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Lukas walked through along the shore of the lake, letting the cool evening air hit his fair face. He tucked his bare hands into the deep pockets of his black coat to hide them from the light chill that filled the air. He preferred this sort of weather to the heat, it was less stifling than humidity that tended to come with the warmth.

His deep brown eyes watched the moons rippling reflection in the water's surface. He was headed back home after having picked some fresh wild berries from some berry bushes that were around the lake. The berries in question now all rested in a rather full bag that dangled somewhat precariously from his wrist. It wasn't exactly the most riveting of his adventures, but he lived a pretty easy life in his little cottage, he only had himself to take care of and he took care of himself well which meant he had the ability to indulge himself in little luxuries like freshly picked berries every now and then.

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Harls was shifting uncomfortably, watching the water below her feet with a hesitant expression. One could tell she was terrified of the water, but it didn't stop her from getting close to it. The brown deck bobbed to the waves of the lake, a signal boats were passing through...or..
The thousands of chained zombies beneath the surface. It was in the nearby survivor camp were they chained their dead and threw them beneath the waves

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Lukas walked further along the shore until a ways away he saw a figure on the rickety wooden docks down the way. He squinted his eyes in hopes of catching a glimpse of who it was. Alas, it was most certainly not someone he knew and through the light haze of the evening, he couldn't discern much about the person aside from their approximate size. He pulled a hand out from his pocket, pausing in place as he did so. He reached into his coat, dipping into a pocket sewn into its lining and pulled out a gun. It was one he stole years back with his sister, it was beautiful, a carefully made colonial-style pistol. He took it in hand and the buried his hand back into the pocket he had it in earlier, this time with the gun in his grip. For all he knew, the figure on the dock was just a feral behaving in strange ways which was not unheard of.

He walked up to the docks quietly, his steps as silent as one would expect from a masterful thief. He approached from the dock and could now see the figure more clearly. It was a young woman and as far as he could tell, she was entirely uninfected. He rose to his full, height, let go of the pocketed weapon and ran his now free hand through his dark hair. As it fell to his side he spoke: "What brings a lovely lady like you out here so late?" He asked, his smooth voice resonating softly off the lake's rolling waves.

Lukas was confident he wasn't in danger, but even if he was he knew how to handle himself so he didn't mind approaching the figure outright.

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Jean stumbled out of the woods, blood dripping from a wound on her side, she held it with clear pain in her face and eyes,

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