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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
All announcements will be posted here.

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
If you know any active roleplayers, please invite them to this group! :) I would definitely appreciate it! The more, the merrier. Also, if you are in any group advertisement groups, it would mean a lot to me if you would avertise this one.

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
VARIUS AVITUS has been made a moderator. Please show her the respect she is due. In the event that I am unable to approve your character, answer your questions etc, these duties will fall to Avitus. Please be patient with her as you would be with me and understand that she has a life outside of Goodreads and cannot be around 24/7.

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
Please forgive my absence. I was in hospital again and I needed yesterday and some of today to recover.

message 5: by Aly (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 145 comments Mod

There is now a Lambert House folder! Topics are still being made and edited within, but please feel free to start creating student bedrooms.

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Aly (poaly1998) | 145 comments Mod

Hello all!

Please excuse my bombardment of announcements and updates, but this will be a quick and important one!

First of all, Dark Angel apologises for her momentary absence. She has recently been in hospital and is currently in recovery, so her appearances will be a little sporadic at the moment.

Secondly, you might have noticed some updates to our School Handbook!

I have added an explanation of the Farrow Academy daily timetable, and we also have a link to a Google Sheet which will be updated regularly to keep track of current extracurriculars. At present, nothing should overlap, and all students should have at least a single free lunch period. To view this live timetable, click HERE!

We also have information now on the British schooling system in our Academics section, which also includes a list of example courses (although, please don't feel limited by this list: if your character wishes to take woodworking, for example, and woodworking is not on the Wikipedia-linked list, then go ahead and do it anyway). This also includes a list of current professors at Farrow Academy.

Finally, we have added a list of all current School Staff outside of professors. This will be updated regularly. To claim a position or a personal staff member, please visit the School Staff Claims discussion, and fill in the relevant form.

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Dark Angel | 157 comments Mod
If any of you would like something to be featured on The Ghost's Blog, you can put it in the Sightings/Rumours/Gissip thread, which is just below the blog.

message 8: by Aly (last edited Feb 10, 2020 07:25AM) (new)

Aly (poaly1998) | 145 comments Mod

By request, I have now added a feature allowing you to edit your own character timetables onto the official timetable Google Sheet! (Yes, I will add this link + information into the handbook as well).

Click HERE to gain access to the editable timetable. To add your own student timetables, the easiest method is to right-click the tab labelled Template and select Duplicate. This will create a new, blank version of the timetable which you can edit and rename to fit your character. If you are signed into a google account, you can also right-click on the tab for your character's timetable and select Protect Sheet, which will allow you to set it up so that no one can edit that particular sheet but you.

I am setting up Mihail's as an example timetable to give a sort of idea of how this would look.

Hopefully, this will add a fun new interactive feature to our RP!

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