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message 1: by Anna Maria (new)

Anna Maria (annamariagr) | 4 comments Hi all!

I'm a fantasy nerd and I'd love to review some books.
I'm mostly interested in Epic/High Fantasy .

NO paranormal or erotic Fantasy-Romance.

If you'd like to offer your book, comment below or pm me and please include a Goodreads link of the book.
I review books here on Goodreads and Bookbub.

The preferred format is .mobi

Please Note: I always write honest reviews and If I don't like a book I will write a negative review in a respectful way. Please don't ask for a review if you are only looking for positive ones.

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Lopez | 80 comments Hi Anna Maria: My Read and Review program has several books devoted to Fantasy. Authors in this program have agreed to provide free digital copies to readers in exchange for an honest review. Sign ups here:

message 3: by Anna Maria (new)

Anna Maria (annamariagr) | 4 comments Thank you Sandra, I'll check it out!

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Hi Anna Maria,

You may be interested in my fantasy adventure MG-to-YA trilogy. The first book is for 10 years+ and the second (a bit darker) is for 12 years+. It is probably more contemporary fantasy than epic but check out more on my website If it sounds of interest, I can send e-copies of both.

message 5: by Anna Maria (new)

Anna Maria (annamariagr) | 4 comments Hello Elizabeth,
I've already read and revieved Esme's Wish via BookSirens and I was thinking of picking the sequel as well. If you prefer to send me a copy, let me know and I'll message you my email. Otherwise, I'll probably get from BookSirens anyway, thank you!

message 6: by Dave (new)

Dave Williams | 100 comments Hi Anna Maria. My book is a Medieval fantasy called Sineria: The Great Kingdom. In this fantastic adventure, a poverty-stricken boy named Hayden goes on a quest to find an abandoned land full of riches, and by his side, a sword to protect him from the dragons, monsters, and other threats residing outside of Sineria. Meanwhile, the kingdom is attacked by a mad wizard who seeks to make Sineria his own in a twisted way. Hayden has the courage and the weapon to help gradually injure and defeat the mad magic-maker, but first, he must survive his own obstacles.

As I learn more and more, I gain knowledge on how to make my next books bigger, better, and more intense adventures than the last. However, this one is just the first book in more Medieval journeys to come.

message 7: by Allegra (new)

Allegra Pescatore | 6 comments Hello Anna Maria,

Where Shadows Lie: Book One of The Last Gift

I hope these troubled times haven't been too rough on you, and that you and your loved ones are well. I saw your post in a goodreads group and thought I'd write to you in hopes that you might be interested in reviewing my recent debut.

As a disabled woman and staunch LGBTQ+ ally, my hope is to write engaging, diverse, and representative Fantasy and Science Fiction, where people who do not often see themselves center stage get the chance to shine.

Where Shadows Lie is a fast-paced Epic Fantasy featuring LGBTQ+ protagonist with an invisible illness and a diverse cast of characters. It is set in the wake of the Chosen One's death, when his his little sister is left to pick his burden. 

It centers around Elenor Lirion, the daughter of a tyrannical king, who must choose between following in her father's footsteps or risking her life to fulfill her brother's dream.

I would be delighted to send you a mobi if it sounds like something you would like!

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