farrow, daughter of the owner and Headmaster of this school. These are my friends..." she gestured first to Maximilian, giving him presidence above them all. "Maximilien Henri Donatien Narcisse Amereaux IV Denvers," she pronounced his name in perfect French, though nothing less could be expected of her. "And this is Aurora, Myfanwy, Emilie, Sofia, Tamsin, Harmony and Rose."

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments Xena looked up at the girl as she introduced herself. She then looked at each person as they were also introduced. "Tis an honor and pleasure to met all of you." Xena replied gently trying to relax her accent as she turned her attention back to Elizabeth. "I hope to get to know you better..."

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"So, Xena," Elizabeth gently folded her newly manicured hands in her lap, gazing intently at the stranger. "I assume you know why your arrival here has caused such a stir? If not, I'm afraid I have some rather shocking news for you."

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"They're, like, super not complicated," Maximilian objected, although he did not linger further on the subject, assuming it was unlikely that Elizabeth would agree with him even when he knew he was right. Some people were just like that - much to his chagrin - and he would have to deal with it. Thus, he decided instead to move onto the subject of a girl he might like, listening carefully to Elizabeth's description. Ariel sounded reasonable enough, and undoubtedly suited to his tastes, although he did not wish to make a final assessment until he had physically met the woman. Maximilian nodded, not too interested now past the reassurance of her looks, not thinking anything mattered until they had met in person. "She sounds fine, yeah. Where can I, like, find her?"

Oh, he did not like being addressed in such a ridiculous manner. Maximilian may well have appreciated the courtesy, but there were times when it was thoroughly unnecessary to be so formal, and he almost cringed at the introduction. "Maximilian Denvers," he objected, frowning, since that was the name he traditionally used, and generally preferred.

Apparently, attention was all on the new girl. It was only somewhat irritating, if mostly because the conversation was being drawn out to an extent which Maximilian did not consider necessary and, after a moment of Elizabeth staring mercilessly at the other, he cut in, unimpressed. "It's not, like, weird for people to look like other people. I used to know these girls, and they were, like, twins. They looked the same. And, apparently, there are seven people who look exactly like you somewhere else on the planet all the time."

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As he suspected, Elizabeth was inclined to disagree, though she had good reason. She had all the facts, while he did not. Still, she decided it was best not to linger on the subject. Maximilian would be safe, his security would see to that. As for Lucas, she would handle him. Somebody else would take her to the dance and she would tell Lucas that she would keep his secret in exchange for a seemingly amicable separation. If, of course, Dawn thought that was the right thing to do. She would take the lead from her sister on this, as she would in all things from now on.

Since he seemed interested in Ariel, Elizabeth gave his question some thought. "Usually in the music or drama department. At lunch, she's been sitting mostly with the other new students. She's going to be at your music class, you could talk to her aftewards. Oh, and she's in Montague House, but you probably worked that one out."

Of course. Liza should have known that Maximilian would have been irritated by the introduction she gave him, but she had wanted this girl to realize exactly who she was dealing with. She had hoped he would play along, just this once. But nope. As usual, formalities were not his thing. And as usual, Maximilian couldn't stand not being the centre of attention for more than a few moments, though she could not help finding this endearing. Still, her head whipped around to face him when he spoke, her eyes widening in shock. "Seven people?" she exclaimed, astonished that he would know such a thing. She had never heard that before. "Well that's...unusual," she faltered, her regal demeanour crumbling slightly. Reaching for her poise, she took a steadying breath. "Nevertheless, twins are different. You know very well that she could not be related to the person she resembles."
With this said, she turned her attention back to Xena. "The person we speak of is my sister, Dawn. My dead sister, Dawn," she spoke each word carefully, every syllable pronounced with perfect diction. "You bear a striking resemblance to her, my dear. Were it not for the hair, I might have thought you a ghost."

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments Xena didn't know how to reply to Elizabeth. It was one thing for Mihail to tell her. But it was another thing to hear it from the twin sister. She too a soft breath before speaking. "First, I would like to say I'm sorry for your loss..." She paused. "I had only just been told by Mihail of this..." She sighed. "Ever since I arrived, people have acted strangely...." She studied Elizabeth. "I wish I had know sooner... so we could prepare for this....."

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Elizabeth blinked in surprise, her queenly exterior cracking once again. She did not know exactly what it was that had rattled her. Perhaps it was the name Mihail, or the fact that someone else had dared to speak of Dawn before she had been given the opportunity to do so. If anyone should be telling this girl about her sister it should be her, not that dreadful Toussaint.

"So, you already knew who I was then," her words emerged as more of a fact than a question, her voice coming out much smaller than it usually did. "Well, welcome to Farrow, I suppose. I must say, I'm not thrilled that you learned of my family history from a [i]Toussaint..." she could not prevent her lips from curling into a slight snarl as she pronounced the loathesome name, nor did she attempt to. "...I would have preferred to tell you myself. But now that you know, I'm grateful for your condolences. I'm sorry you've had such a difficult adjustment period here but, well, surely you must understand that it is quite strange?" she addressed the girl softly and warmly now, the cold, ceremonial tone gone from her voice and the ice having thawed from her eyes.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments "Forgive me. I didn't mean it how it sounded." Xena replied. "He only told me that I looked like. He didn't give any details, I promise you. It was only because when I came into the room everyone gasped. I was at a complete lost." She gave a sigh. "If I had known, I would have instantly looked for you." She gave a soft smile. "It is very strange..." She studied Elizabeth. "So much, that I've not really left the dorm..."

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"Fine, I'll, like, keep an eye out for her then. We'll see." There was always the chance that Maximilian didn't like the look of this girl once they finally met, and he intended for Elizabeth to be fully aware of that fact before she ran around praising herself for her suggestions.

He shrugged at Liza's exclamation, unsure why she was so surprised, though he - at least somewhat - understood the confusion behind the girl's words. "Seven, like, isn't that many. That's, like, one in a billion or something. I know it's weird there'd be so many people who look as good as me but, like, it's true." Still, Maximilian let her talk, if mostly because he didn't want to interrupt the conversation when it was on a matter that was not only thoroughly personal, but he knew so little about. Dawn was a touchy subject.

"What's wrong with a Toussaint?" Maximilian asked, if mostly because he had literally no idea what Elizabeth's beef was. "At least someone is, like, telling people about Dawn; otherwise she'd just wander around or whatever and no one would talk to her and then, like, everyone would be super confused all the time." That was his point of view, at least, which he tended to think was generally superior to most. Feeling somewhat altruistic, however, he turned to Xena with what he considered some genuine words of wisdom - the advice he tended to follow when it came to most matters. "If you, like, just act like you don't care, then you basically won't. People can't bother you if they know you're better than them."

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She knew exactly what he was doing, not that she could blame him for it. He was wise not to fully commit to Ariel before he had seen her, though she was fully confident that once he had, he would fall instantly in love -- well, in lust; Maximilian didn't do love -- with her.

"Don't worry about it, Xena," she said softly, turning her kind eyes on the newcomer. "If you want you can stick with me and my friends for a while, until the novelty wears off. People will find something else to stare at after a while."
Maximilian was right. Seven did seem a lot, and it was hard to picture seven lookalike Max's. The idea of seven handsome Denvers clones standing in a row was enough to elicit a soft giggle from the debutante's lips. "Seven of you? You're right, Maximilian, I could hardly imagine it!"

And then came the question that gave her pause -- what's wrong with a Toussaint? Glancing anxiously over at Xena, her lips parted briefly, then closed once more. She did not want to frighten the girl, but surely she would hear about them anyway from some other source if not from her? It would be better coming from her then, wouldn't it?
"Well, you know those rumours that the Toussaint adults are in the mafia? I have reason to believe there's truth to them," she said haltingly, looking at Maximilian as she said this. "The things Mihail says, you see...there have been times when I've felt almost as though if we weren't here at Farrow, my life might be in danger. I don't know what that family can do, but it frightens me. Silly really, isn't it? I'm safer here than anywhere. But I would dislike Mihail Toussaint even if he weren't a Toussaint. He's just so...he treats me as if I'm a speck of dust on his Louboutin heel or something. It's infuriating! He seems to believe I am worthy of absolutely zero respect."

Actually, Maximilian had a good point. Liza gave a broad beam, nodding her head in approval. "He's right, Xena."

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"Mm, that means there are six girls out there who, like, are still gonna get lucky even without my being there." Maximilian grinned in answer, though his mind had wandered, and he was now concerned by the prospect that some of those doppelgangers out there might not have such a pleasant way of life. His face hardly deserved that. Hm, perhaps he could raise that subject with Mummy, and she could do something to fix the trouble. A charity which only benefitted six extraordinarily attractive men.

Oh. Well, Maximilian supposed that the mafia sounded pretty worrying, though he knew little about it himself (and that he did know came from those few instances it had been mentioned on television). Still, he didn't think that they would be in much danger in school and, even if they were, they all had personal security. Elizabeth was just as safe as she said she was, and even her glance towards the new girl seemed unnecessary with that added consideration. They would be alright.

He shrugged as though unamused, though the apathy came from a lack of concern rather than interest. "Tons of people out there just don't, like, get what it's like to be perfect, so they're jealous or whatever. People have bothered me, like, always just because I'm better than them. Like I said before, you should just not care." Maximilian turned back to Xena, his head tilted towards Liza as if to refer back to her story. "We're, like, not freaks but there are some people in this place that are insane or just dicks or whatever, like Liza said, so make sure you stick with the right people. So us, not, like, some weirdos. They're the ones who'll stare."

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 103 comments "I think I understand...." Xena replied. "I will be careful around Mihail, I promise..." She gave a soft smile. "If it's alright I would like to get to know you both better." She was still a bit shy around new people. "Since I don't really know anyone. I don't think I've even explored the area yet."

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