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The Girl Before
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January 2020: Thriller > The girl before | J P Delaney | 2.5 stars

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Idit | 1028 comments The Girl Before - yet another unexciting thriller
To be honest about thrillers... it's not really my thing (a f2f book club choice)

So here we have two parallel stories of two young women that lived in the same house. One story is the present, and one is a year or two in the past. Early on you realize that the first one died.
The house is an architectural sensation, and the owner/designer has list of terms before he accept anyone as a tenant.

He is a bit of a alpha male a-la 50 shades of grey (which I was bored through the 2 hours of watching in cinema, but didn't survive even one chapter of the book).
I find guys like this pompous and ridiculous, and don't have much patience for this
(I mean - to each his own when it comes to actual relationships, but in my fictional characters I can't stand anything with alpha/SM or such stuff. I find it unappealing in the extreme

the writing is fine, but there were just so many actions and choices I was questioning, and a strange ending that added a totally unconnected moral dilemma to the whole thing.

(and to make it worse - it has no useful tag

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Anita Pomerantz | 6438 comments Lol, so your f2f book club chose this? Ugh.

I did enjoy your review however so worth it from that angle.

Meli (melihooker) | 3256 comments I hate thrillers for a book club, there is just not much to talk about usually.

I can't remember what I rated this but it was just OK and one that I wanted to skip to the end to find out the twist.

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NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 5240 comments Thanks for the helpful review. I really hate that type of character too, so I'll skip this one.

I don't like thrillers or mysteries for book clubs either, unless there is something really interesting about the characters. (I can't even think of an example of a thriller or mystery that worked well in a book club!) Some of the funniest book club meetings though were about books that we didn't like.

Idit | 1028 comments Our book club was actually formed as an excuse to stay in touch once our kids went to high-school last year.
So the books - shamefully - are not that important for the book club. We usually talk about 5 minutes about the book and the rest is just general chitchat

But there have been some great books - 2 Of the Neapolitan books (brilliant friend and the next one), half of a yellow sun, the snow child, boy swallows world
But there were also atrocities such as Code name Villanele

They chose the thriller because it’s school holidays so no one has time to commit to a serious book

Meli (melihooker) | 3256 comments NancyJ wrote: "Some of the funniest book club meetings though were about books that we didn't like.."


I remember the main protagonist being very fragile and weak, which I f&%king hate.

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