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Angela Lanter (angelalanter) | 28 comments Mod
For February, we'll be reading, "Virgin River" by Robyn Carr.

message 2: by Susan (new)

Susan Sanders Bledsoe | 1 comments I just ordered mine.

message 3: by Hannah-rose (new)

Hannah-rose Russell (inspiretruthblog) | 6 comments Hoping my library gets the audiobook before next month! I hate that they removed hoopla audio from their plan, because now I have to rely on Overdrive and the queues drive me nuts!

message 4: by Cassidy (new) - added it

Cassidy | 1 comments I just noticed that this is the first book in a series....is it a stand alone OR is a commitment to read the entire series? I don’t like starting something and not finishing...I have a problem 😂😂

message 5: by Alicia (new) - added it

Alicia Loeffler Castro | 1 comments Will be picking this up tomorrow

Shammah | 3 comments It’s a stand alone book (no cliff hangers), which is good. I was hoping it would be more PG rated like the Netflix series, but it’s more like rated R. 😕 Strong language and explicit sex scenes. I’m so disappointed! I love the show so much I was hoping the books would be a good series to read, but I won’t be reading anymore by this author.

message 7: by Hannah-rose (new)

Hannah-rose Russell (inspiretruthblog) | 6 comments Oh no! Is the book really that bad? You’d think Netflix would love the steamy scenes and sailor-mouthed characters. It’s unlike them to make something wholesome!! I’m shocked! 😱

Tracy Meldrum | 3 comments i loved the book. I think i started it jan 31 a friday and by sunday feb 2 i finished it! there is many books in the series, so im excited to read the next one. its really early on in the month so i wont say much but I will say i loved the main characters and many of the side characters in the book. the book seemed to be going positive the entire time, so as i was reading it i kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. like, there has to be a dramatic event coming up. i was always holding my breathe hoping it wouldnt.
there was some sex scenes and language, but not as bad as some books i have read. i would still put it on the tamer side of what it could have been. but if you dont enjoy reading those scenes, or hearing those words then yes, this book is not for you.
cant wait for a full discussion :)

Trisha | 1 comments So, I’m on page 72 and basically just finished the first sex scene and have to admit, that stuff just isn’t for me. I don’t like reading sex scenes. But I’m liking the rest of the book so I’m sticking with it!

message 10: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Deemer | 1 comments had trouble finding the book, I’m not a e-reader type of person. I like the actual book in hand. If you’re having issues (because most of them aren’t printed anymore) check Half Priced Books, also check Facebook Marketplace! I just bought the entire collection from a woman who had it there for $20! Will start this weekend. I can finish in a couple of days.

Angela Lanter (angelalanter) | 28 comments Mod
My book finally became available today! I'm already diving in!

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