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Dance Class

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✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Sernity and her sister Eva showed up for their class. The instructor taught them the waltz

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Serenity was wearing a blue dress of the ocean and everytime she moved she looked like the ocean. It was one of her plainer dresses. Eva was wearing a firey dress

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mugs Eira walked into class, she was late, but her dress had been annoying her. She watched the instructor teach some girl the waltz and copied his steps

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Willow's in music right now and i don't have eira's secule))

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mugs [Ohhhhhh, SORRY! I can fix it!
I put in Eira's schedule!}

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ (( i also need her club))

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mugs [I added it! Im sorry!]

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ (( and start))
"Hi" Serenity said softly to Eira while Eva walked over.

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ " Hi" Eva said to Eira

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mugs Eira nodded, "Hello," she said, "I'm Eira, what's your name?" she asked and held out a hand

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ "Eva" she siad and she shook it.

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mugs Eira nodded, "Nice to meet you Eva," she said

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ The teacher cam up and showed them the water men. They would dance with them. Serenity and Eva both went up and began dancing the waltz. Their moter had taught them it

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mugs Eira started trying to dance the waltz, she had never learned it, but it was quite easy once you learned the steps, almost like skating.

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Too soon class was over. Eva and Sernity flew off bt Eva went back and waited for Eira " coming?"

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mugs Eira looked around and saw that the girl was looking at her, "I need to change first," she said, "I'll meet up with you," she said and walked off to her room to change out of her dress

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Eva floated there waiting for her

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mugs Eira ran up to her room and changed out of her dress before walking back to Eva, "Thanks for waiting," she said

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Eva flew down " Are you going to do the talent show?" she asked " You'd be good"

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mugs Eira frowned, "I am going to do," she said

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ " Yay!" she said " I am too!"

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ It was then when she realized they had skipped dinner. " Gotta gio!" she called as she sped to her dorm to practice

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mugs Eira ran to the cafeteria just in time to get some food and and ran to her room to practice her talent

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