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Daphne du Maurier
Daphne du Maurier

Rebecca discussion: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

Please discuss author below...

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"An intriguing character, du Maurier once described herself as possessing two personas – one her female “self” and the other a male “lover” who she said did her writing.

Born in 1907 to a wealthy bohemian family, she grew up with an obviously unfaithful father and a mother who seemed indifferent to his infidelities. Before puberty, du Maurier thought she was a boy born in the wrong body, and some suggest this is why her fictive females don’t fare well."

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Nadra | 10 comments So interesting. Thanks for sharing, helpful filter to read through ..

Just after reading your note I read this -

(p. 272 - Mrs Danvers speaking of Rebecca)
She was never one to stand mute and still and be wronged. “I’ll see them in hell, Danny,” she’d say, “I’ll see them in hell first.” “That’s right, my dear,” I’d tell her, “no one will put upon you. You were born into this world to take what you could out of it,” and she did, she didn’t care, she wasn’t afraid. She had all the courage and spirit of a boy, had my Mrs de Winter. She ought to have been a boy, I often told her that. I had the care of her as a child. You knew that, didn’t you?’

Maybe Rebecca is a form of her other persona?

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That's a great catch! And it makes perfect sense in light of how the author felt. Like she projected that part of herself into the character of Rebecca. So maybe the other part of herself is the main character?

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