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Firestar/Aidoneus/Leon Leader Of The Shadowhunters (cowanla885) | 43 comments mori walks into the gym and began to practice renewal taekwondo

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​ (dragomania) Nova walked into the gym and stretched there was a weird kid doing some type of martial arts

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​ (dragomania) Nova saw a girl with purple hair walk in "Hi! I'm Nova."

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Marty slapped her chewing gum and walked up to the girl. She popped a bubble in her face. “I don’t care.”

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​ (dragomania) Nova forgot her age (something she did often) and said "Now that's no way to speak to your elders!"

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Marty smirked. “My mom told me once to always speak your mind. So I do.” She put her hands on her hips.

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​ (dragomania) her hair started turning white and Nova cursed "Not now!"

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Marty raised her eyebrows. “What the duck.”

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​ (dragomania) Nova's skin started crinkling "You can speak your mind but you don't have to be rude!"

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Marty’s eyes went wide. “What the *#%^.” She cures and pulled a sharp knife from her shoe.

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​ (dragomania) Nova backed up "You can't just pull knives on people!" she yelled

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Marty stepped back. “Well what the duck are you doing. You shouldn’t be scaring a girl like that.”

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​ (dragomania) "What do you mean?" Nova looked down and realized she had became shorter "Oh well I can't actually control this" Nova explained

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Mary put away her knife. “How can you have a power like this and not control it?”

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​ (dragomania) "Well you age to don't you? I just age faster at times and slower at other times and sometimes in reverse." Nova explained

Firestar/Aidoneus/Leon Leader Of The Shadowhunters (cowanla885) | 43 comments Mori stopped his martial arts and stepped over and said "what seems to b the problem?"

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Mary stepped away from both of them her hands in the air. “Dang. Momma was right. Good people are weird.”

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​ (dragomania) Nova turned around "There isn't any problem I was just explaining my ability" she turned around and looked at Marty again "And what do you mean your mother told you good people are weird?"

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Marty cocked her hip out. “My mamma said that good people were weird and did things for a reason. Who does that. Now I know what momma and papa don’t like Batman.”

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​ (dragomania) "Batman? That weird rich guy?"

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Marty but her hands up. “Exactly. Weird.”

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​ (dragomania) "Well not all 'good' people are weird"

Firestar/Aidoneus/Leon Leader Of The Shadowhunters (cowanla885) | 43 comments "mori looked at her and said "she as a point I'm weird ND honestly I don want to be a super hero but I only have a choice my grandpa made me come here"

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She shrugged. “Meh.” She stuck out her hand. “Marty Quinn. Nice t meet ya.”

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​ (dragomania) "Well first you have to figure out what exactly good means"

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She shrugged. “Meh.” She stuck out her hand. “Marty Quinn. Nice t meet ya.”

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​ (dragomania) { who is she talking to? }

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​ (dragomania) "Hi I'm Nova" she stuck out her hand

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Marty shook her hand hard. “Cool.”

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​ (dragomania) "I'm sorry if I startled you"

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“It’s cool. I’m not sorry.” She smirked

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​ (dragomania) Nova tried to get over Marty's rudeness "Well I guess we probably should start training" Nova said then laughed

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Marty raised her eyebrows. “What’s so funny?”

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​ (dragomania) "I just realized I'm in no shape to be running around, literally" she gestured to her old wrinkly body

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Marty laughs. “True. Wouldn’t be far for me to beat up an old lady.”

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​ (dragomania) "See even you have good in you!" Nova said

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​ (dragomania) {so sorry for responding so late}

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(It’s ok if I don’t respond I will tomorrow(

Mary stoped laughing and holds up a fist. “Wrong thing to say.”

Firestar/Aidoneus/Leon Leader Of The Shadowhunters (cowanla885) | 43 comments Mori stepped up ad said "but I'm in good shape"

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Mary smirked and right hooked him in the jaw.

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​ (dragomania) "What was that for? And what's wrong with saying someone has good in them?" Nova yelled

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Mary looked over at Nova. “What is with you and yelling?”

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​ (dragomania) Nova started to become younger "I'm just confused"

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Marty sighed. “No one with good has ever done anything for me. You want to know the reason I’m here. My mums and jail, my dad left and the bat sent me here. I don’t got no one.” She admits.

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​ (dragomania) "Well that sucks" Nova said empathetically

Firestar/Aidoneus/Leon Leader Of The Shadowhunters (cowanla885) | 43 comments Mori looked at her and scratched his head "did we start yet?" He asked

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“Want to?” Marty asked Mori.

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Firestar/Aidoneus/Leon Leader Of The Shadowhunters (cowanla885) | 43 comments Mori stretched for a moment then got into the basic taekwondo stance "ready when you are!" He said with a twinke in his eye

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Marty stretches and readies herself. “Ready when you are.”

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