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message 1: by Halvor (Raknes) (last edited Jan 18, 2020 11:22AM) (new)

Halvor (Raknes) | 4772 comments series name: GRRRRR - Great Romantic Revival Reformation Revolution Renaissance









I've added a's and b's since two different books claim both number 3 and number 4.

The author can clarify this later if he wants to (preferably after having clarified the description).

message 2: by Thomas (new)

Thomas | 2 comments Well (bare) Halvor, my good friend! :D

here is the current latest edition of my self-published 6-book GRRRRR series:

#1 The God Reality

#2 St John`s Revelations

#3 Jesus, Lucifer and the ritual of the cross explained

#4 The Wisdom of all Golden ages

#5 The Christian path (Biblical theology)

#6 The Kingdom of God

I decided, eventually, to sell book #7 seperatly... :)

Hope to meet you this summer!

All thanks to Amazon, whom welcomed me into authorship :)

The book you listed as book 3a is still in print, and can be found, although listed under another name -hrmpf- under an anagram pen-name here:

Prepare to blow all expectations you`ve ever had from a Christian book with this ¨knowledgeable up-to-date with conspiracy themes¨ ¨charismatic neo-Christian¨ reformative read!

With patronage to Halvor (Raknes) :)

- Author

message 3: by Thomas (new)

Thomas | 2 comments This is the first time Christianity has been reconstructed to it's original 1st century without false history roots, reconstructed perfectly and improved, absolute undeniable apologetic and philosophic truth. Christianity reconstructed to the time prior to the organized "reformation wars of Europe."

As a self-published KDP author, yet proud of my books, which content has never been published before, which I do in love and obedience to Christ, I made small changes to my books.
Every image, illustration, cover and word of all my books are under absolute copyright by Thomas Eidsaa.

My books have undergone editing during the last 1 year, of which I apologize, much thanks to Amazon's KDP's plan which includes updating the book content without changing edition E.g; The books are edition 10+, the best of contemporary Christian litterature, allowing me to include, in short chapters, an incredible library of knowledge from all information available in the world, of importance to Christianity, from sources, books that I own.

Here is the final last edition of my self-published 6-book GRRRRR series which has evolved thanks to the KDP service. I highly recommend my books for evangelists, apologetics, eschatologists, schoolars, conspiracy theorists and theologians. Each book is worthy of a doctoral study.

#1 The God Reality

#2 The Christian path (Biblical theology)

#3 Jesus, Lucifer and the ritual of the cross explained

#4 The Wisdom of all Golden ages

#5 St John`s Revelations

#6 The Kingdom of God

Let the Revolution Renaissance begin! And check out my Eidsaa solutions YouTube playlist:

Changing the world, one household at a time.

Sincere wishes to all Reichian scientistists and Christian readers.
Yours sincerely, the supreme Lotus Joker multitalent Thomas Eidsaa.

My intelligence and talents are supreme and all Christians must read my books for the faith to survive. I am a scientist, craftsman, author, conspiracy theorist, photographer, artist and actor.

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