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message 1: by Saurav (new)

Saurav Chakraborty (sauravchakraborty) | 51 comments It gives me immense pleasure to share my new book " THE SEEDS OF A GAME"

The Seeds of a Game

About the book:

It is 1910. The City of Bombay has become the most important centre of trade and commerce for the British empire but what no one would guess is that the city is also on its way to become the centre point of a foreign sport, a sport which would go on to change the dynamics of the social entertainment in the city.

Five hundred years after it was officially discovered, Cricket as a game is only a leisurely societal amusement for the people of the City of Bombay, but only until four young boys from diverse social backgrounds decide to try their hand in this foreign game, unaware, that they would ultimately be the ones to change the way people viewed the game.

As the four young boys, Zubin Electricwala, Vimal Dev Patel, Iqbal Raza and Chirantan Roy try to come to terms with this foreign game and also with the opposition against the game, one fact which no one can ignore is that Cricket as a game is here to stay.

The Seeds of a Game is the first book in “The Cricket saga” series.

Other Information
The book is exclusively available on Kindle devices, Kindle apps and Kindle Unlimited.

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message 2: by Saurav (new)

Saurav Chakraborty (sauravchakraborty) | 51 comments The Seeds of a Game The Seeds of a Game (The Cricket Saga #1) by Saurav Chakraborty is now available on Kindle at revised reduced price.

The book is also available on Kindle Unlimited for free reading.

The preview of the first few chapters are available on Amazon under " Look Inside" tab.

Amazon purchase link same as above.

Amazon India

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