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✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ (( This class is for people that can talk to water, plants, animals, etc))
Serenity walked into a radom classromm and sat down shamed of the attention

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mugs Willow entered the classroom and sat down at a desk at the back, in a corner where no one would see her,'Maybe I should just skip class?' she thought to herself

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Selene went to the front to the front of the room and began to sing again. Her voice carried up and down and soon she held a ball of light in her hands crafting it she made it into a tiny kitten. She began crafting a home for her when the light she made showed her Willow. Canceling her magic she looked in her direction. " Hi?" she tried

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mugs Willow smiled weakly, "Hello again," she said

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ " Did you see it?' she asked nervously

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mugs Willow frowned, "Did I see what?" she asked

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ " Oh good" Serenity said. She hadn't seen the home for the kitten and the skill she had with her powers. She also hadn't seen the light kitten

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Just then a teacher walked in. " Hello" he said " Willow and Serenity?" he asked " My two students who are in advanced Speech. Show me your powers"

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mugs Willow frowned, "I can't," she said quietly

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ " Why not?" the teacher asked obviously annoyed

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mugs Willow sank into her chair, "There aren't any plants here," she said and looked in the other direction.

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ The teacher snapped his fingers. A small flower appeared. " What is it saying?' he asked

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ He already knew anyway. it was singing a simple tune

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mugs Willow walked to the plant, "I believe that it is quite shocked that you just transported it here, and also it's singing. I prefer to talk to trees, flowers can be quite self-centered," she told the teacher

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mugs Willow blushed and sat back down at her desk, she shouldn't have talked to the teacher like that

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ The teacher laughed. " Yes they can be. " he said . ' But flowers can show us the way home sometimes." he was refering to sunflowers. " There is a tree outside." he pushed a button. ' What do you hear?"

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mugs Willow walked to the tree, "The trees have deep wisdom, but this one in particular is quite strong. It has deep roots that reach far down into the earth. It has been through many years at this academy, it remembers when you were a student," she told the teacher, a grin creeping onto her face, "It remembers your first year here," she laughed

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ " Yes. It remembres when I thought that it said to me to tell my teacher there was a fire but i called my teacher a liar." The teacher said amused. " Your turn" he said to serenity

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mugs Willow sat at her desk, watching Serenity.

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Serenity sang words this time.
" Grant me knowledge that's power
Do know the secrets from tree to flower
Let me hear their secrets today
So they might not fade away

I wish to know more about the world
I wish to know about are ome that twirled
Tell me what you want me to understand
I ask this, I won't demand

But tell me please oh tree
Tell me secrets from eternity
Help me understand what your saying
This is what I'm praying"
Serenity's voice carried and floated. Then the world grew quiet as she listened. " She says that one time you cam to class-" Thhe instructor stopped her from saying anymore. " Alright!" he said closing the window in fear of more of his secrets getting out

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mugs Willow laughed out loud and quickly slapped her hands over her mouth when she realized how loud it was.

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ Serenity smiled a bit at the teacher's reaction. " Today will be about empowering the minds of the plants and to dig around in their mind" he said

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mugs Willow rolled her eyes, "Seriously?" she asked

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ " Think you can?" he asked and pulled out a little plant.

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mugs Willow frowned and grabbed the plant from him, "Okay, Where are you getting all of these plants from? I mean, You're keeping them in your clothes or something?! That's really mean to them!" she said, "There's no sunlight, they'll die!"

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ The teacher looked at her. " We have greenwarderns who grow them. They're desgined to not need light. They can use anykind of energy to create food"

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mugs Willow frowned, "Okay," she said, not believing him. She stroked the plant's leaves, willing it to give her it's secrets

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ The plant resisted her Pushing her out of its mind it rejected her. The teacher looked at Willow. " It's true" which it was

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ (( Can Serenity and Willow be dorm mates?))

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mugs Willow frowned at the little plants and let go off it's leaves, she tried harder and it gave way, letting her into it's mind and memory

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mugs [Sure!]

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ But the plant had stored its real ones somewhere else. It was impenatrable. At least to a student Willow's lvl. Serenity sang a quick releting somg and the barrier gave way.

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mugs Willow reached through it's mind, feeding it with some of her energy, asking it to let her through the many layers. She touched it's memories and watched as it was tended and taken care of, along with many other plants

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ But the bell rang before it could be Serenity's turn. She got up and waited for Willow. " Homework" The teacher said " Focus and make sure you can do it"

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mugs Willow frowned, "Okay," she said

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ " Let's go see which dorm we're in!" she said

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mugs Willow nodded and walked with Serenity

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ "Le's go!" she said and went up the stairs. Along the way, she grabbed a pair of rental wings for Willow. Her mother had given her her own. Strapping them on she flew to the dorm

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mugs Willow put on the wings and flew clumsily after Serenity

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