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I would suggest that you don't read American Dirt. This book is entirely fabricated from stereotypes and its taking attention away from authors who were/are *actually* immigrants and have far more genuine stories to tell.

Here's a review that didn't get published because it the author refused to pretend to praise this book:

John Dunbar This has to be one of the most RACIST reviews that I have ever read in my life! How could you even recommend that?
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According to all review i thing i \'m also reading in future "American Dirt". let see how is it my experience and i'll definitely share with everyone regarding the book.

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american dirt ?? i couldnt put it down !!! it really opened my eyes to the plight of migrants fleeing from all kinds of horror to try to enter america. i researchd la beastilia train that is mentioned in the book and looked at the places mentioned in the book on google earth as well. i recomend this book.

I totally disagree with all the criticism floating around American Dirt. It's flat out a great story that will keep you turning the pages. Best book I've read in the last year.

You must absolutely read American Dirt! Fantastic, beautifully written novel that no doubt will soon be made into a movie!!

I loved American Dirt... one of the best books I have read in a long , long time.... am recommending to everyone.

It really was a great book!!

I think it should be American Dirt. It's a great book!

I thought American Dirt was thoughtful, painful, heartbreaking and a true portrait of what SO many people go through in order to have a better life for their families. I also think this book should be required reading in High School.

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