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This abandoned highway stretches for miles, circling the city and eventually leading away from civilization towards the countryside. It's great for scavenging cars for supplies, but there is a high density of ferals and raiders that make it dangerous for normal people.

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(so, no one has to react to my message, but I want Something down)

Philostrate, or Philo for the lack of certain circumstances, was currently in his car. The smell of rot filled his nostrils but in some sick way, it calmed him. The ferals pounded on the metalicised windows and he exhaled softly, ignoring it. The male brushed a hand through his hair, looking around for something to help him escape, eventually he found a wrench, which would help take out the window. All Philo was trying to do was get some food, but the car was rigged for some damn reason.

The several cars lined the road and he grimaced, banging his head against the seat. He had Hours To go, and the male would rather not sit in the car the whole time. "Fuck it" He snarled and unlocked the door, Grabbing his bat he went to town, killing the four or five ferals that had circled the car. Now, the last one? It was a quick little fucker, that nearly tackled him. Barely able to grab his gun, he shot it with ease.

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(Are we all here Astro and Ellie?)

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(Sure! Anyone's allowed.)

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(Ok idk where Ellie is I’ll have to go for a bit. I’ll be back.)

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Queenie knew it wasn't a good idea to be walking down the highway in broad daylight, but it was the fastest way to get around the city, even just on foot. Besides, she hadn't seen very many ferals and no raiders to speak of, so it was a breeze to stay under the radar. Of course that was when she heard loud banging and spotted some ferals attacking a car in the distance. Someone was probably trapped inside and even though Queenie knew she wasn't equipped to deal with that many, she still found herself gripping her bat in her hands and running closer as quietly as she could.

She watched a man emerge from the car and slaughter the ferals. It was incredible and completely stupid at the same time in Queenie's opinion. When he had shot the last one, Queenie found herself standing dumbly in the middle of the road, staring at him in shock. Then she noticed movement behind him, one of the ferals had been hiding and was finally making its move, too fast for the man to do anything.

"Lookout!" She screamed and scooped a rock off the ground and threw it with all her might, hitting the last feral in the face. It was a solid hit at Queenie's best pitching speed of 92mph, but it didn't kill it. The feral staggered, giving the stranger enough time to react to its presence. "Are you okay?" Queenie asked him frantically.

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(That was way longer than i meant to make it)

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((I'M HERE! I was just trying to put together some plans to go volunteer at a retirement home. Should Elise and Astro come driving on in with Elise's fancy vehicle?))

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@Alexandria yes I’ll go for us))

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After Ellie found her incredible vehicle they geared up and made their way down the highway. Ellie drove while Astro watched from the passenger seat with a gun in her hand.

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((Just for reference, this is the vehicle, the video shows both the front and the back, the photos only show the back, and Elise's interior is the white and cream colours not black:

Elise maneuvred the vehicle through the streets careful to avoid hitting any abandoned vehicles. She still wasn't quite used to driving it, she was far more accustomed to the back where she would sit while she and her mother or father were chauffeured about by a professional driver. Nevertheless, her blue eyes surveyed the area, lazily and without much conviction.

At her side, tucked away, was a gun. It appeared no different than most guns, but it was engineered by her mother's company, engraved on the side of the grip was the signature VR insignia that betrayed that fact. It was light weight and greatly reduced recoil which was well suited to someone like Elise whose greatest strength most certainly was not her literal physical strength.

Elise could see the ferals off in the distance though they seemed focused on something, not yet interested in their approaching vehicle. She slowed down before they got too close, not wanting to drive right into something dangerous. She then gestured for Astro to step out. "After you." She said with a smile. In truth, she just didn't want to be the first one out in case something was hiding just out of sight waiting to grab whoever popped out of the vehicle first, but she masked it with a layer of politeness.

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Philo nodded at Queenie, but was quiet. His eyes scanned the feral and he grabbed his weapon. When the monster approached he'd be able to end it. Laughing softly he hit it with his baseball bat, ending the life of it.

"Thank you for doing that." He begins, putting his bag on his shoulders "But it wasn't needed" Now....Phi hadn't shown his face yet, his hoodie was still on, tucked neatly on his head. "I'll be leaving now." He murmured, wiping most of the guts and grime off of himself before heading to the next car and looting it mostly.

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Queenie blinked, mostly out of surprise at the guy's attitude. "Are you sure you're okay?" She took several tentative steps in his direction. When he didn't react, Queenie gave up on being subtle and followed him as he moved towards another car to loot it.

"What are you doing on the highway by yourself anyways? I thought it was supposed to be dangerous so people avoid it. Well, other than raiders, but you seem too nice to be a raider. Raiders always scare me, but you don't, even though you seem kind of weird, so you can't be one. I was attacked by raiders earlier but then some government weirdos saved me and-" Queenie continued to babble on and on to the stranger. It was always nice to have someone to talk to, still, she kept at least a car's length away from him the whole time because even though she was trusting, she wasn't stupid.

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Astro smirked and pulled both her hand guns from their holsters inside her leather jacket. She looked over at Ellie to make sure she was ready. She looked nervous but ready. “Let’s kill some zombie ass.” She said before getting out. She made sure Ellie was with her as she slowly approached.

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Philo allowed her to babble, him scanning the other cars "I'm a scavenger, I take certain things and sell it." He replied vaguely, seemingly distracted "I'm Philo, Or Philostrate, if you wish to be fancy" he stands, and looks at her, taking off his hood "And you are...?" He asks and moves to the nearest car, killing the strapped in baby feral.

"I'm from Scotland, I came over to visit when the outbreak began" He was telling the truth, yes, because of the thick accent heard in his tongue "Where are you from?" He asks softly, thinking,

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"Philo." Queenie repeated under her breath, committing the name to memory. The stranger took off his hood and, wow, okay that wasn't fair. Queenie has met over a hundred people since the start of the apocalypse and just once she wishes she could meet someone that wasn't hot.

"I-I'm Q-Q-Queenie." She stammered. She pinched herself on the leg to make herself calm down. It was just a person. Queenie needed to stop getting moony over every person she met. First Priscilla and now this guy? It was getting ridiculous. "I um. I'm from a small town. You know, one of those places where everyone knows everyone else and the closest walmart is over three hours away? Yeah." Queenie inched a little closer to Philo, watching what he was doing over his shoulder, but still remained just out of arm's reach.

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He snorted, seemingly entertained by that comment. Philo's breath quickened and he popped a piece of gum in his mouth "Who are you with, Queenie?" he implores. Philo smirked, and pulled his hood back up "You see that bag beside you? Hand me my wrench, please" he's popped the hood, and was now searching within it.

His shoulders rippled with every movement, the muscles working with ease as he worked on something to get it open "Goddamn" He muttered and looked around, picking up a rock and cutting a tube.

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"Um no one?" All these questions that Philo was asking, it wasn't a test or anything, she wasn't going to get a paper back covered in red marks, but he was so intimidating that Queenie still felt like she was answering wrong. Which was ridiculous. She shook the thoughts from her head and redoubled her efforts to get to know him. So what if he killed ferals, even babies, with complete ease while Queenie still sometimes cried when faced with the same situation? That's normal in a post apocalyptic world, right?

She reached into the bag and dug around until she found a wrench. It was hard to not be curious and snoop around in the bag, but Queenie managed to fend off her curiosity. She took a very self assured step up next to Philo and handed him the wrench. It was the closest she had willingly been to someone that wasn't trying to kill her in months. "What are you doing?" She asked, curious.

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Astro sees two people near something. She motioned for Ellie to be quiet and snuck up behind them. One of her guns was to the back of the head of the people. She cocked them both. “Drop the weapons.” She said fiercely.

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Philo grimaced, and looked at her "Uh, Not happening sweetheart" He gripped his bat tightly "Get a move on, kid. Leave" he's not afraid of her, in fact, he could take her out if he felt like it.

"I'm removing part of the engine, Queen" He speaks, moving away from Astro and pulling it out "Me and my wife will be leaving, now," He looped arms with Queenie, hesitantly moving back.

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She pointed the gun straight at him and his ‘wife’ and put her fingers on the trigger. “I was only coming out to kill some ferals. But you might put a better fight. I said drop the weapon.” She said with attitude.

(Can we have Astro be the one to bring them to camp?)

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"Uhhhh..." Queenie hesitated. She didn't exactly have any weapons to drop except for her own baseball bat that was visibly sticking out of her back pack. Then Philo took control of the conversation and Queenie was sure that she turned bright red.

"I- you- wife- Huh?" Queenie stammered out in fragments, unable to form a complete sentence from her swirling thoughts. Was handing someone a wrench part of Scottish marriage ceremonies, or did she miss something? She blinked rapidly and let Philo guide her backwards with his arm while she was in a state of shock.

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"No." He replied stiffly, and cocked his own gun "There's ferals everywhere, go bother someone else." Philo's eyes have darkened and he's become a bit tense, traling his hand to his bat "I don't want to fight" Yes, he does

He's moved now, making sure Queenie was in a safe place in case Astro would advance.
"We don't wish to go with you, at all, And I really wish you would fuck off." Philo sighed


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(I'm okay with whatever, Queenie is very much the type of character to be dragged into situations so it works.)

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Astro smirked. “You asked for it.” This time she pointed the gun at the girl. “Drop it.” She said more sternly. “Or I shoot.”

(Are him and Queenie together?)

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(They just met, but I'm following Royal's lead on this, so its up to her)

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"My apologies" Philo breathed, dropping his weapons beside him "You touch them? I'll make sure you'll never be able to breathe again" He exhaled, and grabbed the bottom of his bag, shifting slightly to shield Queenie.
"Don't think about it" He warned, after she said she would shoot "I may have my weapons on the floor, but you'd be surprised at how quickly I'd kill you"

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She smirked and holsted her weapons. She smirked and held up her fist getting in a defensive position. She smirked cockily before saying. “Try me.”

(So with the way their characters are I think they’d make a fun relationship. Like their both cocky but together they’re terrible cuz they met there match. What do you think? Wanna see where things go? Of course if you want him with Queenie I understand))

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"Maybe we should all calm down a bit?" Queenie squeaked, not liking how this convesation was quickly heading towards imminent violence. "Here, I'll start. I'm Queenie and this is Philo." She gestured to herself and her new friend and maybe husband. "And you are?" Despite how calm she sounded, Queenie's hands were shaking and she was very visibly nervous about the gun being pointed in her direction.

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(Let's just see what happens. Lol.)

He sighed and shook his head "Just let us leave, alright?" Philo's not going to hit her, unless she hits first, then he'll defend himself. "Queenie, she's clearly psychotic. Just take a breath. I'm Philostrate evergreen." He nodded at Astro.

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Astro narrowed her eyes. “Astro. And secondly I hate liars. And your lying. No guy that looks like you would be married. Not in this day and time. Now let’s make a deal. You tell the truth and I won’t kill you. I might even be able to help you.”

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Queenie felt slightly offended. Whether that was on behalf of Philo or herself, she wasn't sure. "Does he really look that far out of my league?" Queenie lamented. "Or are you trying to insult him? Because i can't tell."

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"How about, you shut the hell up, take yourself back to your camp, and fuck off" He shifted legs, looking uncomfortable.
"I just met Queenie. We were talking until you decided to bring yourself over here and ruin things" he sighs and rubs his nose. "I'd date Queenie, and anyone that'd actually be willing"

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For some reason she didn’t like his words. (Love triangle y’all!!)
She was getting tired of this so she did what she did best. She spun and kicked him in the gut.

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Queenie felt her mouth fall open, shocked at Philo's words. "O-oh" she stuttered and frowned. "Wait a minute, a 'I would date you' is such a downgrade from wife!" Queenie sputtered before she could stop the words from leaving her mouth. She turned bright pink with embarassment. "Nevermind, pretend I said nothing."

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(Oh jeez i missed the kicking thing😂)

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Philo coughed, and merely stumbled backward. He snarled, and kicked Astro's knee out of place, crippling her for the moment. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" He says, and looked at Queenie a moment "I mean.....c'mon? I barely know you"

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(I got it XD)

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“Shit.” She said studying herself. “What the fuck is wrong with me? What is wrong with you? Can’t you see. I’m trying to help.” She hissed and tried to right hook him.

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He easily dodges, and moved back "You might want to put that back in place before trying to fight me" Philo bit his lip and sat in front of her. "It didn't have to be this way"

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“Dam it.” She says as she tries to put her weight on her leg. She hissed as she down. She barely touched her knee and she let out another curse.

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"You say that like we need help!" She stepped between the two of them recklessly. Friends were rare nowadays and Queenie would like to try and be friends with both of them. "I don't know about Philo, but personally, I don't like crowds. I've been doing just fine on my own." Queenie pouted at Astro and just hoped Philo wouldn't strike her in the back out of spite.

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Philo stood, feeling suddenly bad for Astro. He comes closer, grabbing her leg slightly "Because I'm not an ass, I'll be fixing this, then leaving" he licked his lips and grabbed her kneecap, popping it into place with a snap.

He pulled his shirt off, tying it in place over her leg "It'll be easier" He says, his muscles rippling once more. "Goodbye, ladies" He says, turing away and cleaning out another car.

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Astro screamed when he popped her knee into place. “Fuck!” She had yelled. Then he took off his shirt and that fixed everything. Dam he was hot. And those abs. She no longer was mad about her leg or upset at him. She stood and whispered to Queenie as they both stared at him. “That one hunk of a man.”

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Queenie glanced back and forth between Astro and Philo before sagging with relief. The hostilities had ended, but Queenie's heart was still racing and her mouth dry as she watched Philo with Astro. "You're not wrong." She spoke in a rough voice and struggled to clear her throat and look away.

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Astro limped over to Philo. “Look...” She said. “I’m sorry ok. I just miss all the action. Being stuck in that dam camp. Not having anything to do all day. I miss it. I’m sorry.”

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(I spelled turning wrong. Fuckkkkkkk)

Philo shook his head, glaring "I don't give a fuck. You-" He breathed and slouched into a ball "May I come with you to camp?" He asks, and looks up, and at Queenie "Me and Queenie, of course" Philo winked at her, a suddenly bite of his lip making him so much more sexy.

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Astros eyes went wide but she jumped into action grabbing her gun, aiming and shooting the thing square between the eyes sending blood splattering onto Philos face.

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((I edited.))

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