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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance- Woman Is The Most Hated Person In Her Town for surviving a disaster

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Jackie | 13 comments I read a book (ebook) sometime in either late 2015 or 2016 about a woman who is the most hated person in her town because everyone resents that she survived a tragedy/accident when she was a kid that killed many other people from the town.

I'm pretty sure she is trying to make repairs on her house to finally sell it and move away. People in town harass her and the local police turn a blind eye pretty much. I'm not sure if she hires security or a bodyguard, or how the Hero ended up staying with her to protect her/help her fix up the house to sell, but he's not from the town, and doesn't understand their backwards thinking by treating her like she did something wrong by not dying. He eventually sticks up for her to them when he's had enough of their bull (i think they may be in a diner when this happens) and basically tells them that they wanted something/someone to blame for their loved ones dying, and chose her because she was the most convenient person, even though they all knew that she was obviously not the cause of this tragedy and that she was a victim too. One of the most vocal towns person throughout the story reveals that his sister (or some other close relative) died and it wasn't fair that she died while the heroine lived.

The tragedy was some kind of natural disaster or accident or explosion type tragedy, NOT some kind of serial killer or criminal. I'm pretty sure at the end of the story she sells the house and moves "home" with the Hero for a HEA.

I really hope someone can help me, i've been searching for quite a while for this! Thanks so much in advance!

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Jackie, you have started TWO threads for this already:



so I'm closing this thread. PLEASE, only one thread per book. Otherwise it gets very confusing.

You need to bookmark any thread you start so that you don't lose it.

If you continue to open new threads for the same book you could get booted from the group.

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