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message 1: by Roman (new)

Roman Koenig (romankoenig) | 2 comments Greetings:

Please add the title below. Thank you!

Black Market News

Author name:
Roman S. Koenig

ISBN paperback:

ISBN ebook:

Mercury Current LLC

Publication date:
Jan. 14, 2020

paperback and ebook

“I’m their product. They tore me apart and rebuilt me.” Reporter Quinn Kellerman’s brutal assessment of his life is only partially accurate. The truth is, Quinn rebuilt himself in spite of eState, the corporation set on managing every aspect of American life. eState’s reach never matters to Quinn until he becomes the victim of a heinous act. He should have died. Instead, the tragedy drives him. With the help of two friends, he works to expose eState and Bruce Haskell, the company’s cultish leader. Quinn and his friends—and perhaps an adversary or two—draw the curtain on Haskell’s twisted personal life and the man’s use of violent, ghoulish, technological means to manipulate the public. By looking beyond the social, economic, and political machine in which he lives, Quinn discovers his true self—as a black market journalist.

Page count:
286 paperback; 197 ebook

Link to book page:

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23770 comments Added both editions plus the kindle edition. GR considered ebooks & kindles as separate editions.

To claim your author profile, scroll down the author page and click on the link - Is this you? Let us know.

message 3: by Roman (new)

Roman Koenig (romankoenig) | 2 comments Thank you, Sandra!
— Roman

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