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message 1: by Vidhi (new)

Vidhi (vidhipssamohan) | 2 comments I have a collection of 9 short stories of about 33,000 words, exploring the lives of Indian women and the problems they face and have been facing through the ages. These women are caught between who they really are and what society expects them to be. The stories are poignant, suffused with joy, pain and suffering.

I am looking for readers who can give me feedback on what they think about the stories. The stories have been professionally edited and proofread.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Du Pré (pauldupr) | 15 comments Hi Vidhipssa,

We may be able to help each other.
My fiancée is Tamil, and so your stories will have resonance with me.
On my side, I am looking for a reader’s opinion of the first 17K of my up-market, genre hopping, SFF novel, Redemption.

‘Simeon is well provided for, but adrift. Something in his past has damaged his confidence in life, though he hides it as best he can. All that Celestine knows is that she has been assigned to him – to protect, heal and redeem. And, in order to accomplish this, she must plumb the mystery of his family’s past: one son indelibly stained by evil, the other good, and a daughter, damaged and struggling to be free.’

Completing this book will take me another year. I want to know if it will be worth the effort: I want to get feedback from a number of people of different literary tastes in order to determine whether there will be a potential readership. Very much like you, I want to know what people think of it.
I’m looking for an honest reader’s opinion, as opposed to a beta-reader’s opinion. Let me explain what I mean. A reader’s judgement is brutal – if a book does not engage they put it down. The questionnaire I include with my MS is designed primarily to probe engagement rather than elicit the extensive constructive feedback that is characteristic of a beta-reader – though a brief paragraph summing up your impression of my material would be very welcome.
My email is


message 3: by L. Willi (new)

L. Willi (lynseyw) | 29 comments Your book sounds wonderful, I would be interested in reading it. Do you have a deadline?

message 4: by Iami (new)

Iami Menotu | 6 comments I would like to read the work.

message 5: by Ollie (new)

Ollie (turquise) | 7 comments Hi! I would be interested, please send me a DM! :)

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