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message 1: by Lianne (new)

Lianne Bell | 1 comments Hello Everyone

I'm looking for 10-20 Beta readers for my book. I’ve spent the last year working on this book. It’s been edited and now I’d like some feedback on the content.

This book is aimed at people who are not environmentally aware and for people who don’t like reading. The information is short and sharp and it’s easy reading particularly for someone that is a reader. Therefore it should be quite easy for you.

If you’d like to help me please let me know. Cheers :)

This is the blurb from the back:

Human beings are creatures of habit. Every one of those habits is something we have learnt from someone or somewhere. Living in an eco-friendly way doesn’t have to mean sacrificing anything in your day- to-day life.
This is how I do things. I’m not rich, and as much as I aspire to, I can’t fit my yearly waste into a jar. Being eco-friendly isn’t about being perfect. It’s about making small changes to your lifestyle -- changes so small that you’ll barely even notice.

But if we all adopt these small changes...

...well, we might just be onto something

message 2: by L. Willi (new)

L. Willi (lynseyw) | 29 comments Very interesting. Are you still looking for a beta reader? Do you have a deadline? Please DM me :-)

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