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message 1: by Allie (new)

Allie (lunnis) | 2 comments So, I was watching TVD and Klaus said this to Caroline:

"So you've never felt the attraction that comes when someone who's capable of doing terrible things for some reason cares only about you? "

I thought it was pretty charming. I mean, it's different than the usual love/hate trope. I was hoping to find more books where the main love interest is somewhat villainous. You know, he is a "bad guy" rather than a misunderstood "bad boy".

Can anyone please recommend me a book with a romance like this?

message 2: by Nishi (new)

Nishi Wadhwani (nishireads) | 207 comments Vendetta by Catherine Doyle kind of has the same vibes

message 3: by Alana (new)

Alana | 83 comments I’m reading the Red Queen series right now and she kinda has a love triangle with the two princes and one of them is the main bad guy 🤷🏼‍♀️

message 4: by Nishi (new)

Nishi Wadhwani (nishireads) | 207 comments yess! Red Queen !!*whoop whoop*
I just finished Feather by Olivia Wildenstein and it is exactly the kind of book you'd like.

message 5: by Shraddha (new)

Shraddha | 236 comments You could read the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. It's really good.

message 6: by Allie (new)

Allie (lunnis) | 2 comments Thank you guys! I will check those books out ♥

message 7: by yadi (new)

yadi | 4 comments Shatter me series ❤️ you won’t see the plot twist coming!

message 8: by Stormraised (last edited May 12, 2020 03:53PM) (new)

Stormraised | 39 comments Hi,
I fully understand you, what you described is what I`m looking for in books. Unfortunately, most of the readers has totally different preferences – they want something looking like bad but in fact being rather good. You know, all this “bad boys” where all bad about them is that they`re wearing black clothes. All characters previously intended to be bad but being so handsome and liked by fandom that author changes them, enabling romance with main heroine and in the same time totally destroying construction of interesting character.

But after looking for such threads anywhere I could, I have some titles to recommend you:

Red Queen (Red Queen, #1) by Victoria Aveyard – very famous series, for me it has more fame than it deserves – but still is worth reading. Plot is quite typical – poor girl from lower caste in a country ruthlessly ruled by the upper one discovers powers which only “the upper” were thought to have. Therefore she is thrown into world of court intrigues. During the first volume you are never sure whom to trust – and when the main antihero finally emerges the evolution of his character gets going. He is definitely wrong, the author doesn`t justify him, but also understand him, he is not flattened. All good feelings in him doesn`t prevent him for doing bad, but make his relationships with others really fascinating.

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air, #1) by Holly Black – one of best book with this motive I`ve ever read. It`s the story of human in cruel fae world. A story of girl who is humiliated and roasted, vulnerable to magic – but due to her physical strength and cleverness is able to fight her future. The villain is one of her bullies, immature youngest prince without any real power - and he is undoubtedly bad. Later their relation got more complicated. Heroine feels somehow attracted to the villain, but it didn`t disturb her in thinking, planning, using his for her own goals. The villain has a feeling for her – but it doesn`t disturb him n being cruel. And that intensive romantic relationship – combined with mutual manipulating, frightening, uncertainities – is really fascinating. They can have romantic feelings but they didn`t stop fighting.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White – here very original, pathological relation is described. Main character, Elizabeth is saved from poverty by some nobles – in return she has to befriend with their strange son, Victor, who doesn`t deal with relations with other people. In fact, he turns to be more and more creepy, wrong – but Elizabeth really admires him, as he is first person with whom she ever felt save, they spend lot of time together and understand each other well. She cares of him, she tries to cover up his misdoings – partly because she likes/loves him and partly because she is calculated, determined to make her own future – so she makes everything to ensure Victor will need her. Victor is very interesting character – although he is really bad, he cares for Elizabeth; but it`s Elizabeth who is really fascinating – she in perfect way combines being naive and sumbmissive with calm planning and manipulating others.

The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds, #1) by Alexandra Bracken – here there`s no romance, but kind of intensive relationship between heroine and main villain, and a lot of mutual messing and manipulation. The villain is very clever, witty in brilliant way, arrogant and skilled in manipulation. But you have to be patient as he appears at the end of first volume.

I Am the Mission (The Unknown Assassin, #2) by Allen Zadoff – story of teenage killer who becomes friend with a girl in order to kill her father. The plot it`s not as obvious as you probably think.

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1) by Tahereh Mafi – if you are looking for villain romance, you definitely find it here. At not-villain romance also. And any other type of romance as this is book mostly about romance (and some rebellion against cruel government, but who cares about such details ;)). Now seriously: villain from this book is really fascinating: he is controlling, hurts the protagonists, tells that he is doing it for her… I wish I`d never red ending of this trilogy. I want say more so as not to spoil, but you probably know what I mean.

Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick – heroine as a hostage of two criminalists is forced to help them to get out of mountains stricken with snowstorm. But look, one of this guys is very handsome! Okay, I` may be mocking now, but I can`t deny that I really adore first half of the book – atmosphere is perfect, protagonist has to be tough and fast-thinking and the villains are serious threat, but also intriguing, to put it shortly – in perfect tone of dark grey. Then… it just go worse.

Stolen A Letter to My Captor by Lucy Christopher – no romance, but some kind of romantic tension between characters, if only we can use this word to describe relationship between kidnapper and his victim. And very imaginative picture of such situation – the kidnapper was first intriguing, understandable and well-written villain whom I didn`t support while reading, I just wanted to tear him into little pieces.

Дика Енергія. Лана (Dyka Enerhija. Lana by Marina and Siergiej Diaczenko)(in case you have translation in your language)– weird, very interesting book. Actually it`s not the antagonist creation which is its main advantage – it pales in comparision with wonderful idea, original dystopian world and kind of metaphysical atmosphere. But I put in on this list because at the end emerges really interesting, unobvious villain in strange relationship with heroine.

Glow (Sky Chasers, #1) by Amy Kathleen Ryan – for the villain love you have to wait until second volume. Moreover, the first one isn`t really fascinating – the idea is really good, fable has interesting plot twists, but some magic ingredient is lacking. To the point – in 2nd book morality is very unobvious, there are two sides represented by two boys, each of them has their own reasons, and a girl who wonders whom to support (actually, this two boys are equal characters as the girl, which makes situation less YA-schemed; twisting with morality also are not only about choosing between this 2 sides, morality int this book is quite complicated; also – that`s rare - the female character dilemma is what is right, no which boy is more handsome)

Tre metri sopra il cielo by Federico Moccia – quite typical story of “good girl” in love with “bad boy”. But – surprisingly – the bad boy appears to be really bad – he`s ordinary hooligan likely to use violence (it goes so far that even his first interaction with heroine was physically abuse(!)) Nice in reading if you are okay with totally dumb characters. At the end it`s going oversweaten and the author style is so rrrromantic – but treating it as a astudy of foolishness makes it really enjoyable.

Cloud by Claudia Pietschmann – that I don`t find really interesting, but may fit here. Story about dangerous online relationship with possessive boy (and totally redundant, distracting from more interesting psychological part, far-fetched sci-fi thread)

message 9: by Brinley (new)

Brinley The Young Elites kind of fits that idea, with a "villainous" main character. It doesn't focus too much on the romance aspect, but it's there

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