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Full Name:

Birth Gender:
Gender Identity:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status:


Do you believe in ghosts?:
What do you think really happened to Dawn?:
Thoughts on Elizabeth and her friends?:

Would you be interested in being a House Parent?:
Would you be interested in running any extracurricular activities?:

Important Miscellaneous Information:

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Fear=ꪖꪀ᥊ⅈꫀtꪗ Full Name: Elaine Diane Bonheur
Age: 28 years old

Birth Gender: Female (she/her)
Gender Identity: Female (she/her)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single (view spoiler)

Role: Dance Teacher

Do you believe in ghosts?: "Ghosts? A very strange question indeed. I guess I believe that they could be real, but that doesn't mean that they are."
What do you think really happened to Dawn?: "I'm a person who tends to not dwell on the past. Rather, I like to look to the bright future ahead of me for answers."
Thoughts on Elizabeth and her friends?: "They seem like a lively bunch. I know they've been through a lot with the Dawn situation, so I try to help them out in anyway that I can."

Would you be interested in being a House Parent?: "I would love to become a House Parent. Anything I can do to help out this amazing Academy."
Would you be interested in running any extracurricular activities?: "That sounds completely fine with me. Just sign me up for anything that needs attention."

Biography: At an early age, Elaine knew that she was very different from other girls in her classes at the public schools she attended. For the first sixth years of her school life, all of her teachers noticed that not only was she smarter than the rest of her classmates, but also more mature and... well, debonair. After a long convincing talk between her parents and seventh grade teacher, her parents decided to send Elaine to Farrow Academy. When she first started, Elaine was very distant and closed in, for she only wanted to focus on her studies. However, over time, she got to hang out with her fellow students and even make a few friends. After she graduated, Elaine bought herself an apartment and lived by herself for a few years, working as dance teacher at a nearby studio. When she noticed that Farrow Academy had an opening for the subject, she immediately filled out the application and turned it in, and then waited for her fate to unfold. About a week later, she was accepted for the teacher job.
Important Miscellaneous Information:
description (FC: Daisy Ridley)

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Elaine can be the dance teacher, but not the drama teacher. :) I want the drama teacher to be more of the theatrical, superstitious type. :D This lady seems really sweet though, I like her.

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Full Name: Elena Marisol Carthridge
Nickname(s): Ellie, Ella, Lena
Age: Twenty-Five

Birth Gender: Female
Gender Identification: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single, but soon to be taken

Secret(s): "Secrets? Oh, I don't have any of those." No, you don't. Yet.

Appearance: Elena is most definitely one of the prettiest teachers. Her youth helps, but so do her warm brown eyes, her delicate features and the tumble of waves that are too dark to be blonde yet too light to be brown. Her outfits have a romantic look to them, an outer expression of her character. In the summer, her pale skin is lightly dusted with freckles. She stands at only 5'3, with a fragile looking figure that most would associate with weakness. But she is actually quite strong in times of need.

Personality: Elena has read so many books that she has begun to resemble the characters within their pages. At least, that's what she tells herself. She's very good at self-depricating humour, though it is never bitter or depressing. Though she is a sensitive, emotional being, she is referred to ofen as the light of Farrow Academy, not only because of her name's meaning, but because she truly embodies it. She makes an effort to be kind to everyone, even if they are not kind to her. She loathes giving punishments and instead tries to talk to her students in hopes of finding the route of their problems. Nobody ever addresses her by surname, only ever by her first name or a diminutive of it. She spends a lot of time with the students, helping them with their problems, listening to their worries. Most prefer to seek her out rather than the school psychologist as they know she will take an active role in helping them with whatever their problem is, be it a broken relationship or a broken nose.
Many have suggested possible partners on the staff to her, noticing how adept she is at matchmaking yet she has never made a match for herself. But she just tells them all that she is waiting for the one; the special person that will be the eternal love of her life. She knows that when they present themselves to them, she will know them as her love. As you can tell, she's quite the romantic.

Do you believe in ghosts?: "Alright. I know as a teacher I'm supposed to say no and deny this place is haunted, but that would be like denying the fact that we need air to breathe. How can anyone who lives here dispute the existence of ghosts?"
What do you think happened to Dawn?: "Alright, don't tell anyone I told you this, but I-I think she was murdered. No, wait, think about it. Before you call me crazy, think about it. The blood, where did that come from? Hanging doesn't cause bleeding. And her eye! That looked more indicative of suffocation and...okay, I've been reading way too many detective novels recently."
What are your thoughts on Elizabeth and the 'it girls'?: "I'm not bias, I swear, but they're amazing. We both adored Dawn and it's like I'm Liza's older sister now. I mean, I wish they'd stop trying to set me up with various bartenders, but they're sweet."

Biography: Elena was raised by a father who loved stories. Her mother had been an author, but she had died in childbirth. To make up for the loss of her mother, Elena's father was determined that she inherit the woman's boundless imagination, which she did. At age thirteen, she wrote her first book, but she published it under her mother's pen name. Elena had a natural talent for writing, so the publishers were quite happy to publish her work. She wrote of harrowing spectres and forbidden love, things she had never experienced.
Not until the house she shared with her father burned down.
Her father was, by then, wheelchair bound. He had been run over by a car three years prior, causing him to lose use of his legs. By the time she managed to get the man into his wheelchair and to the landing, his access ramp fell away.
Elena was rescued from the building by her neighbour, her best friend, only minutes later. She had fallen one storey, but broken only a few bones. Her father, on the other hand, had landed on his head, plunging him into a coma. His life hung in her hands, but eventually she was forced to cut the chord to end his suffering.
Elena wanted to start fresh. Luckily for her, her friend had just heard of an opening in Farrow Academy for a creative writing teacher and recommended her.
Few know that she is the daughter of the famous author, Lavinia Hawthorne, as that was just a pen name. Few know that she took up the pen name herself once upon a time to write fantastical tales. Only a select few know about the fire that brought her here.

Important Miscellaneous Information: She is the creative writing teacher and Farrow House Mother. Her favourite colour is dusky pink. Her favourite flower is rose. She is a firm believer and thus makes contact with plenty of spirits. She is currently working on a series of novels about Farrow Academy, with all the names changed, including the name of the school. Only Elizabeth and a few others know about it.

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