Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, #1) Magic Bites question

Finding a urban fantasy book.
Victoria King Victoria Jan 14, 2020 06:00PM
I love to read but sadly come across this problem a lot. I can’t remember a book but have it stuck in my head. It’s like Kate Daniels Bite Series. So this is what I remember. The heroine has powers that have been locked by the coven leader (her grandmother) her mother (not really her mother takes off) with out telling her. When her powers start to come in, they are different(unknowingly to her because she is a hybrid) and the coven leader invites her to a circle and allows her to partake even tho she is untrained. When this happens she find out her ex is now engaged. She also unleashed deadly witch spirit. Her love interest is a dragon who’s first mate died but left a daughter who is around the same age as the heroin but dies in the end for her, they become friends. She is conflicted about her emotions for the dragon. Angelic figures rule over the world. It is set in a modern time period. I believe she works for a magic police guild. Please help!! I remember that this might be a sub series off of a different one, maybe.

OMG I remember that book. Let me think. Does she live with a troll?'
Also I am looking for a book. Here is what I remember. There is a young male werewolf who is impulsive and gets into trouble with money and his pack. He takes a job being a blood donor for a house filled with vampires who becomes his lovers?

OHHHHH i know what you're talking about i've been looking for these books forever

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