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Flirting with the Frenemy (Bro Code, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance: girl goes on vacation to brothers vacation home and gets stuck with her brother's best friend. [s]

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Jennifer Strandness | 3 comments About a year ago i read a book i really liked and now i cant find it. I have even searched in my amazon kindle account and cant figure it out.

The leading female character was in a bad car wreck when she was younger and it messed up her leg. When she gets older she needs to escape reality for awhile and her brother sends her to this vacation home. Im not sure if it was his vacation home or his friends.

The girl seems to be a bit clumsy and i remember she accidentally erases a high score on some game and they call in another friend to help put the high score back before any one finds out.

Just a few things i remember about it. Anyone know whar book it is? I know i read it in amazon kindle but a lot of my older reads are no longer available.

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Jennifer Strandness | 3 comments Omg! You are correct! Thanks so much! I just felt like reading it again and couldnt find it. You're the best for figuring that out with the info I gave... (which may or may not have been accurate)

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