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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Dark comedy fiction about a woman who murders men who are sexist to her

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message 1: by Hay (new)

Hay Ho | 3 comments Heard about this book about 2 yrs ago (so around 2018).

A dark comedy novel (maybe in diary style or from 1st person) about a woman who murders men who annoy/are sexist to her. E.G. I think she kills someone for calling her sweetheart!

Probably UK publisher from what I remember, but not sure.

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma Bailey | 96 comments Doesn't quite fit, but I have just read my sister the serial killer. It came out in the last two years and is about a woman killing men for no reason. Doesn't fit your clues as it is also set in Nigeria but is dark and comedic and recent so thought I'd mention it in case you are remembering.

message 3: by SamSpayedPI (new)

SamSpayedPI | 1668 comments My Sister, the Serial Killer for Emma's link.

message 4: by Hay (new)

Hay Ho | 3 comments Thank you both! That's not it, but I'll give it a read anyway as it sounds brilliant - thank you for answering

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