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Bitch Creek (Stoney Calhoun #1)
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Archive: Other Books > [Poll Ballot] Bitch Creek (Stoney Calhoun, #1) – William G. Tapply - 4 stars

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Linda C (libladynylindac) | 1060 comments Stoney Calhoun spent 18 months in hospital for a severe lightning strike which has done strange things to his brain. He sees his past in disconnected flashes. He recognized no one in them. He has no past except what he was told in the hospital. But there is a government man who shows up periodically to find out if he remembers anything. The one thing he has gotten from the flashes is a disproportionately large number of scenes of fishing in Maine, so he heads there.

The time is 5 years later and he is working as a fishing guide. When another guide takes a client out, covering for Stoney, and never returns, his guilt forces him to investigate. In the process he begins learning a lot about himself. This was a great thriller with a fascinating back story. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy and discovering more of Stoney's past.

FYI, Bitch Creek is the name of the creek that crosses his land.

Booknblues | 5518 comments Like I need more mysteries to read, but your review whet my appetite.

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