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Angela Bradford John Lars Zwerenz: The Complete Anthology
by John Lars Zwerenz
Green Frog Publishing

JOHN LARS ZWERENZ THE COMPLETE ANTHOLOGY by John Lars Zwerenz Book review by Michael Radon

"Through bramble I amble, through clusters of holly-green,
I wander beneath the ogives to soft, arboreal boons."
Hundreds of poems written across a productive and inspiring career are brought together in this single anthology, spanning eleven volumes that follow their own themes while also tying together on common threads. Often examining the bittersweet pain that comes with affection or infatuation, many of the poems in this collection are built around the theme of that sensation, lamenting or celebrating it in turn. From the landscapes and scenic descriptions of Visionary Wanderings to the devotion and sanctity of faith and love intertwined in Mystic Wines, each volume offers its own unique twists and variations. What remains constant is the commitment to the forms and strengths of poetry, balancing the consistency of quality across decades of writing while providing enough variety to keep readers hooked for poem after poem.

The prolific output of the author in this tome reflects a sharp mind, educated in and inspired by the poetic greats, as well as an identified and honed passion for the craft. Zwerenz’s structure and meter are provided with a natural feel that many poets fail to capture. His word choices are deliberate and specific, conveying a complete thought or memory in a manner that is both conversational and constructed. The absolute scope of this anthology makes it a perfect read for anyone looking to dive deep into the works of a modern American poet, exploring as much or as little as desired. Emotionally punchy and meticulously designed, these eleven books of poetry combined into one convenient volume reflect the growth of a soul, the development of a poet, and a snapshot of a series of moments and thoughts that leave a profound and lasting effect.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

Angela Bradford SOLD OUT
This book will be rereleased February 14, 2020
For collegiate bulk orders,
Professors, Students and all lovers of the poetic genre

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