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message 1: by Lamiae (new)

Lamiae (lamiaezer) | 3 comments Hey people, I love horror and sometimes I'd google most scary horror books . I've only read a few horror novels so far,but none of them managed to scare me .

Do you know any horror novel that is truly scary ,as in so scary you can't sleep with the lights off ???

message 2: by Daniella (new)

Daniella (daniellamunozch) I want to know too! The closest to me was Pet Sematary that creeped me out and filled me with dread to what was going to happen but did not scare me properly. And I’m a scaredy cat with videogames and movies.

message 3: by Lamiae (new)

Lamiae (lamiaezer) | 3 comments Daniella , I read pet Sematary some 6 years ago and I also liked it okay. It gave me goosebumps at some moments but it wasn't super scary either. Unlike you , I no longer feel scared while watching horror movies ( I used to when I was younger) that's why I'm desperately looking to experience those sensations again in books maybe.

message 4: by Daniella (new)

Daniella (daniellamunozch) I get it, I’d recommend videogames for maximum scary experiences. The experience of actually being in control to the character or playing with first person POV enhances the illusion that you are actualy in the story. Amnesia, resident evil 7 are great examples. I can watch horror movies, but I cant play scary or survival games and I’m an experienced gamer.

message 5: by Lamiae (new)

Lamiae (lamiaezer) | 3 comments lucky you ,I really don't know a thing about gaming. That's why I'm hoping I could find that in books instead.

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