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Bellan’s mind was in a dark, dark place at the moment. There was a meeting just a few mere hours ago between the three royal families inside the palace walls. That was until Bellan had another episode.

Truly it was, terrifying to see The Queen of Spirits suddenly collapse and suddenly go so, still. Of course, there was the silence before the releasing of power. A Spirit Burst. Bellan had only a few, only because of her current condition; nonetheless, it was a terrifying thing to see. Wisps of energy leaking from between her plump lips like smoke from a fire.

It was only a minute after they turned her onto her side to breath when the voices began to speak. Not her own. Just sudden words would be said before fading into another voice. Like they were running through a crowd of people. The voices quickly became more loud and aggressive, Bellan’s seizure doing the same.

Then it would all suddenly stop. It would leave them all, shaken and Bellan with a bloody pair of ears.

So, the Queen laid in bed, her eyes closed as she steadied herself. Oh, she’d never felt so, twisted before. It was like her insides had been doused in salt water and then cut open. Like they’d been wrung out, blood and water gone, leaving the salt to settle in her hollow body.

How pitiful.

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Acelin knocked gently on her mother's chamber doors. After the news of Andreas’ mother and now her owns worsening condition, she felt the need to show her love. She waited anxiously, holding a small vase of flowers she thought her mother would like. And of course, nothing that would trigger allergies.

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Soft Key | 472 comments Bellan’s eyes opened, a soft groan left her lips at the sound of her daughter knocking onto her door. She paused, reaching the grasp of her mind out and gently making sure it was indeed her child before relaxing.

The Queen sunk into her mattress, covering her eyes and forehead with a cold towel. “Come in, my Dear.” She calles out softly. Her voice shaken, but she managed to keep its usual warmth and love.

A difficult task when every sound was amplified by several times.

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Acelin quietly entered, and shut the door behind her. ”Hey momma...” she murmured, just loud enough for her to hear but not so loud as to disturb her. She quietly made her way over to the bed her mother laid in and set the flowers beside her. They weren't strong-smelling flowers, as she knew strong smells could irritate a headache. Once she did that she quickly kneeled beside her mother's side, so she could be on her level as they spoke. ”I heard about what happened, is there anything I can get you?” she asked sincerely. She was naturally worried about her, as well as a good dose of guilty.

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Soft Key | 472 comments Bellan’s eyes cracked open, her dainty hand lifted, and gently pulled the towel from her face. A chuckle left her lips as she took in the expression of her beloved middle-child. “Hello my starling.” She said quietly, a small smile gracing her lips.

Eyes flickered to the flowers, and the smile grew wider. “No, I don’t think so. Your very presence is enough for me.” She said quietly. It truly was. Not many bothered to check on Bellan, if they were it was none of her family, let alone children.

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((Acelin is a middle child, Aphrodite is a first born))

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Acelin nodded slightly. After a few moments of her trying to find what to say, she finally spoke. ”I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit...” she murmured. She didn't know whether or not she should trouble her mother with the details, but she did want her to know her absence wasn't out of negligence. ”I've been trying to do my best to solve some problems father is having some trouble with, and they do take up a lot of my time.” she said honestly. ”But I do want to come and visit you more frequently...if that's okay with you?” she asked, hoping she would say yes. She really had been terrible this past year of checking in and talking with her mother.

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((It really do be like that though))

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((oh hey so I totally forgot to mention since this is after a whole fiasco with a completely separate person she's wearing all black because mourning and also motive to see her mother
(view spoiler) ))

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Bellan’s gaze was soft. Her eyes held so much curiosity and love as she listened to her beloved child. It had been so long since any of them had asked such a question. When Acelin did, her heart leapt with joy, and a wide smile cracked further and further across her face.
“Oh! Don’t be silly! You don’t have to even ask my starling! Of course you can.”

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Acelin broke out into a wide smile when her mom said yes. She could tell she was being honest, and she immediately felt how much she had missed talking to her. ”I'm glad I'm not a bother. And if you ever need anything while I'm away you can call for me any time and I'll come running.” she assured, still keeping her voice soft so as to not irritate the headache her mother clearly had, as evident by the wet towel on her forehead.

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Soft Key | 472 comments Bellan smiled, her eyes shinning with joy. Though her smile faultered at the remark of being a bother. She tutted and shook her head. “My starling! Dear where did you ever get the idea of being a bother! You are no such thing. Even if I am in slight pain, I can take it.” She chuckled. “I’ve fought more wars than your father, you know.” She shook her head. “It comes and goes as it pleases. Like one of those dammed pesky flies.” She chuckled

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Acelin nodded. ”I just wanted to make sure...” she whispered lovingly. At the mention of her father, she thought about her childhood, and how her mother looked at him. Even from a young age, she could tell her father didn't love her as much as she did him. He was always kind, and considerate, and treated her like the Queen she was, but she could tell that her mother was the only one who loved him as a human and not as a political figure. She then figured she should probably tell him, as her King not her father, about the rebels in the dungeon. ”And if I could I would swat all of your problems away like a fly. But because I can't, you have to promise me you'll tell me if there's anything I can do.” she finished.

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Soft Key | 472 comments The Queen smiled weakly. A laugh escaping her as she listened to her daughter’s words. “Oh, how you are the most caring for your dear mother.” She said softly. “I.. I’m afraid there isn’t really anything you can do. Not know, at least. I just need time. I need to continue the treatment our healers have been gifting me.” She tilted her head and sighed as she sat up more. “I thank you though, my little Ace. I know it must be... difficult to see both of your parents in such states we are in now.”

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Acelin nodded understandingly at her mothers insistence of her comparability. "All I hope for is that everything works as expected and you are up and as energetic as you once were in due time. But until then I implore you to not stress yourself to illness, as I am surrounded by my siblings you have raised well enough to keep me from doing anything too foolish." She confessed. "And even then, through the grace of your examples, I have learned to clean up whatever messes I may have on my own with little to no fuss."

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Soft Key | 472 comments Bellan nearly tears up at her daughter’s words, and it would show. The mother felt her chest warm, and couldn’t help but allow her beautiful smile to stretch across her lips. Truly, she was proud of all her kids, but she just wished that she could be there more often. It sickened her that this illness forced her to hold her back from being apart of her children’s lives. She felt guilty that she’d missed out on so much over the last few years.
“You’ve always had a way with your words, Acelin.” Bellan speaks in a quiet, soft voice. One reserved for when she’d tell her children’s stories before kissing them on the head and tucking them in bed. I’m truth, she had such a soft spot for her children, and wouldn’t forgive herself if anything troublesome befell them.
Gently, she lifts a hand to brush a hair out of her daughters face, tucking it behind her ear. She then gently cups her cheek, gazing up at her child with an uncontrollable joy.
“I’m so proud of you.” Bellan simply says.

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Acelin gently leaned into her mother's gestures of affection to show her acceptance and gratitude of them, smiling genuinely at her. ”I am your daughter, and you have taught me well.” she finished. She gingerly took her mother's hand in her own and kissed it, looking down at their retained elegance and motherly affection. ”Are you feeling better than before? I don't want to keep you if you’re not strong...” she asked worriedly, keeping her eyes downcast. She wanted so badly to get her missteps off her chest, but she didn't know how it would hurt her. She didn't want to keep this a secret, but she also didn't want to give her mother news that would throw her back into a fit of disorder.

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