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William Land (williamland) | 968 comments Mod
Chapter 4: Judy is Surprised

Upon arriving at Lois’, Judy is enthralled by the decorations, which consist in part of a large umbrella suspended from the ceiling and strips of silver confetti floating from the ceiling that resemble rain. Lorraine and some of the other girls have already arrived. Lorraine is thrilled that Lois did all that for them and Judy reiterates that they’re the lucky ones since they’re getting married.

Judy is surprised to learn from Lorraine that the mysterious looking packages are all marked only with either her name or Lorraine’s and neither bride-to-be will know who the giver of each item is. Judy decides that it will be fun not knowing as it will provide mysteries in her new life. She states that she was worrying that she would have no more mysteries to solve once she was married. Now, she says, “Whenever I feel a little bit bored or tired, I can pick up one of these presents,” and wonder who gave it to her. The girls make some comments about Peter calling her the “I wonder girl.” They remark that she should have asked Peter to call for her to help get all the gifts home. Lois says that Arthur will take her and Lorraine asks who will take her in that case. Lois replies that the car is big enough for both of them. Lorraine doesn’t respond, but Judy notes that she looks hurt. She says she’ll leave her packages and have Peter pick them up in a day or two.

Lois then says that they can’t play games or anything if the girls keep their eyes glued on the packages and adds that one is being sent by a messenger. She says a little bird told her. Selma remarks that Judy has been having adventures with a bird and the rest of the girls want to know all about it. Judy is reluctant to tell. She’s feeling very sad about Blackberry betraying his training and killing the little bird. Honey, always sensitive to Judy’s moods, realizes that she doesn’t want to talk about it and says so, adding that Horace was the one who told her. One of the girls talks about how fond of Honey Horace is becoming. Honey says that he doesn’t show it and anyway she’s not the marrying kind; she’s going to be a career woman. Judy says she can be both and cites Irene as an example.

Lois announces that she has a surprise. They’re going to see movies of the garden party taken before Dale and Irene were married. (This took place at the end of The Mystic Ball.) Lorraine mentions how jealous she was of Judy because she thought Arthur preferred Judy to her. Showing the film isn’t nearly as successful as Lois had hoped. It demonstrated how snobbish Lorraine was back then and also showed Arthur and Peter hovering over Judy, clearly as rivals for her affection. Lorraine is upset and wonders if Arthur really still cares for Judy. Although Judy tries to reassure her, Lorraine is not convinced. Lois, realizing that the film was a mistake, starts to suggest something else when a messenger wearing a mask arrives.

(I found this chapter fascinating, which is why I included so much of it in the summary. First, Judy is indicating that she thinks she may be bored once she is married, reflecting much of the attitude of the times when women were confined to home. Then, she assures Honey that women can combine marriage and a career, a pretty advanced viewpoint. I believe that Lindsay has told us in the past that her father resented her mother’s career and showed no interest in the books she had written. It makes me wonder if Margaret Sutton felt torn between what her husband wanted and what she wanted. For the new people on the list, Lindsay is Margaret Sutton’s daughter and a wonderful resource for us as a member of this group.)

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Rachelle | 74 comments Mod
How did the person who broke the mirror know there was a shower and where the shower was? Did they overhear something while at the office seeing Dr. Bolton? If you have enough money and/or resources you could buy a replacement mirror quickly and hire someone to deliver it. It is very possible they did not overhear it was a double shower.

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Stephanie C | 14 comments Rachelle, I think that part may make sense at the end when it's discovered who sent it.

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