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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments There was a small creek in the escalator as Mirah stepped onto the old rusted machine which obviously no longer worked. She knew that there might be some good parts in there somewheres though. Though she was on a different mission today.

She shouldered her bag lightly as she slowly walked up the dilapidated escalator, careful under the assumption that it may not be all the stable. It took her almost a full minute to get to the top with making as little noise as possible.

As she reached the top she pulled hir wrench from her toolbelt, ready for a fight if anything was to meet her. Lucky that wasn't the case. She walked hurriedly towards the gun cabinet where the ammo was in the gun shop.

"Shit! Locked..." She had to find the key...

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Astro walked quietly around the JC Penny’s in the mall. She has a mission to get what supplies she could. Normally she would be trying to find more recruits but with what happened last time no one trusted her now. Other than Philo. She heard a creek and pushed herself against a wall. She pulled out her gun and quietly crept to the end of the wall.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Milah smirked lightly, bringing her pipe wrench back. She swings with all her strength, smashing the cheap lock in half. "Hah success!" She opens the case and takes out the 9mm box, ejecting the mag from her pistol. She begins loading the magazine.

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Astro sees her chance and comes up behind her. “Clearly your not a feral but I don’t know you. Put your hands up.” She said.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Mirah's spine tingled as a females voice rang out, loading the full mag and holstering it. She put her wrench back in her tool belt, and the box of ammo in one of the pouches before putting her hands up. "I dont want any trouble... just looking for ammo."

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Astrid held her gun firmly. “Are you a loner?” She asks.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "You don't see anyone with me do you?" She looked the girl over with a small smirk. "Maybe having a gun pointed at me ain't so bad, with these circumstances." She was trying to ease the tention

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Astrid smirked and lowered her gun. She admires the looked of the girl. She sure was hot.
“Agreed. I’m Astrid Rainey.”

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Mirah grinned in response as she lowered her gun, cocking her head to the side as she spoke. "Mirah Grimm, pleasure to meet you."

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Astrid smirked. “I bet my pleasure is better.” She said flirting

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Mirah raised a brow lightly at her, looking around for a moment before looking back at her. "So what brings you to this place?"

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She groans and puts away her gun. “I was sent on supply duty.”

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "So you know where other people are? I have been alone out here since this whole thing started." She walks over to her with a small smile. "Maybe I can help."

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Astro smiles. “Yea. About two hours away. Sure I could use some help.”

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "Lead the way." She pulled her wrench out, resting it on her shoulder. She cocked a smirk as her hip rested to the left side.

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Astrid smirked sexily and turned swinging her hips as she walked into... Victoria’s Secret? Was she seeing things right? She turned to look at the store. Sure enough it was there. And stocked. She smirked before walking in.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Milah rolled her eyes lightly as she walked into the lingerie store, walking in as well. Though she wasn't all that particular on what underwear she wore, the ones shone made her heart skip a beat. "What is useful around here?"

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Astrid smirked. “Well...” she picked up a black lacy thong. “In these day and age you never know who you might get dirty with. Gotta be prepared.” She winked at her.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Milah rolled her eyes, obviously shrugging her advances and hints. She still didn't know this person, and her easygoing attitude about this all made her a bit on edge to make up for her relaxed nature. "Careful about staying here too long... infected are here I am sure of it."

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Astrid picked up several sets and stuffed them in her bag. When she was finished she turned to Milah. “Done.”

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "Alright, now we need to get what you came for." She smirked a bit, tapping her wrench on her other hand with a smile.

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Astrid smirked back. “Righto. I checked a few. I just need some more canned goods.”

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "Canned goods in a mall? Wouldnt you normally go to a grocery store normally for that?" She gave a curious look, not to familiar with malls honestly

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Astrid chuckled. “The food court.”

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Astrid walked into the first floor of the mall her boots crunching the broken glass from the door. She had one of her guns drawn just in case.

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Astrid yelped and dropped her gun. She turned around to find him laughing at her. "What the hell?" she yelled at him.

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She shook her head and picked up her gun. "Your a real asshole you know that right?"

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She rolled her eyes at him. "Yeah, yeah. Let's just go."

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She gulped at first but then got the wicked smirk she got when she was about to kill or blow up something. She pulled away from him and took two of her pistols one for each hand. "This should be fun." She whispered.

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Astrid wondered what he was doing but knew he must have some plan. And lucky for him she knew things up. Which meant she threw bomb's. She reached back with the can in her hand and chunked it as far as she could in the department store.

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She was an idiot. She totally misunderstood him. "I'm so sorry." She whispered, she knew he would be mad at her

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Astro smiled. "My favorite kind."

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She knelt so she could see over the counter and watched like he said.

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Astros eyes were wide as she watched him. He sure was a touch fighter. Something to the right caught her eye and she saw one coming for him. She aimed and fired and hitnit between the eyes.

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Astro shot all the ones further away from him. She realized that they made a good team.

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Astrid came out from behind the counter and looked around in awe. "Holy Shit."

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She smiled and leaned against the wall. "Good job."

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She sat beside him and nodded. "We make a pretty good team,"

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She was surprised by him doing that but she rested her jead against hos and ran hin fingers up his back. "You ok?"

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She smiled at this. "Good. You really do need to chill."

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Astro stood and nodded. "You sure you'll be OK?"

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She grabbed his gum off the floor. "Eye

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(I'll reply later)

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I 100℅ support that

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She was in the hygiene department thankful for the soap and shampoo. She shoved tons of soaps and things in the bag then went to fint Anganca.

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She didn't have to look for him because she herd him, as did the infected. She heard the screeches and growls and screams. "Shit." She cursed before running up to him. "Seriously?"

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He was insane. He was the stupidest person ever. But he was incredible. She shook her head and drew her gun just I'm case.

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She suddenly had a flash back on how she left her old group and she went still. She didn't move at all, shenjusy stared at him, panic written on her face.

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