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message 1: by Thomas (new)

Thomas | 18 comments Hi I am looking for beta readers for my 85,000 word speculative novel. The summary follows:
With the Earth in steady decline due to global warming and overpopulation Jack forms part of a scientific expedition to colonize another planet in advance of a human migration in the future. When they arrive the group thrive in their new surroundings and enjoy their work but as time progresses they begin to doubt the value of their work and wonder what their fate, and the fate of their new planet, will be when the people from Earth arrive in large numbers. With that in mind they decide to construct a plan in which they all fake their deaths and prove to the people on Earth that the planet in uninhabitable.
The plan works initially, but instead of simply continuing as they had before and repeating the mistakes committed on Earth, the inhabitants of the new planet choose to start again, without the corrupting influence of money, religion, politics and social classes. Life is good but eventually disaster strikes when the people of Earth, who have finally discovered the deception, appear on the planet and take back control under the rule of the evil President Chalmers. Jack and his friends are put into concentration camps and forced to work to pay off their debt to society while the new arrivals take control of the town and quickly put the systems of old back into place.
With the help of Peter Connelly, one of the guards at the concentration camp, and the mysterious Jacob, who gets himself arrested so he can occupy the cell next to Jack’s, the prisoners escape and we follow their journey to freedom.

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony Cartledge | 19 comments Sounds intriguing. Would you be interested in doing a three chapter sample swap to see if we're compatible? My synop is below.

In the year 2184 the new A.I is artificial no more, but based on the blending of multiple cloned neural networks to create a new individual. This innovation completely erases the boundaries between human and machine.

Despite their creation to be our partners in science and the humanities, there is fierce opposition to the Bionics' claim for membership in the human race. Their brilliant minds give rise to astonishing advances in science and technology, but also to a new and dangerous level of bigotry and hatred from a militant far right 'Human Purity' group.

Dr Peter Darvish is a field psychologist working with refugees but has become frustrated at his failure to make any significant difference in their lives. He's been asked to head a study looking into the impact of the rise of the Bionic in society. Peter befriends a Bionic called Oscardion Freejoy, who affects him deeply. Despite his fantastical outward appearance, Oscar seems more human than anyone Peter has ever met, and Peter invests himself in their quest 100%.

But his new friends are being attacked and murdered, and now their aim is simple survival. They are forced to use questionable methods to secure their freedom, and it strains Peter's trust in them. And it soon becomes clear that the fight for their status as citizens will be long and bloody and, for Peter, it will redefine what it means to be human.

message 3: by Gabi (new)

Gabi | 3 comments Interesting concept, I'm hooked! I will beta read it for free, and provide editing suggestions. :) PM me if interested.

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