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[A hollowed out stump that can fit up to three cats. The entrance is covered in a sheet of moss.]

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They entered the stump just as night fell. With his power, he could ensure no predator would bother them. He groaned as Nala put him in a nest, his healing powers working but only for the minor scratches and bruises he obtained during battle. Looking at Nala, he said, "I guess you must have questions..." His eyes were the color of amber again.

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "Yeah, I do. Did you know that she-cat?" Nala asked.

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Moving slightly, he said, "I don't know. I lost my memories 5 moons ago. I had no idea who I was, I just knew my name...'Stone.'" He stared at his paws. "Many cats were frightened of me, and I never knew why. I was chased away, along with the name 'Badgerfang' thrown at my back. Two moons ago, I was attacked by a pair of foxes. I was tired and hungry and I thought: 'I don't want to deal with them. I wish they'd leave me alone.'"

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "And then...?" Nala prompted.

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((I'm a she, Kanomi. 😂 You said you think he is off for the day.))

Titus showed up, but after the badgers went away. He looked apologetically at the two cats he'd come to like better than he'd thought he would. "Nala! Are you okay? Stone?" He asked, panicking. He followed their scent to a stump and entered. There they were. "I'm sorry!"

Nala looked okay but Stone wasn't. Titus heard another set of pawsteps behind him. A cat had followed him. He whirled around but saw an old friend. "Brackenfang!"

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Nala immediately was on her feet. "Who's this?"

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"He just showed up. This is Brackenfang." Titus flicked his tail towards the dark tabby tom.

"Hi. I smelled blood." Brackenfang meowed. "And Stone."

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "Is there anything you can do?" She said, her worry for Stone overcoming her distrust of the new cat

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He had passed out for a minute during his telling. He heard familiar voices in his den. Waking, he saw Titus and a dark tom that seemed familiar but wasn't sure.

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((Maybe Nala gets confused about who she likes and Brackenfang has a long talk with her about listening to her heart? That would be cool.))

Titus resisted the urge to leap over to Nala and nuzzle her. Brackenfang padded forward and examined Stone. "You need marigold." He mewed after he finished. There was no room and since Nala didn't know what to do, Titus walked away, secretly hoping Nala would follow. Stone was in good paws with Brackenfang.

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) ((Ooh I like that idea))

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"Do I know you?" This cat, Brackenfang, was really familiar like from a memory long ago. He winced as Brackenfang examined him.

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((Who will she choose? I could create another she-cat for Titus.))

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"What are you meowing about? A moon ago I helped heal you. . ." Brackenfang paused. "Don't you remember?"

Titus sat gazing at the stars. Night was falling. The trees rustled softly. Nala wasn't outside yet and Titus sighed. She-cats were unpredictable, he knew. His other abandoned him when he was six moons old. He would know. Titus went to the river again and swam. He jumped onto the rock, wishing life were different. That he had a mate and a family. Kits. "Nala. . ." He murmured.

((Patoto, do you know which cat Nala will choose? If so, shush! Please! I want it to be a surprise.))

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) ((I don't know yet.))

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Nala walked outside of the Den. "Hey, Titus." She said. She didn't seem like her usual, guarded self.

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"Sorry, can't say I have." He wanted to remember, but when he tried his head would hurt. "If that is the case you are the onlycat to show me kindness...besides Nala."

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Brackenfang noticed the she-cat. "Who're you? Nevermind that, I need space. Could you please leave?" Brackenfang hissed. Then he softened. "Sorry, but knowing a cat's hurt makes me a little grumpy." He apologized. Brackenfang never wanted a mate and never needed one. He wasn't going to flirt, but he knew how Titus was.

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((Is Nala going to go to the rock in the middle of the river? If she doesn't they have to yell from the rock to the shore! 😂))

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Stone began making sounds that sounded like coughing. But he was laughing! "I think we would hav made great friends." He finally fell asleep, only to wake in the Dark Forest.

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) ((Nala's going to the rock))

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((OK, Stone is at the DF. Saw you had a cat there also.))

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(Go, Potato. Brackenfang will be delighted when she climbs up.))

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((I created Artemis, a she-cat I think Titus or Brackenfang might like. I'll add more later, but she is lurking nearby. She has the ability to blend into her surroundings, but only at certain times of the day!))

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Artemis was nearby watching, her pelt perfectly blended with the background. Something was happening in the stump, but she did not interfere.

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((Great! Maybe if Nala doesn't choose Titus, he falls in love with Artemis. If Nala chooses Titus, then Artemis and Stone can be together. Whatever happens, there's a fix. I guess Nala needs to follow her heart!))

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((Wait, can they talk? Before she scents Artemis?))

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) ((Y'all are pulling so many strings, where does Nala get a say in all this?😂))

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) ((Yeah, sure, they can talk. I'll delete that.))

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Titus saw Nala swimming for the rock. She got on it and he purred, only to himself. "Is Stone okay?" He asked, risking a happy glance at her.

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((Oof. Sorry! What does Nala wanna do? 😂))

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((I just love role-playing and I get caught up. Sorryyyyyy......))

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((Yes they can, she's just hanging out and watching.))

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Looking at the river, she thought: Stupid tom, she'll see right through you.

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((Lunchtime! Be back in 30 minutes!))

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "Stone's fine," Nala said matter-of-factly. "At least, he will be. Your friend seems like he's good at what he does. He also hasn't tried to flirt with me, so that's a bonus." She gave Titus an amused look.

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Stifling back a purr of amusement, she watched to see what would happen. Who was Stone?

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"Brackenfang's really awesome. He's never wanted a mate." Brackenfang ignored her comment about Brackenfang not flirting. His pelt grew hot. "I'm sorry, for flirting, I mean. Stone is much better than I am." Titus sat up, his fur fluffed. His back was arched straight and he pridefully flexed his muscles.

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((I am back!))

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) "I wasn't saying that he was better or anything like that.You both just met me. And now you're flirting with me and Stone's being overprotective and telling me to hide every time something dangerous happens." Nala said.

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"Well, I am leaving at sunrise. No more flirty me." Titus tried to sound cheery, but he couldn't manage it and his sentence ended with a sigh.

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Nala looked at him, surprised. "Already? You just got here."

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This time she just barely suppressed a laughter. She forgot to stay down-wind so the next breeze carried her scent to them.

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((Are you still using your DF cat? Stone's at the DF being interrogated.))

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) ((Ohhhh. Sorry, I'm really bad about being in 12 places at once.))

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((Did you know that, however much you believe it, it is impossible for your brain to multitask. So being in multiple places every 10 seconds would be hard. Nerd fact, sorry.))

Titus looked down in amusement at Nala. He loved making her fidget, and he knew his next comment would make her uncomfortable. "I just got here. . . why do you care? Do you care if I leave?" He nudged the she-cat and waited for something rude to be said. He felt like he knew this she-cat forever when it had been less than one day.

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((Not pulling strings, but it would be helpful if you'd add more of Nala's thoughts. If I knew what she was thinking, I may have better replies. Thanks, and forgive me if you think I am pulling strings. I just really want to get to know Nala better. Me, not Titus. He does too, I think.😂))

dagger [et in arcadia ego] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) ((I meant it as a joke, but I will. Thanks!))

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((I know it was a joke. I am NOT sensitive. *starts crying* No, seriously, I knew it was a joke. I sometimes get nervous about upsetting someone and I panic. That's why I was like 'Ahhhhh, sorry! this' and 'Ahhhhh, sorry! that.'))

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