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Better Together (Win-Win For the Win, #1)
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Book Issues > can't edit kindle edition details (to list with other editions)

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message 1: by Geoff (new)

Geoff O'Brien (geoffobrien) | 1 comments G'day,

I have uploaded details on three editions of my novel, Better Together, to Goodreads.

Two of those editions(ebook and paperback--- are showing correctly. However, the third edition(kindle--- is not showing.

Goodreads won't allow me to edit the kindle edition's details - I suspect Goodreads thinks I am not the author involved(ie, a different Geoff O'Brien) because I hadn't entered enough spaces in it's author field when I first created the kindle edition entry.

I would appreciate it if someone could basically enable me to edit the kindle edition( and thereby enable me to add this to my list of Better Together's other two editions(

Thank you for your time, effort and consideration.

message 2: by annob (new)

annob | 1616 comments Hi, the Kindle edition now moved to your author page, and combined with the other formats:

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