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the_rabid_snail | 242 comments Mod
Collaborate with others here!

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the_rabid_snail | 242 comments Mod
Anyone creating Lockwoods should probably post here to collaborate on shared history and figure out family dynamics.

In case anyone hasn't read Rowan, he is the third oldest (unless anyone makes 20 or 21 year old twins), but he is the eldest son at 19. Most of his siblings strongly dislike him because of his unique magics. How they respond/show it is up to other Lockwoods, of course, whether they ignore him, tease him, etc. Or maybe some of them are neutral about him or have other feelings. He mostly holes up in his room or wanders the gardens when no one else is around after years of being left out and hurt by his family, so not many people besides some of the servants see him much nowadays. Typically the Lockwoods know when he is in very close proximity to them without having to actually see him since they can feel his presence if they're aware enough. The same goes for him as well. He feeds off and senses magical energy, but usually he uses this knowledge to avoid his siblings rather than use his powers on them.
Being the eldest son, he stands to inherit the title, territory, and estate of his father. Perhaps some siblings could be jealous of and/or angry about this since Rowan is generally seen as a weak person? He is very reclusive, socially awkward, and often comes across as dim-witted when forced to socialize even though that isn't actually the case.

I have one other Lockwood I'm working on. She is the eldest sibling, though I may end up exchanging her for a daughter somewhere in the middle. It all kind of depends. Her name would be Abatha Clothilde Lockwood, and she'd be 21. Growing up, she loved to read to her siblings during the day or at bedtime, but she also loved to invent her own tales to tell. Her basic storyline is that she used to escape to the nearby town and fell in love with a commoner. Last year she became pregnant, so her parents sent her on a trip to Europe where she was instructed to secretly give her child away once she delivered it. Now she has recently come home in time to hear her parents' announcement concerning their future and the arrival of suitors, but she is grieving having to give up her baby and sees herself as impure and ruined with no possible redemption. If I made her, it would be fun for her to have a sibling she was close with (preferably a brother). Said sibling would be the only one besides their parents to know about her pregnancy and child and maybe could be a shoulder for her to lean on?
My other idea was for a Lockwood daughter around 17-ish or so. Her name would be Catherine Arabella Lockwood. I imagine her as being sweet and kind and enjoying being around her family (except Rowan of course). I thought it would be an interesting storyline to have her plan on joining a convent when she was an appropriate age, although now she must be married off to a noble suitor lol. She is quite pious and likes singing.

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I have Ethel Delilah Lockwood. She’s extremely sweet, innocent, and friendly. She likes pretty much everyone, meaning that while Rowan might turn away her efforts to talk to him she probably wouldn’t hate him. She may just be neutral to him or still like him somewhat. Ethel is very inquisitive, so whether or not that bugs her siblings is up to the individual character. However, she can be quite persistent once she starts wondering about something. Ethel is most likely not going to be particularly close to any one sibling. She usually spreads her time among all of them. Obviously, whether people like her or not is dependent on them. She is very kind, though.
I don’t have much set for her biography yet. I really don’t have any ideas at all for that part, so I’m always up for a collab in that area as long as it works with her personality.
Her power is mind reading, but while she uses this power everyone around her can read her thoughts as well. It can definitely create an interesting dynamic among the siblings. Also, I think it might be kind of cool for her to have a brother she’s really close to and they could communicate at night when everyone else is asleep through her powers. Ethel is usually not very close to sisters. Anyway, there’s a brief summary of her. Also Snail, I feel like maybe Ethel and Catherine could have some sort of bond if you decide to make her, since they seem to have slightly similar personalities.

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If I make her, they probably would. Regardless of who I make, either sister is fairly close to the majority of the siblings. Abatha would just be a bit less close to them in recent times with possibly the exception of one brother.

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Chess | 118 comments The Lockwood I'm working on is Owen Terrance Lockwood. He sees the best in all his older siblings and admires them greatly for it (though he's not blind to their faults), and just wants them all to get along. Owen has no qualms about using his magic to achieve this goal - 'convincing' his siblings to resolve their differences - since his intention isn't to hurt them, just to make them stop fighting or being upset with each other. The fact that his intentions are pure when he uses his magic in that manner could make the others find him sweet... Or, the fact that he has no qualms or regrets about using his magic to manipulate his siblings could make him just as unpleasant in the minds of the others as Rowan. Owen also tends to follow and spy on the others since he really wants to be around his siblings but he's just a bit too intimidated by them to interact with them much outside of when he's trying to patch up family relationships, which can be another tick towards either 'sweet' or 'creepy and untrustworthy' in the minds of his family.
His magic loses its effectiveness the more he's around Rowan - his brother doesn't just make what he's using his magic to say at that moment lose its luster, it starts tarnishing all of the things that he's used his magic to convince people from the last time he was around Rowan. In other words, Owen has to keep track of everything that he's convinced people of, since he has to at least touch up that story after being around Rowan and at most have to completely start over again if Rowan completely nullifies his magic. (Owen stays kind of eternally frustrated with his brother because of this - he gets that it's not Rowan's fault, but still...)

I'm kind of curious how Owen's magic would work on Ethel - it seems like her magic might be able to cancel out his to some extent; if she knew that he was using his magic on her as well as how and why, it seems like she might be able to ignore his magic's effects with the power of pure logic against the otherwise irresistible feeling that whatever Owen said was true... {tilts head} Or would it? Hm. What do you think, Crabby?

Owen is open for collaboration.
His bio is here
and his history is open

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
I think Ethel would probably be able to resist his magic a little bit, especially if she reads his mind before he actually starts using his power. Of course, he’d also be able to tell what she’s thinking and thus might know how to better convince her of things... though that’s obviously up to you. Overall, I feel like she’ll just be able to resist his magic more, and it might require more force against her, though she’ll probably never truly be convinced by him when reading his mind. She’ll best be able to ignore his magic if she reads his mind prior to him using his magic.

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Chess | 118 comments {nods and grins}
That makes sense...!

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I love him, Chess! He sounds so cool!

Rowan, being the most oblivious person ever, likely wouldn't pick up on the fact that Owen doesn't really hate him. He just sort of operates under the (mostly but not entirely) correct assumption that their siblings don't particularly care for him.

I can see Abatha and Owen getting along since she also likes to tell stories, but she is able to write very beautifully, though she doesn't like to write down her stories. She feels that they are safer in her head than on paper. For various reasons, she thinks that she won't be able to write them down in a way that will do them justice and is afraid of forgetting the verbally told version if a written-version is cemented in her memory. A previous (but exceedingly brief) conversation with Rowan several years ago informed her that the human memory is strengthened by writing things down.
Catherine (if I make her instead of Abatha) would generally like Owen, I think. Rin does not really like being alone, so she is usually the one to seek out her family and ask if they want to play or do something with her. The few times she tolerates being alone are when she is praying or reading the Bible or something (she is more religious than most of the other siblings.) I think she might not like it too much if she ever caught Owen following her; she definitely does not like being spied on, especially when she's doing something private or personal. However, she is mostly a forgiving-ish person, so as long he apologized or had an explanation (or just used his magic on her) if she caught him, she would be less upset about it.
Abatha I can see definitely not liking it if he spied on her. She is the eldest and one of the more mature siblings, so she may be understanding to some extent. But she still would try to tell him off if she ever caught him.

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Chess | 118 comments Oh, thank you...!

{chuckles and nods}
And if Rowan actually did anything like avoiding Owen or not talking to him because he thinks Owen hates him or to try and be polite and not antagonize him, Owen would likely take that as evidence that Rowan doesn't like him; it'd be kind of a vicious cycle...

Mm, I can definitely see Abatha and Owen getting along - he'd be fascinated by her story-telling skills. Likely, if she's the one who you wind up making, Abatha'd be the person who inspired/showed Owen that he could make up his own stories, so he'd be particularly awed by her. He might also try to talk her into writing down some of his favorite stories - he'd be disappointed that she wouldn't write her own stories, but be hopeful that she might record some of his since he has far more confidence in her skills than she does. (Owen'd probably be slightly of the thought that she can do anything)
Depending on whether she was angry, disappointed or just frustrated with him, he'd likely either try to 'convince' her that he hadn't been spying on her (he takes the people he's particularly fond of being angry or disappointed in him hard) or he'd just bear through the lecture and genuinely apologize without actually having any intentions of stopping if she was just frustrated or annoyed.

Owen'd likely like Catherine as well - if she actually went out of her way to track him down to do something with him every now and again, he'd adore her just for her actual desire to be around him. I doubt he'd spy on her while she's reading the Bible, that'd be too boring, but he'd have a sort of guilty fascination with listening to her prayers, probably. His reaction to getting caught spying by her would likely be a little different, it'd take a strong reaction from her to make him use his magic since he likes her but wouldn't quite respect her quite as much as he does Abatha since Catherine's closer to his age and thus has less of a sense of 'they're older and thus know everything' in his mind.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
I can kind of see Ethel and Owen getting along, actually. They’re quite close in age, and similar to Catherine, Ethel seeks out people to do things with her. She hates being alone and loves to talk and ask questions. Some people are annoyed by her cheerful and inquisitive nature, but she’s always very genuine and kind. She’s rarely rude, and would probably really want to be friends with him. As far as his spying goes, Eth is always quite forgiving. She probably wouldn’t even pay it much attention. If she caught him, she’d just invite him to join her in whatever she’s doing at the moment. She usually spends most of her time in the gardens, sitting in trees, or hanging out really in any of the outdoor areas. I can sort of picture the two of them being pretty close, especially because of the way their powers interact, but Ethel likes everyone and so it’d probably be more up to Owen’s personality on how close they are.

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Chess | 118 comments {nods in agreement}
It sounds like Owen would get along better with Ethel than Catherine, honestly. He's a sucker for genuine interest/affection/friendship, and he'd likely wind up egging Ethel's curiosity on because he'd get sucked into it when it wasn't directed at him. Even then, though, Owen's fairly open as long as he's not trying to keep track of the web of various lies that he's woven to keep his family getting along, so he'd be down to answer any questions she threw his way.
The biggest problem that he'd run into with Ethel would likely be a fear that one day she might up and decide to hate him or would get so mad at him that she didn't want to be around him any more, and, because his magic doesn't really work on her, he might not be able to fix it. (It doesn't really occur to him that he doesn't always need magic to be convincing - as long as he's not lying, he can be as convincing as anyone else)

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
Ethel adores being with anyone who shares a genuine curiosity about something with her, or anyone who’s willing to answer her ridiculous amounts of questions. She tends to latch on to the people who don’t find her annoying or a nuisance. Also, maybe it might be sort of relieving for Owen to be around her because he wouldn’t have to keep up with his lies. She probably wouldn’t believe most of them, and I feel like when she’s around him solely she’ll leave her mind open most of the time. Of course, it could always have the opposite effect on him lol.
I feel like because Ethel reads people’s mind, she might know this insecurity to some extent. It depends on how well he hides it, or how far she has to probe through his thoughts. I think because she’s known him for a long time - obviously - she’s probably caught onto it at some point. She wouldn’t be able to completely eradicate that thought, but she’d do her best to be sweet and reassuring and tell him how much she likes spending time with him. If he likes the outdoors as much as she does, maybe they could’ve spent a lot of time playing together as kids?

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Chess | 118 comments {nods thoughtfully}
Since he generally uses his magic just to smooth things over between everyone (at least with his family, he's a bit more mischievous with his magic when it comes to other people), he'd likely not necessarily feel relieved that she was using her magic on him constantly (because he'd know that that was a sign that she didn't trust him, even if he understood why she wouldn't) but he would be more comfortable since she'd get the way that he thought and be able to see where he's coming from because she could see the way he thought. If she still didn't agree with him even after being able to completely understand why he thought the way that he did about things and how he'd gotten there, then he'd be more open in turn to seeing things her way. His magic use on his siblings is mostly to get them to genuinely hear his point of view on things, so that'd work out.
{nods again}
That makes sense, she probably has, but yeah, he's kind of stubborn about certain things - his somewhat unconscious fear of abandonment being one of them. It's just one of those things that he's gonna be afraid of, no matter how unconsciously, no matter how many times he gets reassured that it's not gonna happen.
Owen doesn't have any particular preference for being inside or out, but if she liked being outside more and wanted him to come with her, he'd have gone happily. He'd have been really into story-based games where he could inhabit a role, more than just aimless romping, though.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
We should collab if you want, since my Lockwood will be the closest daughter in age to yours. Ethel is really sparkly and sweet, so maybe they’d get along? Funnily enough, she also looks very similar to Eth, except for Ethel’s hair is dark and curly. Anyway, I have some stuff written above about what she’s like so maybe you could tell how Lily might feel about her from that, hopefully.

I’ve gotta go for now, but I’ll get back to you later about Ethel!

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Chess | 118 comments {shoots two thumbs up and grin}
Alright, I look forward to it!

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Abatha can appreciate Owen using his magic to calm the siblings down to some degree. She at least approves of it more than her parents' usage of Rowan when the eldest ones were all much younger. Of course, it's not like they had Owen then since he is one of the younger siblings but still. Also, she does feel that as they've all gotten older it's time for them to work out their differences on their own, so while she might not have had much of a problem with how he uses his magic when they were younger, she has a lot more of an issue with it now. In her opinion, the siblings need to learn how to solve disputes and things without any magic involved, especially now that suitors are coming. She is less worried about Owen since he can use his silver tongue on any other non-magicals and be mostly fine, but she is concerned for the other siblings since they will be off and married with possibly very few problem-solving and diplomatic skills.
Catherine doesn't really see that far ahead, to be honest. She's not terribly older than Owen, so as long as it keeps the others from getting into bad arguments, she's generally fine with it.

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Chess | 118 comments If that's the general gist of how Agatha would lecture Owen, he'd be able to see where she was coming from... but he's also selfish enough (even if he doesn't register it as being such and genuinely thinks he's doing it for the good of the others) to still hate having to watch his family tear at each other to the point where he'd prefer for things at home to be peaceful even if his siblings wind up having a much rougher time once they're out on their own. (He is still only fourteen, even if he feels that he's far more mature than that)

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Cool, that's good to know.
Abatha tries to treat her siblings as though they are on equal levels of reasoning, so she would likely try to explain it to him in a similar way as described in my last post. That was before she left. Now that she's back (she has only been back a couple weeks), she keeps to herself more and doesn't think her siblings would understand her anymore. When she does talk to them, she is often short or snappish with them and doesn't bother trying to tell them why she is behaving this way. Before, if she was in a bad mood she would usually attempt to apologize and explain what had happened to put her in a bad mood.

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Chess | 118 comments {nods thoughtfully}
In that case, the snapping would definitely just go straight in one ear and out the other - the only thing that'd stick would be the hurt that he was getting yelled at for trying to help his siblings - and he might even get defensive and snap back.

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the_rabid_snail | 242 comments Mod
Sounds like fun drama, though. If he snapped back, Abatha would either argue back or she would run off to be by herself somewhere.

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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 80 comments Sorry it took me so long to get here. Running other rp groups can make things a mad house. Anywho @Crabby I can see Lily and Eth getting along but Lily probably wouldn't be keen on the idea of her thoughts not being safe. Even if Eth's aren't safe either. Especially since, Lily for the most part just wants her magic to be her hidden gem and not have a lot of people or anyone for that matter know exactly how it works. So in other words they can have a nice bond, but I don't see them being very close.

That said I feel like Lily would want to have positive bonds with all her siblings but not be close to any of them really. She doesn't want to reveal what her brought to "life" drawings can do unless absolutely necessary.

I'll try to keep an out eye on this thread when I can for updates on Lockwood sibling relationships, I just don't get notifications on my phone.

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the_rabid_snail | 242 comments Mod
I can't speak for anyone else's characters, but it would be virtually impossible for her to hide her powers from all her siblings given that they are confined to the manor with few hiding places. Rowan might not know every intricacy of her magic, but because of his abilities he probably would know more than most since he will be able to tell when she is using her powers (if he is in close enough proximity) and which objects were drawn into existence.
Abatha will have some knowledge since she is a dream walker, but she would know less than Rowan.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
Ethel would definitely know about Lily’s powers by now, and probably some of her secrets too. She does not appreciate secretive people and hates being lied to, so that may‘ve driven a rift between them over the years. Obviously, Ethel would never let on or say so outrightly. Usually, Eth is always sweet and optimistic, so her thoughts may not necessarily reflect that either. She’d probably be thinking more about why Lily is reserved rather than the effect it has on herself. Ethel would still enjoy being around her, but not as much as her other siblings. She wouldn’t seek her out as much, I think. Ethel would probably just assume she’s more of an introvert, and respect the fact that she’d like to be alone. Of course, Eth’s feelings can also be hurt by this, but she’ll just mostly ignore them, still act sweet and kind to Lily, and then hang out with the siblings she’s closer to.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
I think Ethel’s ability to let everyone communicate honestly through thoughts probably strengthened their bond over time, since neither had to suspect the other of lying and they could see/understand things more genuinely. Her preferred method of communication with him would probably be through her powers. In fact, it mostly is with everyone - not because she distrusts them (though it does seem that way) but because she thinks it’s easier for people to listen to her thoughts rather than her try to explain things. She usually goes off on rabbit trails, random questions, etc. She’s probably sensed that he feels uncomfortable, so after a while she’s used her power less around him. As far as his insecurities, that definitely makes sense :) !
I think she’d definitely love to roleplay random games outside with him. She’s content with anything as long as she’s around people. Ethel’s favorite thing is actually science, but she can be pretty imaginative too and would enjoy expanding on any of his ideas. She also loves to sit and talk too, but if Owen is not much of a thinker, listener, or speaker she’s happy to hang out with him and play games.

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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 80 comments Like I know that they'll know what she can do, but for the most part unless they're right there with her they won't know exactly what any of it does. For instance they know she can summon the drawings out of the paper but for the most part they won't know that objects that can cause harm can't actually cause harm unless they see her try to do it. Maybe this is just me not explaining it correctly or me just having been around my other rp group for so long that I'm having issues conveying the message correctly.

So Lily has shown the entire family what she can do. But she's the only one that explicitly knows exactly what her power is capable of doing. This is of course not including her other siblings that can see what's she does with the objects that she pulls from her papers.

Maybe this helps, maybe it doesn't...

Like she loves all her siblings but she doesn't want the full extent of her powers getting out because she's seen what the others have had to go through with their parents making Rowan use his power on the others when they're in trouble. So while she tries to be the best little sister she can be, she still wants to keep her own things to herself if it's possible.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
I meant mainly for Ethel, because she can reads minds. If Lily understands how her magic works then so will Eth when she reads her mind. Ethel isn’t a tattletale though, so as long as Lily doesn’t purposefully hurt her, Eth would keep it a secret.

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Oof, Lily will have to be careful that Owen's not spying on her then lol. Owen is Chess's character though, so I really can't say for sure but it seems like Owen follows a lot of his siblings around even if they don't realize he's there.

Still, Rowan is the only one who's ever been forced to use his powers on the others. Abatha certainly hasn't, and it seems like none of the others have either unless I'm misreading their forms and posts here. Overall, the family is very proud of their powers and encourages the practice of them.

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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 80 comments @Crabby Woo, so yeah, as long as that's the case, then I think the two of them would really be like as close as you'd want them to be. As long as Lily doesn't have to worry about that development of her power getting about them she'll be happy.

@Snail Yeah, I've come to realize this as I was typing it out. But she's seen what their parents could make them do to each other. And her being young and maybe a bit naive, she thinks that if word gets around about the extent of her powers her parents will start making her like draw things to use against the others.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
I mean, they don’t necessarily have to close if you don’t want them to be. Like I mentioned earlier (I think lol), Ethel likes her family but she’s typically closer with brothers than with sisters. I feel like if the main thing separating them from being close sisters is whether or not Eth reveals her powers, she’d probably just think that Lily is self-centered. Ethel does not put up very well with any hint of selfishness or feeling unwanted, and I think she might get that from her simply because Lily likes to be alone. I feel like they could have a good relationship because Eth is generally sweet to everyone, but she probably wouldn’t be too close to her. Ethel would probably feel annoyed with her from time to time, honestly. Since she can read minds, she’d feel like Lily really just cares about her parents not knowing about her powers and that’s the only reason they could be close. Obviously, this is just Eth’s perception lol. Either way, I can see them being good sisters to each other, but maybe having more of a neutral relationship. Ethel tends to seek out people less who like to be alone anyways.

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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 80 comments Yeah, yeah... I totally get that, that's why I said they can be as close as you'd like them to be. Because she's closer to her brothers rather than her sisters. I feel like with more people that aren't their family being in the Manor that it might bring Lily out more and that she'd definitely get a smidge closer to everyone that way too. Something to take her mind off of worrying about her power and more of having fun, being the kid of the family again. Which might pull the two closer overall and show Eth that Lily might just be focused on not getting found out, but that if she really wanted to she can have fun and not have all her focus put into that.

I think that makes sense anyway...

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Chess | 118 comments @Crabby Constance;
{nods in agreement}
Mm, yeah, that sounds right...
And if Owen ever caught on to the fact that she uses her powers because she's concerned about being misunderstood/wants to make things easier on everyone while trying to communicate (whether by her outright telling him or him managing to figure it out by reading her thoughts), his issues with her using her magic on him would be essentially nonexistent.
{grins} Not gonna lie, Ethel sounds like an absolute sweetheart Owen'd appreciate her being willing to just be a playmate immensely, and that'd likely make him a lot more willing to sit around and just talk as well.
Owen'd honestly love to listen to Ethel talk about science - he'd be very supportive and likely do his best to help her out; he just wants his family to be happy (though, as noted with Snail in regards to Agatha, this is an incredibly shallow goal; he genuinely wants his family to be happy, but he doesn't take the fact that people occasionally need to go through pain/difficulty to grow and learn into consideration and just wants them to be happy and content all the time... so he'd be a bad person to be around when she's hitting a roadblock that's got her frustrated or angry, since he'll be the first one to try and talk her out of science then since it's obviously not worth it if it makes her this unhappy, while simultaneously being nothing but supportive of it when she's happy/focused/absorbed in a project.)

Yeah, Snail's right - Owen's a little sneaky sneak who hoards secrets and just general information about everyone he can possibly manage to get it on like a dragon with gold; enough is never quite enough. Still, while he's got absolutely no shame in eavesdropping/spying/following anyone whatsoever, he tends to keep what he knows to himself. His fascination/entertainment comes purely from knowing what's going on and having a edge on/equal footing with everyone else in that regard, especially if it's something that's clearly meant to be a secret. It'd be counter-intuitive for him to just turn around and tell people what he knows when what he really loves about gathering info on everyone is just that satisfaction in knowing something that someone else doesn't.
So while he might know something about Lily's magic (since thanks to her making it a mystery, it'd probably make him intensely curious about what the big secret is) depending on just how extremely cautious she is about using it anywhere he could potentially manage to catch a glimpse, he'd never let anyone know unless Lily gave him permission to do so, and since he'd likely not even let her know that he'd gotten a look at it, that's not a likely situation.

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
Okay, I see. Them becoming closer throughout the rp is always a possibility. Unless Ethel knows someone really well or understands the reason for their reservedness/privacy, she can kind of distance herself from them. Maybe once Lily starts hanging around the family more, Eth might feel like her little sister actually likes her lol. So, cool! It’ll be an interesting dynamic to play out. :)

Okay, that sounds about right. Ethel usually has good intentions, unless someone purposefully hurts her or hides things from her. She’s not as good at dealing with those feelings. Otherwise, most everything she does or says is sweet.
Yeah she is; I love her. She’s also one of my only characters who’s as nice and innocent as this lol.
Ethel will definitely love hanging out with him. She always loves to have a playmate and a listener, and she’d definitely appreciate his encouragement and interest in science. Honestly, Eth doesn’t get frustrated too often. She’s very optimistic, even while experiencing setbacks. I can totally see her trying to convince Owen she still likes science despite getting upset at being stuck lol. I think those occasions would be more rare though since she normally enjoys the challenge - at least in the area of science, anyway.

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Aphromisna (bopbear1324) | 80 comments @Crabby
Yeah, I definitely can see where Eth's coming from there. And yes, Lily's definitely going to be coming around more, so it'll be a nice turn around in their relationship if that's what we choose to do with it.

I feel like he definitely wouldn't know much more on her magic than anyone else. If she knows what he can do with his own magic then she'll definitely be careful with where she does things. Unless of course they're just very close siblings because of their ages. Which would be an interdesting thing to see play out. Lily being close enough to one of her siblings that they know a bit more about her magic than the others, but definitely not knowing everything that she knows about it either.

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Max | 26 comments @Anyone
I've got my first Lockwood child James if anyone wants to collab w him? He isn't approved yet but I figured I should find some collabs while I wait.

James in a nutshell:
-He's a jerk. Pretty much sums it up
-Kinda sadistic
-Thinks love is fake
-Loves his siblings but also kinda hates them.
-Thinks Rowan is lammee
-Will disobey you just because he can
-Orders people around because he's totally spoiled
-Hates every suitor sent his way
-Will someone break down his wall?

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
I’d love to collab with him; he sounds pretty awesome. Ethel is really cheerful and would always be seeking him out to play a game with him even if he got annoyed with her. She really loves her siblings and means well though. Some people respond to her nature with annoyance, but some other people become really close to her; it just depends on the person.

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Dark Angel | 92 comments When/if she gets approved, I will have Clarimond Lockwood. :)

Clarimond will be terrified of Rowan because he can make her even more ill than she already is, but she won't be hostile towards him because she'll be afraid that provoking him will cause him to use his power on her. Clara is very physically weak and so she wouldn't want to be weakened even more. I imagine if anything she would be polite to, perhaps quite timid around, Rowan, the only exception being if Rowan said or did something she thought was unjust because Clara doesn't like injustice. Also, is Abatha is being short and snappy with all the siblings and not explaining why as she used to Clarimond will resent that.

Where do Abatha's other siblings think she was while she was giving away her baby? Clarimond's power is to see the past, present and future. What do you think of the idea of Clarimond having a vision of Abatha giving away the baby? Perhaps Clara and Abatha used to be really close before Abatha went away and Abatha's new strange behaviour is upsetting Clara so she brings on a vision to see what happened? Then she gets upset with Abatha for not telling her, for being cruel to everyone and for having a child out of wedlock with a servant? Then Clara realizes she's being hypocritical about getting upset about Abby not telling and having the out of wedlock child considering she's keeping a huge secret from everyone too but she still thinks Abatha ought not to blame her siblings?

As for Clarimond and Owen, I think Clara would think he was sweet for trying to patch up the family relationships but be annoyed with him for manipulating them all like that. However, Clarimond can also be very manipulative at times and is good at talking people around and wrapping them around her little finger (without lying) so if you wanted to go down the route of him calling Clara out on that you could. I think she would really go out of her way to be a good big sister to him though. She would purposely seek him out even though he tried to keep out of sight of his elder siblings and she would probably try to engage with him.

Oh god, Clara is totally going to avoid Ethel. As sweet as she sounds, Clara will be totally terrified of Ethel exposing her. And when Ethel is around, Clara will probably try to cover up her true thoughts with confusing things, like singing nursery rhymes in her head! :D

I think Clara would respect Lily's privacy and just think Lily and her drawings are adorable.

Can james and Clara please be enemies? Please? I would love that. Clara despises people like James. Or maybe frenemies? Maybe a type of love/hate type of thing?

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the_rabid_snail | 242 comments Mod
I think in turn, Rowan will probably put a lot of effort into avoiding Clara since he knows she is already weak and will feel completely horrible if he causes her to feel worse. She is the sibling he probably feels the worst about inadvertently harming and will do anything to help her feel as comfortable as possible, even if it means ignoring and hiding from her.

The Lockwoods' parents told the children that Abatha was away on the continent to continue her studies in music, art, literature, language, history, and culture. I love the idea of Clara and her being really close friends and Clara having a vision of her giving up her infant son! When they were younger, Abatha would have tried to spend lots of time with Clara since she can't leave her rooms as often to help pass away the time. Since the both of them like writing stories, do you think they might have discussed their writings with each other before Abby went away?

message 38: by Dark Angel (new)

Dark Angel | 92 comments Awww Rowan is such a sweetheart! <3 I would love it if Clara learned to be less afraid of him. I imagined her being afraid of him due to an accident that happened. Do you think Rowan might have accidentally lost control and drained too much of her power when he was younger, leading to her being in a temporary coma or something when they were younger? Or is that a bit extreme?

Oh I definitely think they would have discussed their writings with each other! I could see them being really close and spending lots of time together because of their shared passions and Clara would have been really supportive of Abatha going away to further her studies. Maybe she asked Abatha to write to her and got concerned by the contents of or lack of Abatha's letters? What do you think? Clara's quite perceptive so Abatha not acting like herself when she got home would be very distressing to her as I imagine Clara loves Abby very dearly and just wants to know why her sister isn't acting like herself.

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the_rabid_snail | 242 comments Mod
Yeah, it took him a while to figure out what his powers even did exactly. I think a coma might be a little extreme, but what if he caused her to faint for a while?

That sounds awesome! Abatha definitely would have written her some letters while she was away (she also wrote letters to Peter), and towards the end of her trip Clara might have been able to pick up on the fact that she was suffering from some anxiety and depression from the contents of her letters.

message 40: by Dark Angel (new)

Dark Angel | 92 comments @Snail: Good idea. Shall we say a few hours maybe? I did want her to have some sort of extreme childhood accident that explains why she is under such close guard and this could totally be it!

Probably, as Clara is very perceptive. Clara probably would have written Abby lots of letters and would be trying to cheer her up as she loves Abby very much. She just wants to know what's wrong with Abby so that she can help her, I get the feeling she's really worried about her sister and perhaps thinks that somebody did something bad to Abby while she was on her trip.

Also, I have some ideas for Clara if anyone is interested in a non-sibling collab?

One of the options is that Clara has a very romantic male suitor that she falls in love with straight away, of reasonably high to high rank. He can be of any age, but he would be respectful, romantic and share Clara's interests in literature, the arts etc. He would also be very sympathetic and tolerant of her illnesses, loving her for her and assuring her that it's OK if she doesn't manage to produce an heir because they can take a ward or if not then there's always his younger brother. Although he knows and follows the rules of society he has his own little eccentricities.

Alternatively, I had a love triangle in mind. Her male suitor would again be any age. He would come off as charming at first, though he sticks rigidly to social conventions. He chooses Clarimond because he guesses she will be the easiest to bend to his will, he doesn't want the hassle of a wilful wife and he wants the prestige of marrying into the Lockwood family, and marrying a beautiful and accomplished Lockwood daughter at that. He is determined that her health problems can be cured with the right doctor and she will bear him sons, he proposes rather quickly and she accepts. Though he seems charming and lavishes her with gifts, he has little tolerance for her eccentricities and corrects any behaviour he finds unacceptable. For example, when she is his wife she will no longer make collages out of insects, when she is his wife she will cease collecting morbid artifacts etc. His behaviour will grow increasingly more controlling until he has almost a Jekyll/Hyde personality. But he is of very high rank and Clara is determined to stay with him to cover up the fact that she has fallen for one of the female suitors. The female suitor also returns her feelings. I imagine the female suitor to very romantic, passionate, artistic, possessing a love of all things Gothic. I also imagine said female suitor to be aware of the fact that she's attracted to women and accepting of that fact, so perhaps she was forced to come to the mansion by her parents to find a husband to cover up her sexuality?

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod
@Dark Angel,

Perhaps Sigmund and Clara might get along. He loves music, reading, and he’s also very patient and probably wouldn’t mind her illnesses. That’s not the type of thing to bother him. He’s also from a high-ranking family. I don’t know how much of a romantic he is, but he is very sweet and chivalrous and he loves doing things for the people he cares about. Also he would be very interested in her collages of insects since he also loves nature. Since he’s on the younger side of his family, he probably wouldn’t be too concerned with producing an heir. He would gladly take a ward if having biological children just wasn’t going to happen. He’s not finished yet but he’s in the workshop if you’d like to take a look.

Also, as far as how Peter and Ethel would interact with Clara...

If Clara continuously denied Ethel’s requests to spend time with each other, she would over time stop asking and feel hurt about it somewhat. I don’t imagine them being too close simply because Clara is ill frequently and Ethel is not one for sitting still. But I think Eth would come and visit her if she felt welcome. She’d love to try to cheer Clara up or do more quiet things with her. Although since Clara would probably stay away from Ethel, she might not try to spend as much time with her.

Peter would probably avoid Clara at all costs. He’d be jealous of the attention that Abby gives her somewhat, and he would also just feel guilty whenever he’s around her. He only has one mood and that’s everything’s great. But he wouldn’t want to act that way around Clara so instead he just avoids her. He is probably a bit quiet whenever he’s around her or having to carry a conversation with her. He would also be the sibling that knows when she feels worse or better though without having to ask. He senses people’s auras so he usually has an idea of their health, overall mood, etc. But unfortunately he has a lot of problems and so he tends to isolate himself or he just pretends to be happy when he’s around other people. So far Abby has been the sibling that he’s close to, but maybe he and Clara could’ve grown closer when Abby left? Maybe because of her powers she might know some of his issues and that would incite a conversation that might bring them closer?

message 42: by Dark Angel (new)

Dark Angel | 92 comments Crabby Constance wrote: "@Black Angel,

Perhaps Sigmund and Clara might get along. He loves music, reading, and he’s also very patient and probably wouldn’t mind her illnesses. That’s not the type of thing to bother him. H..."

I would love to try out a relationship with Sigmund! He wounds perfect for her! <3 Thank you so, so much!!!

Clara will feel bad for avoiding Ethel and she does keep to her rooms quite a lot not by choice. When she is in Ethel's company she will try to make conversation with Ethel, but she'll try to keep her thoughts under control, if that makes sense. Clara likes the idea of keeping her thoughts private and so she will probably be trying to think about mundane things when Ethel is around, or just really random things. If Ethel is able to read subconscious thoughts, or scratch beyond the surface, then Clara might be in a bit of trouble.

Oooh, I like this Clara/Peter dynamic. It is quite possible that they might have grown closer while Abby was away. Clara is very worried about Abby and since Peter is also closer to Abby, is it possible that they might have bonded over a shared worry over Abby? I could easily see Clara going to Peter and confiding in him that she thinks something is wrong with Abby and asking him to help her figure out what it is. She probably knows that he is nervous around her and will feel guilty for that and try to put him at ease any way she can.

message 43: by Crabby Constance, Crabby Countess (last edited Jan 04, 2021 05:00PM) (new)

Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod

Perfect! He should be finished soon, hopefully, and then I’ll add him in to the event.

Ethel doesn’t usually listen to people’s thoughts unless they give her permission to, so Clara wouldn’t have to worry about keeping her thoughts quiet. Of course, Ethel technically could listen to her thoughts whenever she wanted, but she tries to respect other people’s boundaries - but perhaps Clara is a little distrustful of that or doesn’t like the idea that Ethel could know what she’s thinking, etc.? But also - in order to violate others’ privacy, Eth would also have to give up her own privacy too, so that might make her slightly more trustworthy.

Peter tends to be kind of cold at first when people ask him if he’s feeling worried or sad or anything, so he might not admit being worried about Abby. But he would also definitely listen to her concerns and feel similarly. I think if she sought him out a few times to talk, he’d definitely warm up to her, especially so with Abby gone. He doesn’t really speak truthfully to his other siblings, so he’s probably more desperate for a friend and that would push him to grow closer with Clara. And if she does try to put him at ease, that would probably make him feel a lot better and start to enjoy being with her. So as long as she’s not too easily hurt by his mood swings, I think that they’d get along pretty well.

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the_rabid_snail | 242 comments Mod
@Angel, a few hours sounds great!

message 45: by Dark Angel (new)

Dark Angel | 92 comments @Snail: Awesome! :)

@Crabby: Awesome! I've read through him and love the sound of him and his entire family. I've noticed he's a sixth son, so Clara might be a bit hesitant about that as she feels she needs to marry well so that she will be taken care of because she is 'only' a daughter and not the eldest, but since she's the second daughter she should have a decent sized dowry and his kind heart should convince her. Ultimately she will be swayed by the fact that he will put no pressure on her to have a son, I feel, and their mutual interests will be a huge bonus! He may just have to convince her that he can take care of her because Clara knows she wouldn't be able to do housework or anything like that so she would need reassurance that there would be servants to attend her and a proper doctor and all that stuff.

Oh, that's different! I didn't realize that Eth could actually control the power and chose not to use it! Well then, in that case, Clara would probably like her! She would probably ask for a promise outright from Ethel to specifically not read her thoughts, but she would treat Ethel as an equal and explain to Ethel that there are things in her mind that are best left undiscovered, as she's sure there are in Ethel's mind too. She would probably be more than happy to spend time with Ethel if she was confident that Ethel wouldn't read her mind, and if she had that promise from Ethel then they could probably find something in common! Is Eth into anything artistic or literary? If not, maybe they could walk around the gardens or just have conversations when Clara is feeling okay? I actually really like Ethel.

I imagine Clara started seeking him out when Abby's letters started getting 'strange.' Abby was writing to Clara while she was away but Clara noticed that the tone of Abby's letters was slowly changing. Clara probably would have sought him out after this happened maybe twice and pointed out the tonal shift of the letters and asked him if he knew what was going on. After the third of fourth time she would confess that she was very worried about Abby and asked if he was too. If he said he wasn't she would probably say that she was and she felt it was their duty as Abatha's siblings, siblings she loved and who loved her, to figure out what was going on, and as her closest siblings they should probably work together. She would probably keep persisting, reminding him that they are the two people Abatha trusts most and therefore they owe it to her to discover what is going on in case Abby has been hurt, until he concedes. After Abatha's return she would probably keep coming to him to point out strange occurrences with Abby/shifts in her behaviour. As Abby is now more snappish with her siblings she might be worried about how this is affecting him and try her best to fill the void and be a friend to him. She would probably directly address the fact that he can read her aura and apologize to him for the fact that he can feel her illness.
What stage do you think their relationship would be at now that Abby has been back a few months? Are they friends? Tentative allies? Something in between?

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Dark Angel | 92 comments Is anyone interested in making Clara's maid Esmeralda 'Esme'?

The two of them are very close, almost like sisters. Esmeralda reads to Clara when her head hurts too much to read and Esme is a lover of books herself, particularly anything fantastical or gothic. As Clara spends most of her time isolated it falls to Esme to provide her with most of her social interaction, so although she often talks quietly because of Clara's headaches, they talk about almost everything. Esme's hobbies are very similar to Clara's and she acts as equal parts companion and maid. She's also quite maternal and is very good at sensing how Clara is feeling despite not being magical. She's really good with alternative therapies and knows a lot about herbalism, aromatherapy, crystal healing and other such things. Anything else about her you can make up, does she pique anyone's interest?

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Crabby Constance (crabbyconstance) | 118 comments Mod

Since Sigmund used to be a German commoner, he is very used to doing things for himself. He really doesn’t even like having servants for himself - which I think just makes him better at doing things for other people also. He’d definitely insist on doing things for her that might seem more servant-y. Of course, he would also insist that she have as many servants as she needs. I think he’d understand that with her illnesses and also that being the way she grew up, that she would require them. He’d want her to have lots of help basically.
As far as what he inherits, he’ll probably inherit much more than his elder brothers since he plans on staying in England. At least two of his older brothers have moved back to Germany and now they have families there and they’ve decided not to come back. So the title would just fall to the next brother, I think. Which means Sig would inherit more since he’s essentially taking their role in the family. I think his main concern would be that she would see him as a commoner since he grew up as one. Or that she may not get along with his family since they are a bit unconventional.

Ethel would definitely make that promise to her. Although since she’s so impulsive, I don’t know that she would really keep it. But if she did read her thoughts at one point, she would apologize afterwards. I don’t think that would be a very common occurrence though. Eth is very interested in science, so she’d probably ask Clara a lot about aromatherapy, etc. She would definitely be curious about that. She has a tendency to babble, which I feel like could be overwhelming for Clara? She’s very hyperactive and she can be very distracting to look at or talk to. She’s also very... blunt. Eth just kind of says things without thinking, so she’ll sometimes make uncomfortable or unintentionally rude comments. And then she gets flustered. Conversations with her tend to be pretty awkward. But she would definitely love to take Clara on walks in the gardens or do things to make her feel better or just hang out with her in general. Eth is not picky about the people she hangs out with, so I think if Clara didn’t mind her... mannerisms too much, they could be really good friends.

Peter is very good at denying problems. He rarely acknowledges that they exist, although with Abby he would make an exception. He would probably focus most on just helping Abby, maybe not necessarily finding out what’s wrong. But he would also help Clara figure out what’s wrong, since she would give him the impression that it’s important to her and it was a way to help Abby, etc. Peter also tends to speak in grunts, so I think when she points out things that are different about Abby, Peter would just grunt. He often acknowledges statements without agreeing or disagreeing with them. That may or may not be frustrating to her? Also if she lets on that she’s trying to be his friend because she thinks he needs a friend, he would definitely go out and do things to show that he does not need a friend. He is not very good at accepting help. So if she’s subtle, he may not even notice and she can just sneak into his life and they’ll become friends without him even recognizing it. Although if she’s less subtle, she’d definitely have to be more persistent. And he also hates being pitied. He probably wouldn’t pity her for her illness and he might be a bit cold about that, so I don’t know how she would respond to that. I think at this point, they should be tentative friends. It takes him a long while to warm up and trust people.
And if she apologizes to him because he is able to sense her illness? His response would be something along the lines of “it doesn’t affect me so why are you apologizing?”

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Chess | 118 comments @Dark Angel;

Owen would probably have an in one ear out the other reaction to her lectures unless she managed to somehow leave a genuine impression on him (made him feel really guilty, sad or hurt) since he's gotten lectured on using his magic on his family for years.
Owen would probably have a tendency to shadow her a lot, both because he'd be curious to find out if he could get any kind of hints as to what her visions entail, and just because she's his sister and he worries about her and her health.

Also, she doesn't really fill either of the suitor concepts you were looking for, but would you be interested in Rune becoming one of Clara's suitors? She's currently only barely going through the motions of being a suitor since she's terrified of actually getting close enough to anyone that they might find out that she isn't a man, and it's never occurred to her that anyone might be able to be equally interested in her whether they know her as a man or as a woman. Still, she's affection starved, so if Clara made any attempts to become friends, Rune'd get attached to her. Then, if Clara later found out that Rune wasn't a man but still treated her the same, Rune would probably fall head over heels for her and genuinely start trying to court her.
She would love to talk about books with Clara - she loves reading, though she does have a particular love for fiction in particular- she doesn't have any interest in bugs or 'morbid things' (though her sense of humor can skew on the dark side occasionally) but she'd pay attention and research to learn about it all because she cares about what the people she's close to are interested in. She was raised to be a perfect gentleman, but she's very clumsy and awkward when it comes to genuine romance and not just general flirting.

message 49: by Dark Angel (new)

Dark Angel | 92 comments @Chess: YES TO ALL OF THIS.

I think her and Owen will have a very interesting relationship! I'm not sure if she would leave an impression on him, but since she's such a kind and sensitive person, the fact that his manipulation genuinely upsets her and makes her feel violated, but she gets more upset than angry, might. I'm not sure. Especially since she's always happy to talk with him and never gets irritated for his shadowing/spying because she rather likes the company so she's the sister he knows he can always shadow whenever he wants, so he has that. But she won't want him around if he uses his powers on her so that might be a thing that might hurt him?

Oooh yes to Rune! Right now she's talking to Nathan at the moment and Sigmund is going to court her but I could easily see something going on with Rune as well. :D Clara is a total romantic at heart and a female love interest in the mix could definitely add to her confusion and turmoil!

@Crabby: Oooh, he sounds perfect! Clara might have that initial shock/concern but it will soon fade as he's going to inherit quite a bit and he's not a commoner now. Also I think she will like his unconventional family as she's a bit of an eccentric herself as you can probably tell.

On her good days she won't mind Ethel's babbling at all and will probably babble away just as enthusiastically, though on days where her head hurts a bit more the babbling may be a bit overwhelming. Clara will definitely love all of her questions about aromatherapy and happily answer them. Some of Ethel's blunt comments may upset her, but not shock her, it depends what they are. Depending on how much her head hurts on a given day she may be more sensitive, but ultimately she will love and cherish her sister. The mindreading will be the only thing that would really upset her but as long as Ethel doesn't discover 'the' secret then they should be fine. :D If she were ever to discover that Clara would probably be awkward as heck around her.

The constant grunting might throw her off a bit, but she would probably get used to it being his way in the end and work with it. Is he a selective mute, or just quiet? I'm not quite sure how subtle she is at the moment, I suppose we shall have to see.

message 50: by Chess (new)

Chess | 118 comments @Dark Angel;

{nods} Mm, yeah - that's the sort of thing I mean; Owen really just wants his family to be happy and get along, so while them getting mad or frustrated at him is a sacrifice he's willing to make to keep them otherwise in a good mood (despite the fact that it crushes him a little bit inside every time it happens), he'll have a mini existential crisis if he realizes that he's actually making them feel scared, betrayed, violated or upset. (As a general rule, though, he just tunes people out when they get mad - even if anyone outright told him that he was scaring them and made them cry, as long as they were angry, he'd just mentally write it off.) If he actually sees the emotional impact it causes on Clara (or really pretty much any of his siblings), it'll leave a big impression on him. Owen'll still continue to use his magic because it's a knee-jerk habit by this point, but he's more likely to hesitate or try harder to solve things with regular reasoning instead of just immediately turning to his magic, and he'll feel much guiltier about it afterwards.
Ooh, Owen'll love that - right now, I think Ethel's the only other Lockwood who's completely down to hang out with Owen whenever he shows up. He'd likely tend to bring along little piles of dead bugs and animal bones he'd find while out gallivanting around outside with Ethel anytime he visited as a sort of unspoken 'thank you' for her time. (He'd also probably bring fossils, pretty smooth stones and the rare occasional geode over as well, thinking that they'd fit in with her crystals unless Clara broke it to him that they don't)
{tilts head} Well, he generally doesn't use his magic on his family unless they're fighting, and from what I've read about Clara so far, she doesn't really seem like the type to get into tense arguments often... Still, if she got frustrated enough at him for using his magic on her to stop hanging out with him, he'd just find some way to use his magic on her again to get her to forget about it - that's just kind of his thing.

{grins and shoots two thumbs up}

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