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Sprawling streets through the city with abandoned cars pushed to the sides of the street by raiders to allow quick movement. The city is overrun with raiders that are ready to part unsuspecting survivors from their belongings.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Sasha took a deep drag off his cigarette, swirling the clear liquid in his Vodka bottle with a little huff. He raised an eyebrow as he heard voices in the street below him, peaking his head down to spot the passersby. He chuckled lightly and pulled out his AK-47, checking the mag and chamber with a satisfied grin.

He stood up and set the barrel of the rifle on the broken windowsill, sighting the small group with a burning look in his eyes. It was the look of a predator in striking position, though the look was hidden behind his mask. "Ay Cykas!" He squeezed the trigger, sending a hail of 7.62nato rounds into the group, cutting three of the five down in a torrent of lead and brass. the remaining two took cover, yelling to each other and firing blind at his window. Though he was already gone, escaping out the side of the building and reloading. Sasha circled around them, waiting in the shadows a few yards behind one. He smirked lightly as he felt warm fur brush against his arm, immediately giving his pet Wolf Ivan a loving pet before leaning in and whispering russian in his ear. The wolf silently strode to the other side, creeping up on the other raider. Sasha took his que and started to do the same, taking out his trench knife as he crept ever closer to the Raider. as soon as he was within range of the Raider, Ivan pounced on the other, immediately ripping his throat out with a vicious snarl. As this happens, Sasha drives his knife into his targets throat, yanking his arm away to let the raiders blood spray the pavement as the lifeless body drops to the ground.

"All in a days work, ay Ivan?" He looked over to the wolf who had already set to work eating part of the Raider. He shook his head and began to search the other Raiders, speaking out loud. "That's gnarly Ivan, who taught you that... well me but still." The wolf looked up at him and shook its head, almost as if it were dissapointed in him. "Dont look at me like that, you are the one who eats people."

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Queenie crept along the edges of the streets, exploiting the many alleyways between building and cover that abandoned cars provided her with. She clutched her bat tightly in sweaty palms, nervously fidgeting with it as she moved. Why her gut was telling her to go to the most dangerous part of the city, she didn't know, but Queenie has always been one lucky bastard whenever she followed her intuition, no matter how insane it seemed.

In the distance she spotted a group of raiders and she dove behind a car to keep from being seen. She was just beginning to think of a strategy to get by them when suddenly several gunshots rang out and three of them dropped dead. Queenie sucked in a nervous breath and looked around anxiously, trying to determine the source of the shots. It wouldn't be good to avoid the raiders only to get shot in the back from a distance.

A man and a wolf appeared on the street and it was only seconds before the two remaining raiders went down. It was violent and gruesome and Queenie was actually terrified of the man and his canine partner. She made to turn around, but spotted more raiders in the direction she came from, steadily making their way over to where the shots rang out. At the rate they were going, they would spot Queenie in a matter of seconds. She had to make a decision, face the raiders or face the man and his wolf.

It came down to the fact that Queenie liked dogs, even if this one ate people. She sprinted out of her hiding place just as one of the raiders spotted her and made a beeline for the man and his wolf. The shouts of the other raiders echoed off the building surrounding them and she could hear them firing at her, but she didn't slow, praying that the man and his wolf were merciful enough to help her and kind enough to let her live.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Sasha bolted into action as the first shots rang off, spotting the woman running with Raiders hot on her heels. "Ivan take cover!" He barked loudly and sprinted to safety, only to circle behind the group. Sasha held up his Ak, cocking it and stepping into the open. The world around him seemed to transform, going back in time to when he was in the service. time seemed to slow to a crawl as his heart raced with excitement.

As the female passed him he stepped out of cover, his eyes filled with a burning confidence. It was obvious that he was absolutely fucking insane, and he loved this anarchy. He felt most at home when death was around the corner. He took aim and strafed towards the other side of the street, bursting his shots as he did so. A Raider fell with every other burst, red hot shots whirling past him. Blood hit the ground below him as shots grazed his face, arm and torso. As he reached the other side most of the firing had died down, though he had no idea if it was because they were dead or that they were simply taking cover.

"You alright you crazy Cyka?! Only a baseball bat to defend yourself with, you must be crazier than me!" He had a heavy Russian accent, and spoke quickly.

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Queenie felt like she was in shock and had to resist the urge to flinch when the man turned towards her and spoke. Loudly. "Cyka?" She murmured under her breath in confusion, but decided to simply roll with it. Not like she could parse out what it meant without any experience in what sounded like Russian. Still, context clues led her to believe he meant something like 'Hey stupid crazy lady!'. Which... fair.

"I uh-" She glanced around nervously, worried about other raiders showing up and the man's man-eating wolf that was stalking around nearby. At least he hadn't killed her. Yet. "I don't like guns." She admitted in a slightly embarrassed tone. Queenie eyed the gun the man held in his possession. It seemed it was becoming a theme for Queenie to run into other survivors that outclassed her in terms of equipment and skill and she wasn't sure how she felt about that.

"I-I'm Qu-Queenie." She stammered out, determined to make something of this interaction. Her gut led her here god dammit and she was going to make the best of whatever situation her intuition threw her into.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "Alexandr is my name, but I go by Sasha." He racked the slide, on his last mag with the empties in his mag belt that was secured around his waist. He walked out of cover, the Assault Rifle resting on his shoulder. He pulled his pistol out, which strangely was an American Classic; The M1911 chambered in .45acp.

He started walking towards the place where the group was, picking up one of the Raiders pistols. It was a common gun, chambered in 9mm. He kicked it over to her and continued on his path to check if anyone was still left alive. His curiosity was met with a small catch of breath to his right, drawing his gaze to the lone survivor. He raised his eyebrow, holstering his pistol and setting his rifle down. He pulled out his knife and grinned, dropping it at the mans feet and stepping back. Sasha held his hands up, waving for him to come at him. "Avenge your friends, Davai. Or are you just gonna sit there and piss yourself?"

His head snapped back as he heard a noise, pulling his sidearm back out to aim down sights and fire into the mans chest that was closing in on him. He dropped to the ground and Sasha sidesteps a little late, taking a slash from his own knife to the stomach. Though the wound wasn't deep, it certainly didn't feel good. "Sneaky little Cyka, you'll have to do better than that." He holstered his gun and put up his fists. The Raider foolishly lunges at him, blinded by fear. This time Sasha doesn't miss the beat, using the mans momentum against him as he snatches his wrist. He twists the mans arm around, flipping him to the ground. Sasha stomps on the mans head twice, coating the cement in his blood as his skull cracks from the force killing the raider.

He stands above him for a moment before sighing, starting towards Queenie with a wicked grin. "Ivan come out... we have to get out of here before more show up." He pulled a cigarette out of his pack, lighting it with a small sigh. Though his injuries weren't severe, there were a few of them around his body from the skirmish. "I'll have to thank you properly when we get to safety. I haven't had that much of a close shave in a while."

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Queenie shivered. Somehow the man, Sasha, made even something as mundane as a thank you seem threatening. Still, she took a moment to study him, taking note of his tattoos and scars, both old and new. He was intimidating, that was for sure, and seemed so much taller than he actually was. The nagging feeling in Queenie's guy persisted and despite her desire to sprint into the distance, her intuition was telling her to stick with Sasha. Her gut had never been wrong before, so with determination Queenie didn't know she possessed, she followed Sasha off of the street and let him lead her to wherever he wanted to go.

The entire time she chewed nervously on her lip. "You're hurt." She finally said, not sure what else she could say. "You should take care of that or it will get infected." Queenie boldly stepped up to Sasha and made to touch the wound on his side to examine it, but hesitated at the last second, looking him in the eyes with uncertainty. "It-I-You-" she stammered, not expecting his face to be so close, even though she was the one that moved towards him. Queenie cleared her throat and forced herself to calm down.

"You might need stitches." She finally murmured. If she had been any further away, Sasha might not have been able to hear her, but with as close as she was, Queenie was positive that he could hear her heart pounding. With either fear or something else, Queenie wasn't sure.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments As she stopped him in his tracks his eyebrow raised, a questioning look on his face as he scanned hers. She almost seemed to not fit in to this new world, a little too gentle for his tastes. "I'll clean my wounds when we get somewhere safe, though if you want to risk it we can. My hideout is not to far from here, so why don't we just reach that before we settle down." He remained calm through the conversation, not letting on that his wounds were actually a bit tasking to deal with.

He smirked lightly and leaned in a bit closer, giving her a small grin as he did so. "Its cute that you care for a stranger so... its also a good way to die a terrible and slow death around here as well." He walked past her, ending the conversation on that note. He figured that him saying that wouldn't get her to stop following him, but he didn't mind the company. Especially one that didn't try to kill him before saying something, which was all to common in these streets.

"Where did you even come from by the way?" He looked over his shoulder at her, wondering what had brought her to him as well.

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Queenie gaped at Sasha, somehow his threatening words made her feel more brave. Perhaps she was getting a little more used to him or perhaps she was just feeling spiteful because he was underestimating her. Whatever it was, she whirled around to face him as he brushed past her. "You can't fool me! If you were going to kill me you would have done it already!" She scowled and marched after him, stifling the suprise she felt about suddenly being much calmer in his presence.

Queenie mulled over Sasha's question, trying to decide how to answer. Not many people believed her when she talked about her insane luck and incredible intuition, most were downright mocking of it, but she had a feeling Sasha wouldn't be too mean about it, even if he didn't believe her.

"I've been here and there for the most part. I met some people heading to some government camp on the outskirts of the city, but something told me to go into the city rather than follow them. A gut feeling, you know?" She hummed thoughtfully, trying to think of a better way to explain it as she followed Sasha into his hideout. "I've always had crazy amounts of luck. My grandma always told me it was because of my gut feelings, so i try to always listen to them. And what do you know, those feelings led me to you!" She flashed a cheeky grin at Sasha before shifting into a more serious demeanor.

"C'mon, off!" She tugged at the hem of Sasha's shirt. "You're going to let me look at that wound whether you like it or not." Her tone of voice left little room for argument, but for someone as intimidating as Sasha, it probably came across more like a chihuahua puppy barking at a lion.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments He smirked lightly before grabbing her wrist and walking over to a nearby building, dragging her inside as well. Even though his grip was strong, he was gentle with her as to not harm her. Medicine and first aid were far from his strong suit, though he had a lot of experience with bandaging minor injuries.

He pulled her into the kitchen of the house, finally doing as she asked. He stripped off the bloody shirt, taking out a small bottle of vodka from his back pocket and hand them both to her. His entire body was covered in tattoos and scars, many of wich seemed to have a demonic and/or satanic roots. Past that she could now see his well built frame and build, obvious that he had worked hard to reach such physical stature.

"Alright now since your so worried hurry up, then we will be even no? Since I saved your life and all from those Raiders." He grinned lightly and leaned against the countertop, blood dripping from the shallow cut on his stomach and face. Luckily the rest had stopped bleeding shortly after they were created.

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Queenie swallowed nervously and tried not to be obvious about her appreciation of Sasha's features. She was only human, but that didn't mean she wanted him to tease her about it. "Normally people would be delighted at being owed a favor. How nice of you to consider this making us even." She grumbled.

Queenie winced at the bottle of vodka and bloody shirt place into her hands. "I have no idea how you haven't died yet honestly." She tossed the shirt aside, it was too dirty to serve as bandages. Queenie would also prefer a better disinfectant than vodka, but who was she to judge a russian tradition? She wasted no time pouring vodka onto the wound in his side and dabbing it with her hands. If her hands lingered a little longer than they should have, well, she hoped Sasha didn't know enough about first aid to notice.

Next she applied some to the head wound, but it seemed less serious. She studied his eyes for a moment, making sure he didn't have a concussion, and was satisfied that he had no brain injuries. Once the wounds were clean, she glanced around for something to wrap them in, but found nothing that didn't look like it had been dragged through mud. Queenie shrugged and pulled off her own shirt, tearing it into smaller pieces and wrapping it around Sasha's wounds before he could protest.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments He watched quietly as she worked on his wounds, not making any remarks at her lingering hands. It made him smirk though, having a small understanding of what a human can start feeling in moments like these. Though he brushed the thought away, careful not to trust this female he had just met so easily.

As she tore her own shirt he raised and eyebrow, though he didn't say anything about it, knowing it would most likely not do anything in the way of swaying her decision. He gave a subtle nod as she finished, placing his fingers gingerly on his stomach wound. "Thanks for the Fix... I think we should stay put for now. Maybe find some clothes around here and a warm bed." He set off to explore the rest of the house, stopping for a moment to look back at her. "I think I might owe you one actually... If you hadn't been so persistent I never would have stopped here."

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"Right, yeah, clothes." Queenie was only just now realizing how cold it was in the safehouse now that it was too late to change her mind about destroying her shirt. She crossed her arms over her chest and rubbed her upper arms to keep herself warm. A bed sounded nice too. Queenie hadn't slept in a real bed in so long, spending most of her time on the road and sleeping in the back of abandoned cars.

She raised an eyebrow at Sasha and then broke into a full grin. "Ha! I knew it! You do like me!" Queenie was under no illusion that she was intimidating enough to get people to do what she wanted. She knew damn well that if someone listened to her it was only because they found something likeable about her, otherwise Queenie was sure she would be constantly ignored.

She took a moment to glance around the building they were in. "I take it you don't come here often then." There were doors leading to other rooms and Queenie glanced through a few of them without any shame. She had an ulterior motive anyways. Finding something warm to put on was a top priority.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "I wouldn't say that just yet, You make one wrong move and I will end your life." He looked back at her with a wicked grin, winking quickly before disappearing into a bedroom.

He immediately began searching through everything, hoping to find a pack of smokes or maybe some alcohol. Though he really doubted he would find any, bringing out a light sigh from him. He walked over to the dresser, searching for a shirt to wear for either himself or her. Opening the top drawer slowly. His eyebrows raised lightly, reaching in to grab up the two shirts that were in there. They were an adult small female size, one being plain black and the other being white with blue designs on it. "I found you a shirt, its in here." He tossed it on the bed and began searching in the dresser on the other side of the bed.

He chuckled with success as he pulled out a black tank top from the top drawer, pulling it on himself in a heartbeat. Luckily it was his size, fitting nicely around his built frame.

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Queenie faltered at the threat and the wink. She had no doubts that Sasha really would kill her if he thought he needed to, but the way he said it so playfully made her unsure of where the line was drawn. What could she possibly do that could change this uneasy companionship that was forming between them? It made her head spin. Queenie didn't know if she was supposed to be into him or scared of him and it was becoming a problem for her heart. "I'm going to have a heart attack before I'm thirty." She muttered to herself.

When he called out to her saying he found a shirt, she walked over to the bedroom and entered just as he was pulling his own shirt out of the dresser. Queenie made a beeline to the bed and put on the shirt left there. Her attempts to avoid staring at Sasha were a failure as she found her eyes drawn to the way the muscles on his back moved as he pulled on his shirt. She shook her head, trying to physically remove her distracted thoughts and glanced around.

"So...." She began awkwardly. "It's just you and your dog? Wolf? Wolf-dog?" She honestly didn't know what to make of it, she'd never heard of a trained wolf before, but whatever it was, it was too damn big to be a dog. "And you just... Patrol the streets or something? Kill raiders?"

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments its only a little bigger than a lab))

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Sasha smirked lightly at the mention of his pet. "I actually trapped Ivan when I was hunting, though at the time he was just a pup. I couldn't just let him die, and his foot was broken from the trap. I nursed him back to health and began to train him, which was easy once he knew who was top dog." Sasha whistled lightly, and on que Ivan walked in.

His snout and jaws where still bloody from the battle, and his head was low as he spotted her. The wolf slowly creeped up to her, sniffing her as he circled around her slowly. After Ivan was finished he sat down, nudging her hand lightly. The wolf was friendly enough.... so long as no threat was detected towards either it or its master.

"I think he might like you, I didn't even give him a command to be nice." He smirked lightly at her, putting his hands behind his head. "So onto the important question... Couch or bed?" He didn't clearly speak what he meant, but he meant which she wanted to sleep on.

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Queenie stiffened at the sight of Ivan. The way he circled her didn't help with her nervousness either. Vaguely, she recalled that dogs sensed people's emotions and that being calm could help soothe aggresive dogs. She wasn't sure if it actually worked, let alone worked with wolves, but she wasn't above being precautious. Queenie forced her muscles to relax even though her heart was beating at a million miles per hour.

"Top dog huh?" She asked wryly, but her voice turned into a high pitched squeak as Ivan nosed at her hand. She glanced down at the wolf. He was a terrifying sight with human blood covering his face. Still, Queenie had always been a dog person, and underneath all the blood, Ivan was a beautiful animal. She scratched Ivan gingerly behind his ears. "Yeah. I guess he does." Queenie grinned at Sasha with a blinding smile.

"I-" she started to say, but then stopped. She really wanted to sleep on the bed, but with Sasha's injuries, he needed it more than she did. Queenie grabbed one of the pillows off the bed and hugged it to her chest. "I'll sleep on the couch."

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Sasha nodded lightly, obviously not going to try and talk her out of her choice. he flopped on the bed and patted the other side. "C'mon Ivan, its time for bed." The wolf complied fairly quickly, moving away from Queenie's hand and jumping up onto the bed. He curled up against Sasha's legs, eyeing the woman in the room with a blank stare.

Sasha reached down and scratched at the base of his tail, cooing lightly. "Such a good boy." He looked over at Queenie, a small smirk spreading across his face. "If you hear raiders, come in and wake me up quietly, and I will do the same. Ivan will be on watch duty for the night so you probably wont have to worry to much though."

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Queenie squeezed the pillow a little tighter and nodded curtly. Her limbs felt stiff and awkward as she walked out of the bedroom and to the couch. She wasn't used to being so close to another person, she hadn't even slept in the same building as another person for over a year. Even worse was how Sasha's gaze felt sharp enough to cut.

She flopped face first onto the couch, still hugging the pillow. Queenie shifted around on the couch a bit, trying to get comfortable. The cushions were lumpy and the couch was just a little too short for her to lie flat. She tossed and turned for several minutes before giving up. It was just inevitable that she would wake up with sore muscles from sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Queenie stared at the ceiling and sighed.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Sasha sighed lightly, hearing Queenie struggle to get comfortable. His eyes shifted to the other half of the large mattress, thinking quietly to himself. He called out to her in a hushed tone, "If you cant get to sleep, there's plenty of room on the bed. Its gotta be more comfortable, and if Raiders show up we will have a better chance if we aren't seperated."

He scootched over to give more room, Ivan moving over as well to the same position as before. "And I promise to be a gentleman, I wouldn't do anything without you saying you would want that." He chuckled lightly.

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Queenie blushed and threw and arm over her eyes. She was embarassed. Not because of Sasha suggesting they share the bed, because she knew he wouldn't try anything funny, but because she was actually considering it after she had said she would sleep on the couch. It was a stupid reason to be embarrassed, but Queenie was used to being stubborn once she made up her mind. She wasn't used to having second thoughts. Still, Queenie was constantly sleep deprived as a result of ptsd, having to keep one eye open while she travelled by herself, and just plain old nightmares. The thought of sleeping in a bed next to Sasha and Ivan sounded comfortable and safe.

Before she could change her mind, Queenie stood and padded into the bedroom. She had the pillow hugged to her chest again. Even though she was tired enough to collapse, Queenie came to a stop in the doorway and silently studied Sasha where he was on the bed. "Are you sure?" She asked quietly. "I have nightmares." Queenie wasn't just telling him this fact, it was a statement meant to tell Sasha that she couldn't be held responsible if she woke him up during the night with her twitching and groaning.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "So do I..." He smirked lightly, shrugging as he looked away. "I wake up in cold sweats, and for a second... I am back in the streets with my Comrades." He smiled sadly, not really used to speaking so easily. But something about what she had said earlier about her gut feeling.

"So I apologize in advance as well... I tend to bolt upright with my pistol in hand..." He patted the bedside next to him putting his pistol down on the nightstand. "So yes, I am sure."

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Queenie nodded several times instead of replying. She crawled into the empty spot next to Sasha from the end of the bed. It was easy for her to get comfortable this time and Queenie found herself taking deep even breaths, matching her breathing to Sasha's.

"Sasha?" She whispered, her voice sounding a little vulnerable. "Do you think things will ever go back to the way they were? Before?" Before the apocalypse, she couldn't get herself to say.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "No. Its to fucked up now to ever be the same, but maybe someday there will be some semblance of normalcy." He chuckled lightly and looked over his shoulder at her, a curious look on his face.

"How long has it been anyways? Since this all started?" He couldn't remember for the life of him, it was like it was swiped from his memory.

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Queenie thought about her home town, about how during the first week of the apocalypse everyone had packed into the local high school to fend off the ferals. She thought about the family that hid the fact their son was infected until it was too late. She thought about the boy who had sat behind her in biology and liked to throw wadded up pieces of paper at the smartest girl in the class because he liked her. She thought about how he ripped the throat out of that same girl's father. Queenie thought about how the halls turned red because of the massacre it turned into and thought about hlw she hid inside of a locker in the boys locker room for three days as she listened to everyones screams turn into the moans of ferals. "I guess you're right." Everyone Queenie knew before was dead and she could no longer handle small spaces without panicking. It would never be the same again.

"It's been over four years." Queenie's small town accent began to slip through, she was too tired to hide it. It made her sound younger, like she did when she was sixteen and her biggest worry was her next math test. "I was in high school when all this started. Didn't even have my liscense yet. My dad was going to teach me to drive, but-" Queenie swallowed down the sadness that threatened to bubble in her throat. "He never got around to it." He never got the chance, she meant to say.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments He sighed lightly, his thoughts wandering to his friends and family lost to the infection. "Get some sleep Davai, you will need it for Tommorow." He rolled onto his stomach, wrapping his arms around his pillow with a small huff.

It took him a moment, his injuries making the position a bit uncomfortable at the moment. Though it didnt take long until he was asleep, his breathing slowing down a little bit as his body relaxed

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments sorry my comments are getting smaller. im kinda tired lol))

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((It's fine I really don't mind.))

"Goodnight." Queenie whispered and burrowed further under the covers. She still had the pillow hugged to her chest and she squeezed it once before settling. Sasha's breathing evened out at a slow and relaxed pace. Queenie matched her breathing to his and let the rhythm lull her into a deep sleep. It was the best sleep she had in four years and she didn't even have one nightmare. Maybe she should make friends more often. If not for the company than at least for a good night's rest.

In the morning, Queenie was no longer hugging the pillow. Instead her limbs were sprawled out across the bed with one arm thrown across Ivan and a leg hanging off the side of the bed, her long curly hair was everywhere, more spefically it has inched its way over and was fanned out across Sasha's pillow, and she was snoring softly, still in deep sleep despite the rising sun. She looked far from graceful as she slept, but the look on her face was a peaceful one.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Sasha woke with a groggy groan, sitting up with his right hand covering his face to block out the sun. He looked over to his newfound traveling companion, smirking at her awkward sleeping position. "Queenie, wake up. Its time to go." He nudges her shoulder lightly.

Ivan slowly crawls out of under her arm, plopping onto the ground with a huff. The wolf stretched lightly, giving a loud yawn. He looks up at Sasha with big blue eyes, almost as if he was waiting to go. "Ivan is eager to get home."

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Queenie scrunched her nose and squinted. "Hm?" She mumbled and sat up, rubbing her eyes open blearily. Her hair was flying in every direction having been tangled into an untamed mane by sleep. She looked around with unfocused eyes. "Oh. It's morning." It took her a few seconds for her brain to catch up, but when it did, she crawled out of bed and stumbled for the kitchen, searching for food.

Obviously Queenie wasn't a morning person, but she still managed to be functional enough to find a granola bar to munch on. After a few minutes, her eyes seemed to clear and she appeared to be much more aware. She attempted to tame her hair with her fingers, but quickly gave up. Her hair was still a mess, but not any more of a mess than it was the day before.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Sasha grinned foolishly at the poor girl, obviously she wasnt much for mornings he gathered. "My little hideout is only about six or seven miles or so away from here, so it will be a reasonable amount of time before we reach it." Ivan walked around the house, sniffing for anything he could eat.

Sasha walked around, pacing with a bit of antsyness. He was a bit excited to be back to his home, and his Vodka that was waiting for him as well. "And I have actual food at my home, not just some random snacks."

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Queenie thought about it for a moment. If it would take a while then they were probably walking, which wasn't an exciting prospect, but taking a car would be crazy with the number of raiders that hung around the city. Another thing crossed her mind then. "So this is an invitation then?" She grinned as Sasha.

She knew she was growing on Sasha and now all she had to do was get him to admit it. It wouldn't be easy, especially with how Sasha saw fit to tease her by alluding to threats.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments He nodded lightly, thinking that it was obvious that he was inviting her over. "Unless of course you dont want to come, then you dont have to." He walked back into the bedroom, holstering his pistol and picking up his rifle after.

He walked back out, rifle slung on his shoulder with a whimsical grin. he walked out to the entrance of the house, looking past the curtains to the ruined city streets. "It looks safe enough to travel."

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"Just wanted to make sure." Queenie replied in a light tone and began gathering her own supplies. She kept her backpack on her back, but still held her bat in her hands. Queenie knew only having a bat to protect herself with was crazy, but she didn't like guns, and she had been lucky enough to survive the apocalypse so far.

"I've noticed that raiders aren't all that active in the early mornings, so we might get lucky." Queenie shrugged. It figured, if Queenie was in a violent gang that controlled the streets, she wouldn't see much use in getting up early either. In fact she would love the chance to sleep in. "Still, we should probably be careful."

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "I am always..... mostly always... no that still isnt true." He smirked lightly and looked from her to Ivan. "I am a reckless person... so you can be careful and I will just have fun. Anyways if I cause any trouble, you could always just flee." He shrugged. "Or I could Valiantly save your life once more and you'll owe me, that could be promising too."

He walked outside of the building, checking both ways with his hand on his pistol. When he was sure it was clear he whistled for Queenie and Ivan to follow. Ivan of course was first out, sniffing the ground and air around them before looking back at Sasha.

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A snort escaped Queenie before she could stop herself. Of course she ran into the one person that was probably more reckless than she was, which was an impressive feat. "You keep saying that like you want me to owe you something. I mean, what could you possibly want from me?" It was obvious to Queenie that Sasha had better skills, better weapons, and better resources than she could possibly hope for. The best Queenie could do was throw a fastball, swing a bat really hard, and run faster than most people.

Queenie followed behind Sasha and kept an eye out for any raiders even though she was sure that Ivan would notice any people long before she did. It was kind of nerve wracking to be out on the street, but a lot less stressful than yesterday when she had been doing it alone.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments Sasha looked back at her over his shoulder, His smirk growing into a broad grin. "You think I am reckless now... wait until I am reunited with my mask." He turned back to watch the road, looking around buildings with a watchful eye.

"It is quite the sight I hear. The mask is made out of AR500 steel... It can stop any handgun bullet 45. cal and weaker. And it will save my face from light assault calibers lower than .308 effectively. Though Its shape makes some places stronger due to curvatures and such. Though A strong enough force would still knock me down, and maybe even knock me out if it hits with enough force... but I have a much higher chance of surviving a bullet with that."

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"If you have a mask like that then why aren't you wearing it now?" Queenie asked, exasperated. Running around the city's streets would probably be the best time to wear something like that so she couldn't understand leaving it at home. She was kind of glad that Sasha owned that kind of protection, especially if he was reckless. Queenie actually liked hanging around Sasha despite how eccentric he was.

Queenie felt a tug in her gut when they reached and intersection. One that filled her with dread. "We should go left." She spoke in a quiet voice, like she was afraid of something. Queenie spent the last few years listening to her intuition and it's never failed her yet. She knew that if they went right or continued straight something bad would happen. She could feel it in her bones. Not that Queenie expected Sasha to listen to her, it was obvious that he had a problem listening to other people and she had no choice but to watch his facial expressions anxiously to see if he would be too obstinate to listen to her.

Queenie already knew she would follow him no matter which direction he went. That didn't mean she would like it though.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments He looked over to her with a raised brow, believing in her gut. "You remind me of my old Military Buddy. He used to get gut feelings like yours." He decided to head left. "We can go this way and around, might take us a little longer but its no big issue."

He walked slowly on the edge of the road, his fingers interlocked behind his head in a relaxed manner. It was obvious that he too felt more comfort around Queenie then when he was alone with just Ivan. "You were right... I am growing fond of you. You just are relaxing to be around, and you have good instincts not many possess. A good companion to be around no?" His thick accent came out as he spoke for long periods of time, the obvious mark of his Russian heritage.

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"What was he like?" Queenie asked curiously. She was relieved that Sasha decided to listen to her and picked up the pace so she was walking right next to him. Queenie was beginning to think of him like a bear, scary and intimidating and incredibly dangerous, but quite soft up close. That had her thinking about the phrase 'don't poke the bear' and suddenly she really wanted to poke Sasha. She refrained. For now.

"Not necessarily." Queenie spoke, picking her words cautiously. She had known a lot of people since the apocalypse started and everyone she stuck around with was dead, good instincts or not. Maybe she got so lucky by stealing the good luck of everyone around her. Queenie shook her head and tried to think of something to cheer her up and found herself looking up at Sasha's face. She locked eyes with him and then very deliberately reached up and poked him in the cheek.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "I lied about the mask by the way." He smirked lightly. "If the mask was made from Ar500 steel it would be like carrying two gallons of milk on your face. Its made out of a lightweight metal alloy that can stop handguns and small caliber rifles." He chuckled lightly. "But thats not what people think when I put it on. And its like I turn back into a demon... It brings me back to the days when I was a paid Killer." He smirks. "Special forces... I was in a team of eight.... we could take out an encampment of well over 50 trained troops... That was the last thing they saw... The face of a demon." He grinned. "I am a whole different person when I put it on."

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"Hmm." Queenie pulled her hand back and looked forward once again. "Why would you want to be a whole different person?" She asked. Queenie's mind immediately wandered to all the mistakes she's made, all the people she's lost. "Nevermind. I think I get it."

Talking to Sasha was easy and Queenie was glad she didn't let her first impression of him influence her. He still flashed grins that seemed almost feral and loomed intently like he was trying to be intimidating and scary, but Queenie was beginning to take it all in stride. That was just how Sasha was and Sasha wasn't scary. Not to her.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments After a while of walking they had finally arrived at his place. It was a large abandoned church with a bell tower, an obvious place that you could use as a look out. He walked around to the side, unlocking the side door and entering.

Ivan bolted in and went straight to the water dish, guzzling mouthfuls of water. "Mmm thirsty pup." He looked back up at Queenie, smirking and waving his hand for her to come. "Davai, I have water and real food come!"

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Sahsa's home was beautiful, even though it had obviously been picked for it's strategic advantage. The old church smelled of old book and munitions and despite the chaos of the world around it, it had a beautiful stained glass window depicting the virgin Mary. It was hard to not be in awe.

When Sasha called to her, Queenie perked up at the thought of real food and practically skipped over to his side. "What kind of food?" She tried to ask nonchalantly, but the excitement in her voice betrayed her true feelings.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "Well there us deer jerky, some rabbit I cooked up and some snake. There is some boar too in there, shot him last week so there is plenty of that." He stepped inside after her, shutting the door and locking it.

Inside on the table was where his ammo was gathered, and he set his gun next to the pipe, followed by his pistol and knife. He chuckled lightly as he pulled out the steel brass knuckles, one in each pocket, and set them down on the table. "Those are my baby's, I have used them many a time."

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Queenie made a face at some of the food options. She had been hoping for something palatable like a sandwich or maybe some vegetables. Still, food was food. "I'll take some jerky then."

She watched Sasha pull out his brass knuckles. "You did strike me as a guy who likes to hit things." Queenie said wryly. "At this point I think boxing gloves would be against your character. Why cushion a blow when you could be punched for real?"

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "You ever been struck by a man my size with a pound of steel covering his knuckles... I've hit those infected so hard there head spins around and there jaw is separated from there head." He smirked wryly. "Punching things can be just as fun as shooting them."

He chuckled lightly and walked to his cabinet, taking out the half empty bottle of vodka. "You want a shot Davai? Or do you not drink." He brought out two shot glasses, setting them on the table. He doesnt wait for her to answer and instead just pours the two shots.

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"I'm still not a fan of guns." Queenie grimaced and sat down at the table. If she was being honest, she was also perfectly content with her bat, punching people, even ferals, just didn't seem like something she would enjoy.

Queenie blinked in surprise at Sasha's offer, mostly because she had never been offered alcohol before. Never drank any either. She tehnically wasn't old enough to drink, but that wasn't what stopped her from drinking. Queenie spent most of the apocalypse on her own, so drinking seemed counterproductive to her own survival. Wouldn't hurt to try now though. "Um sure." She clumsily took one of the poured shots. Queenie waited until Sasha drank his shot before copying the movement. It tasted awful. She made a face as she swallowed the shot and didn't bother to hide her reaction from Sasha. The shot glass made a loud clink sound as she placed it back on the table. Queenie couldn't believe people would willingly drink something so disgusting.

After a minute, a sort of warmth settled into her bones and Queenie began to understand. She felt lighter somehow. Things seemed easier despite the end of the world and Queenie felt like laughing.

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Alex (decayinggod) | 77 comments "Yes! Hahaha thats what I thought you might do. This is a proper Russian drink!" He poured another round of shots with a broad grin, seemingly unfazed by the strong liquid. "Trust me you will feel more relaxed after another shot. its well deserved after a good days walk."

He picked up his shot, tipping his head back as he basically tossed the liquid down his throat. It sent a warmness through his body that he had missed. "Mmm i missed this bottle." He poured himself another shot before holding up the shotglass.

"To Survival... and new friends amidst this war scarred earth."

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