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Mikorin Mikorin Jan 15, 2020 01:00AM
Hi guys,

I loved the Shadowhunters tv series for the worldbuilding but also for the great representation and the found family trope. Now back in the days I have read that some things were more dicey in the books, like the whole Magnus - Alec relationship. I liked that in the show that they were always very respectful about the others boundaries and solved their issues together. I am thinking of starting the books, how do those compare?
I am not looking for hardcore book fans telling me that everything is awesome in the books, I am looking for some critique on how well lgbtqia+ rep is handled in them, the bad and the good sides. Did her writing get better on these topics in the later books?

Thanks, Esther

Hi Esther!
It's been a few years since I actually read the series, and I never watched the TV shows, but I can tell you my unbiased view on how the LGBTQIA+ relationships were represented in the books.
When Alec's sexuality was first presented to the readers, it was made clear that some societies within the books went against homosexual relationships. Clare detailed how this impacted the young shadowhunter's personality, having to hide his preferences or face discrimination. The story builds from Alec having little support to being able to openly acknowledge his feelings.
I don't know how this compares to the movies, but eventually the novels build off of Alec and Magnus's relationship to show how they were able to give other same-sex couple the courage to openly share their feelings.
I did enjoy how this theme held an important subtopic within the books, and that it was carried outside of the mortal instruments series and into the other shadow hunter novels.
The author offers various views on these relationships from the perspectives of different races (Ex. Humans, Shadowhunters, the Fey, etc...)
I'll admit the topic is woven into the plot in a good number of ways, even though progress with Alec's and Magnus's relationship may be slow compared to in the show.
I hope that this comment helped you in some way and didn't leave you even more confused. I would recommend reading the first book and seeing if it provides more insight before continuing on with the series. I hope you enjoy it and apologize for my jumbled information (because it has been a while since I read the books and i'm a little rusty with shadowhunter knowledge)

Hope this helped,

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