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Math Class

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​ (dragomania) Ashari walked into math class still stunned from what happened in Appearances class

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Anna was already seated, and watched carefully as the newcomer entered the room, looking quite shaken.

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​ (dragomania) Ashari picked a random desk and sat down

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​ (dragomania) Ashari noticed a girl next to him "Hi I'm Ashari! What's your name?" he asked trying to forget what had happened in the last class

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"Hey" Anna responded. "I'm Anna Amelia, but Anna's just fine. So, what's your power?

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​ (dragomania) "Oh well my power is I can feel everything everyone nearby is feeling but I also shape shift I can't control it though so it doesn't really count"

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"Ah. Okay. I change the weather. Proves extremely useful sometimes, not at all others."

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​ (dragomania) "Yeah my shifting seems to not like being useful so basically all I can do is make someone happy sad or mad."

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mugs [Could I possibly join? I have a character named Hiemal who isn't anywhere else right now?]

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(If Dragomania's good with it, cause I am!))

"Ok, so where were you before this? I had nothing, my schedule isn't final yet."

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​ (dragomania) { I'm good with it )

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​ (dragomania) "I was in appearances class because of my shifting."

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mugs [Okay! Thanks!]

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mugs Hiemal entered the class and quickly sat in a desk

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"So how did it go? Is appearances fun?"

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​ (dragomania) Leah wrote: ""So how did it go? Is appearances fun?""

"Well the teacher sucks she said I was a screw up and a whole lot worse."

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mugs Hiemal stood up and walked over to the other people, "Hello, I'm Hiemal," he said, "What are your names?" he asked them

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​ (dragomania) Cami wrote: "Hiemal stood up and walked over to the other people, "Hello, I'm Hiemal," he said, "What are your names?" he asked"

"Oh hi I'm Ashari sorry if I didn't see you there I was just saying how my last class sucked."

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mugs Hiemal nodded, "Sorry for interrupting your conversation," he said, "It's nice to meet you, Ashari," he said

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"I'm Anna Amelia, Anna's just fine. And sorry Ashari. That sucks. Any way out?"

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​ (dragomania) "Nice to meet you to Hiemal."

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​ (dragomania) Leah wrote: ""I'm Anna Amelia, Anna's just fine. And sorry Ashari. That sucks. Any way out?""

"I don't know but other than the teacher and having two mindcontrollers in the class everything was ok."

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​ (dragomania) Ashari regretted saying that he didn't know if Lucy didn't want people knowing about her abilities

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mugs Hiemal nodded, "Nice to meet you both," he said, "That teacher really stinks," he told Ashari, "You should see if you can file a complaint against her with the principal," he said

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​ (dragomania) "Eh I don't know if it's worth it but if she continues to be mean I'll report her"

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"Nice to meet you. So do either of you like math? I do, but only if the teacher is good, otherwise I get bored."

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​ (dragomania) "Um I'm not the best at math but I guess it can't be to bad?" Ashari confessed

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"So do you know who's teaching?"

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mugs Hiemal frowned and shook his head, "I have no clue," he said

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​ (dragomania) { Should someone create the teacher? If so who wants to roleplay the teacher }

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mugs [I could make the teacher]

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​ (dragomania) { ok }

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Brian (oscart) Tia hurried into math class, annoyed at herself for sleeping late. She plopped down in the first open desk closest to the door and then burst into giggles.

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​ (dragomania) Ashari turned around and looked at the girl giggling

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Anna whispered to Ashari "Know her?"

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Brian (oscart) Tia looked around quickly to see if anyone noticed. She saw a boy and girl looking at her. She giggled again then slapped her hand over her mouth and looked down at her desk.

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mugs Hiemal looked curiously at the girl from the corner of his eye

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​ (dragomania) "Nope just noticed because she was laughing like the mad hatter" Ashari whispered

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​ (dragomania) thinking of Alice in Wonderland Ashari shifted into the Cheshire Cat

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mugs Hiemal saw Ashari shift into the Cheshire cat and jumped back, "Ah!" he exclaimed

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​ (dragomania) giving a big grin Ashari explained "I can shift into anything normally normal animals but I can't control it and as far as I can tell it's related to what I'm thinking and feeling."

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mugs Hiemal nodded and sat back down in his seat, scooting it away from the cat that was Ashari, "So if you were thinking of Elephants, you could turn into an elephant?" he asked

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​ (dragomania) "Not necessarily it mostly depends on what I'm feeling" Ashari explained

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mugs Hiemal sighed in relief, "Good," he said

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​ (dragomania) "Yeah it's not the best ability if you can even call it that."

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mugs Hiemal smiled, "It's pretty cool!" he said

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​ (dragomania) "Yeah I guess it can be cool at times but it's also so annoying! I can't control my shifting at all! The only thing I can do is return to my normal form."

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mugs Hiemal nodded, "I don't know what to tell you," he said, "My power is wind, so it's pretty easy to control."

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​ (dragomania) "Cool."

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