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Crystal Parnell (cparnell) | 13 comments So I want to say it said somewhere in this book that it had been "a little over a year" since Rachel quit with Ivy & Jenks. Maybe a year and a half by the end of the book?

That is a LOT of things to happen to one person in a year and a half (ish)!

It's also a good reminder.

Trent still doesn't trust her? Well, it hasn't even been two years since she broke into his office multiple times.

Why is everything still rocky with her and Ivy? Less than two years (and multiple failed attempts) isn't very long to live together.

That being said, she's also had to grow up hard and fast. Multiple attempts on her life, multiple surprises about herself and others, deaths, injuries, etc.

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Nickie | 47 comments Haha, yes it is a lot! I think about that often and have to remind myself to applaud the characters tenacity and resiliency.

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