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The Murder of Geneva Hardman and Lexington's Mob Riot of 1920
True Crime Authors > Peter Brackney's "The Murder of Geneva Hardman and Lexington's Mob Riot of 1920"

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Peter Brackney | 4 comments It's a local history (Lexington, Kentucky) book with a true-crime bent. Geneva, 10, was murdered on her way to school 100 years ago (Feb. 4, 1920). Will Lockett, a black man living in the neighborhood, was quickly made the suspect. He was caught by authorities as opposed to the lynch mobs that were hunting for him as well. The mobs came to the police station and the state reformatory 30 miles away looking for him to no avail. Authorities would not release Lockett to the mobs because "justice would be served." It was the first time local authorities in the south stopped a lynch mob... and stop them they did! In the end, martial law was declared in Lexington for two weeks.

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