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Last year: failed spectacularly.
This year: ???

The Books
  8 / 52
06. Washington Black — Esi Edugyan
09. Every Heart a Doorway — Seanan McGuire
25. The Electric Michelangelo — Sarah Hall
35. Sky Burial — Xinran
42. The Tiger's Wife — Tea Obreht
46. Pacific: The Ocean of the Future — Simon Winchester
50. Farewell, My Orange — Iwaki Kei
51. Swimming Studies — Leanne Shapton

The Places


The Other Goals
≥1 nonfiction each month
  1 / 12

≥1 new place each month
  2 / 12

≥26 books by women
  7 / 26

≥# books by POC
  4 / #

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eleen ✨ (eleenbeans) | 69 comments The Plans
1. A book with a title that doesn't contain the letters A, T or Y
  Middlesex — Jeffrey Eugenides
  Circe — Madeline Miller

2. A book by an author whose last name is one syllable
  Descendant of the Crane — Joan He
  On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous — Ocean Vuong
  Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve — Ben Blatt

3. A book that you are prompted to read because of something you read in 2019
  Good Omens — Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman??
  Pride and Prejudice — Jane Austen

4. A book set in a place or time that you wouldn't want to live
  We Crossed A Bridge and it Trembled — Wendy Pearlman
  Voices from Chernobyl — Svetlana Alexievich
  Genghis Khan — Frank McLynn

5. The first book in a series that you have not started
  The Poppy War — RF Kuang
   that brandon sanderson book

6. A book with a mode of transportation on the cover
  Shadow of the Silk Road — Colin Thubron
  We, the Drowned — Carsten Jensen

7. A book set in the southern hemisphere
  Toa — Vaughan Rapatahana (NZ)
  As the Earth Turns Silver — Alison Wong (NZ)
  True History of the Kelly Gang — Peter Carey (Aus)
  In Patagonia — Bruce Chatwin (Arg)
  Confession of the Lioness — Mia Couto (Mozambique)

8. A book with a two-word title where the first word is "The"
  The Overstory — Richard Powers
  The Street — Ann Petry
  The Gene — Siddartha Mukherjee (not incl. subtitle)

9. A book that can be read in a day

10. A book that is between 400-600 pages
  Cloud Atlas — David Mitchell
  A Tale for the Time Being — Ruth Ozeki
  The Ministry of Utmost Happiness — Arundhati Roy

11. A book originally published in a year that is a prime number
  Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency — Douglas Adams (1987)
  Voices from Chernobyl — Svetlana Alexievich (1997)
  Borderland — Anna Reid (1997)
  The Devil in the White City — Erik Larson (2003)
  Sapiens — Yuval Noah Harari (2011)

12. A book that is a collaboration between 2 or more people
  S. — Doug Dorst, JJ Abrams
  Good Omens — Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman
  xo Orpheus — Multiple

13. A prompt from a previous Around the Year in 52 Books challenge (Link)
  The Eyre Affair — Jasper Fforde
  Black Lamb and Grey Falcon — Rebecca West
  Memoirs of a Polar Bear — Yōko Tawada

14. A book by an author on the Abe List of 100 Essential Female Writers (link)
  The Namesake — Jhumpa Lahiri
  Homegoing — Yaa Gyasi
  A Tale for the Time Being — Ruth Ozeki
  The Ministry of Utmost Happiness — Arundhati Roy

15. A book set in a global city
  When We Were Orphans — Kazuo Ishiguro
  Fire Star Billionaire — Tash Aw

16. A book set in a rural or sparsely populated area
  Beartown — Fredrik Backman
  White Rose, Black Forest — Eoin Dempsey

17. A book with a neurodiverse character

18. A book by an author you've only read once before

19. A fantasy book
  Black Leopard, Red Wolf — Marlon James
  Ninefox Gambit — Yoon Ha Lee
  The Grace of Kings — Ken Liu
  The Way of Kings — Brandon Sanderson

20. The 20th book [on your TBR, in a series, by an author, on a list, etc.]
  We, the Drowned — Carsten Jensen

21. A book related to Maximilian Hell, the noted astronomer and Jesuit Priest who was born in 1720
  The Transit of Venus — Shirley Hazzard

22. A book with the major theme of survival
  Into the Wild — Jon Krakauer
  we Crossed a Bridge and it Trembled — Wendy Pearlman
  White Rose, Black Forest — Eoin Dempsey

23. A book featuring an LGBTQIA+ character or by an LGBTQIA+ author
  Ninefox Gambit — Yoon Ha Lee
  Circe — Madeline Miller
  The Heart’s Invisible Furies — John Boyne

24. A book with an emotion in the title
  The Heart’s Invisible Furies — John Boyne
  The Ministry of Utmost Happiness — Arundhati Roy

25. A book related to the arts
  The Electric Michelangelo — Sarah Hall

26. A book from the 2019 Goodreads Choice Awards
  My Sister, the Serial Killer — Oyinkan Braithewaite
  The Night Tiger — Yangsze Choo
  Miracle Creek — Angie Kim

27. A history or historical fiction
  Map of the Invisible World — Tash Aw
  Borderland — Anna Reid

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eleen ✨ (eleenbeans) | 69 comments The Books Pt. 2

28. A book by an Australian, Canadian or New Zealand author
  ah yes, the white commonwealth countries
  Cloudstreet — Tim Winton (Aus)
  As the Earth Turns Silver — Alison Wong (NZ)
  Heart Berries — Therese M Mailhot (Can)

29. An underrated book, a hidden gem or a lesser known book
  Mediterranean: Portrait of a Sea — Ernle Bradford
  Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen — Queen Liliuokalani

30. A book from the New York Times '100 Notable Books' list for any year
  Bangkok Wakes to Rain — Pitchaya Sudbanthad
  The Yiddish Policeman’s Union — Michael CHabon
  The Emperor of All Maladies — Siddartha Mukherjee

31. A book inspired by a leading news story
  Into the Wild — Jon Krakauer
  Freakonomics — Stephen Dubner, Steven D Levitt

32. A book related to the 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Japan
  Barbarian Days — William Finnegan
  Memoirs of a Polar Bear — Yōko Tawada

33. A book about a non-traditional family

34. A book from a genre or sub genre that starts with a letter in your name
  The Snow Leopard — Peter Matthiessen
  Life — ed. John Brockman

35. A book with a geometric pattern or element on the cover
  In Patagonia — Bruce Chatwin
  Sky Burial — Xinran (Penguin Drop Caps ed.)

36. A book from your TBR/wishlist that you don't recognize, recall putting there, or put there on a whim
  City of Thieves — David Benioff
  Parallel Worlds — Michio Kaku
  Death in the Stocks — Georgette Heyer
  A Thousand Years of Good Prayers — Yiyun Li

37. Two books that are related to each other as a pair of binary opposites: Book #1

38. Two books that are related to each other as a pair of binary opposites: Book #2

39. A book by an author whose real name(s) you're not quite sure how to pronounce
  Heart Berries — Therese M Mailhot
  White Rose, Black Forest — Eoin Dempsey

40. A book with a place name in the title
  Out of Africa — Isak Dinesen
  Mediterranean: Portrait of a Sea — Ernle Bradford
  Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen — Queen Liliuokalani
  Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine — Anna Reid

41. A mystery

42. A book that was nominated for one of the ‘10 Most Coveted Literary Prizes in the World’ (link)
  How Green Was my Valley — Richard Lewellyn (National Book Award)
  The Fishermen — Chigozie Obioma (Guardian)
  The Emperor of All Maladies — Siddartha Mukherjee (Guardian)
  The Rest is Noise — Alex Ross (Guardian)
  A Thousand Years of Good Prayers — Yiyun Lee (Guardian)
  The Tiger’s Wife — Tea Obreht (Women’s)
  Small Island — Andrea Levy (Women’s)

43. A book related to one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse
  Sky Burial — Xinran
  The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle — Stuart Turton
  Death of a Red Heroine — Xiaolong Qu
  War and Peace — Leo Tolstoy
  All Quiet on the Western Front — Erich Maria Remarque
  The Things They Carried — Tim O’Brien

44. A book related to witches
  The Winter of the Witch — Katherine Arden
  A Secret History of Witches — Louisa Morgan

45. A book by the same author who wrote one of your best reads in 2019 or 2018
  Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change — Elizabeth Kolbert
  The Shell Collector — Anthony Doerr
  Enigma Variations — André Aciman
  Americanah — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

46. A book about an event or era in history taken from the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire"
  Pacific: The Ocean of the Future — Simon Winchester

47. A classic book you've always meant to read
  The Art of War — Sun Zi
  The Analects — Confucius
  Crime and Punishment — Fyodor Dostoevsky
  The Master and Margarita — Mikhail Bulgakov

48. A book published in 2020

49. A book that fits a prompt from the list of suggestions that didn't win (link)

50. A book with a silhouette on the cover
  Farewell, My Orange — Iwaki Kei

51. A book with an "-ing" word in the title
  Let My People Go Surfing — Yvon Chouinard
  Inverting the Pyramid — Jonathan Wilson
  Swimming Studies — Leanne Shapton

52. A book related to time
  Exhalation — Ted Chiang
  The Eyre Affair — Jasper Fforde
  Cloud Atlas — David Mitchell

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