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message 1: by Christie (new)

Christie Bacock | 4 comments Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Happy New Year! I’m close enough to the halfway mark to write a post. I’m definitely a novice when it comes to astrophysics, and to be honest, even many aspects of the military. If this book was a Pandora playlist of a band, it would be the “deep cuts.”
I have found some of the anecdotes the author gives as being interesting. Like how Christopher Columbus knew there would be an eclipse and used this knowledge to take over native land by telling the natives he was talking to God. Telling him the natives have not brought him and his men to shore and until they provide him hospitality, the sun will not shine.

The history and cultural use of astrology was also interesting. There is a ton of info in this book, so my novice-brain skims until it finds something that catches my eye. :)

message 2: by Lillian (new)

Lillian | 8 comments Mod
I would love to hear this Pandora playlist! The Columbus part definitely stuck out to me too. Another reason why we should not be celebrating Columbus Day. The manipulation and colonialism that is associated with that man really should not get societal acclaim. There are so many other holidays we could be celebrating. But alas, tangent. That's where my mind goes reading this book.

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