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Mehgan  (mehgss) | 4 comments Hi, so i think i read this around 2 years ago. It is a series that at the time had at keast 3 books but there was the potential of more. There were two types of characters in the book: human and dragon descended (i think, i know they had wings so possibly demon but there were different colours to the wings). I can't remember any names but the main female was the daughter of an important business man who believed women were only trophies so was arranging her marriage to someone to run the company and using her little sister as leverage. She meets one of the drgon descendnt at a nightclub tht his family owns, he has black wings which was important but i dont remember why. Thereis also a legend to explain why the two races dont mingle. The humans claim a dragon stole a bride from a king long ago but the dragon side claims she fell in love with the dragon and they mated (which the dragons do for life by binding them together but i forget how exactly)

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