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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (mrsdudds) | 1 comments Hi all

New reviewer here, set up my bookstagram and new blog and looking for some great books to review

Mainly read crime, thriller books, but slowly branching into fantasy.

If you have a book that you would like reviews drop me a message :) thanks

Ryder Author Resources (ryderswriters) | 38 comments Hey, Sarah! Congratulations on launching your book blog, and thanks so much for this opportunity.

In those genres I can offer you:

The third novel in a forensic mystery series set in Atlanta (you do not need to have read the previous two, but if you want to read them, I can provide them as well)
The Devil's Bidding

A comedic crime novel with a badass female lead
One Fine Mess

If either interests you, just drop me an email at and I can send you epub or mobi files. And if neither floats your boat, no problem. :)

Good luck with the blog!

message 3: by James (new)

James Field | 15 comments Hello Sarah,
Congratulations on your new blog. Do you have a link so I can take a peek?

message 4: by Dave (new)

Dave Williams | 100 comments Sarah wrote: "Hi all

New reviewer here, set up my bookstagram and new blog and looking for some great books to review

Mainly read crime, thriller books, but slowly branching into fantasy.

If you have a book t..."

Hello. As an author of a Medieval fantasy, hopefully I can help you branch into this fantastical genre better. My book is Sineria: The Great Kingdom, and with a world full of eccentric beasts, magic, epic battles, and more, I'd love for you to experience it! If you'd like, I can email it to you as a .pdf.

message 5: by Byron (new)

Byron Fortin (byronfortin) | 46 comments Hi Sarah,
I have a series that's equal parts fantasy and mystery. You can find links and read a brief summary below. If interested, please message me. I have copies in mobi, epub and PDF format that can be emailed to you. Audible codes are also available, should you enjoy listening instead. Thanks!

Join in the seance, made to raise the Guardian from out the abyss...but be wary the demons of the nightly order who seek to surmount those who would bring this prophecy about and bend it to their own means.

Time is running out.

The sands fast slip through the hourglass. Can Regina solve the mystery of the voices haunting him? Or will Ambrosia fall victim to the night of thinnest veil, propelled further down the spiral that ends in a complete breakdown of his reality? To provoke the spirit world means to suffer a mind of madness, still the runes foretell a choice to be made...

Through the Psyche of Ambrosia: Part I
Through the Psyche of Ambrosia: Part II
Two if by Dark Reverie: Part I
Two if by Dark Reverie - Part II

message 6: by Ed (new)

Ed Mitchell | 7 comments Sarah,
You like thrillers which makes you special! I write thrillers. Have for a long time but took a sabbatical when my wife got sick. I'm back and would like you to review my latest release: Black Camel.

Black Camel (The Gold Lust Series, #5) by Ed Mitchell

Why? It covers 2 genres you like.
Thriller & crime, plus it has a love story flowing through it.. Yes, all in one book. Plus, one of the major characters is named Sarah.

Here is the first sentence in chapter-1 and it is spoken by Sarah Tiller: “Why do I want to marry a man that’s a magnet for danger?”
After the review you could even kid your friends by telling them I named Sarah Tiller after you.

Synopsis: After numerous terrorist cells in America are captured, Al-Qaeda’s leadership resorts to hiring an always-successful political assassin, the Black Camel. The mission: force America to pull out of the Middle East and Africa. As wide-scale attacks spread chaos across the USA, the FBI is compelled to employ an unconventional counterterrorism team. Can a street-smart FBI Special Agent and a jaded Israeli Mossad Field Officer stop the Black Camel? Or will the terrorist send them to their deaths and coerce America to surrender to Al-Qaeda’s demands?

To make your choice to review or not-to-review, easier. Please read the first few pages of the story at this link:
( )

Assuming you decide to review Black Camel, just email me at I'll reply with a pdf or ePub ebook.

Ed Mitchell
Goodreads Author & Award-winning thriller author

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