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Any important announcements will be posted here, so keep an eye on this thread for any new and pertinent information.

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This group is now open!

I should also note that this is a reboot of a previous group that I unfortunately did not have the time to maintain last year. Now that I finally have significantly fewer classes and am working much less, I thought it would be appropriate to bring this group back :)

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I just have a couple things I want to call attention to, so this will be a quick announcement.

1. Not that anyone hasn't done this, but everyone needs to make sure to use time-period and setting appropriate names for their characters. For anyone who needs help, I have compiled a list of names for both genders in the Getting Started and Helpful Tips thread at the end of the first post. Both lists are in separate spoilers. I will also be adding a list of surnames tomorrow.

2. Speaking of said thread, the second post there details how the ranks worked in the Victorian Era. It is absolutely worth your while to read that. The first post is in no way required unless you would like to read/skim it.
I will be creating a new thread under Character Creation here shortly to help everyone find territories for noble characters.

Thanks everyone and have a nice night!

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I took a break from gr for a while recently. My cat I've had since childhood was very sick, and I eventually had to put him to sleep because he was beginning to really suffer. I meant to let everyone know ahead of time that I would be away for a while but couldn't find the time or the energy to get on, so I apologize for just disappearing on you guys. I'm feeling well enough now to keep this group running, and there are a couple things in the next part of this announcement that are important.

Just to let you guys know, I plan to officially start this rp by next weekend if not sooner. Anyone who has claimed a Lockwood needs to have the forms completed and posted in approval by this coming Friday or Saturday. Any claims that have not been completed will be void.
For those of you who have already finished your Lockwoods, you may make a topic for their rooms in the appropriate folders. The eldest Lockwood children usually have rooms on the second floor, and the youngest Lockwoods normally have rooms on the third floor. Exceptions to the rule are allowed, but no one will have a room on the first floor :)

With the quarantining and social distancing, I'm going to be by either my computer or phone most of the day, so I can answer any of your questions. More information about the start of the story will also be forthcoming.

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The RP has officially started! Check the first thread in the Events folder at the top of the page to get started. There is on outstanding Lockwood claim that has not been finished right now, and it will be void by the end of the day.
Happy roleplaying!

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Hello, gr, my old friend. I completed my first semester at a four year university living on campus, and between 16 hours of classes and frequent mental breakdowns (due to the school keeping students extremely isolated cause of covid), there just was no real time to get on and rp for fun, let alone manage an entire group. I'm sure those of you who've dealt with depression or other similar issues can understand the resulting lethargy and how terribly monstrous a task just getting out of bed in the morning is. A thousand of my sincerest apologies to all of you who have stuck with the group and expressed interest; I was so thrilled to see the enthusiasm people had for this idea when the group started.
But enough with the rambling on. Please pop in the chat, shoot me a message, or otherwise let me know if any of you still want to continue this rp. If there's at least a few people wanting to keep going, I'll gladly be more active and schedule out a time (or times) to get on daily to help myself be more consistent. Since it is the holidays, I'll give everyone until around mid-January (provided there is interest, of course) to decide if they want to keep their claims or not.
Thank you all for bearing with me and reading through this somewhat lengthy announcement. I wish you all a very happy new year's day and every ounce of luck in your future pursuits!
Lady Snail of Sarcasmland

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Just wanted to let everyone know they are free to make their characters' rooms in the manor! Lockwoods' rooms will be on the second and third floors of the main manor (oldest Lockwoods on the second floor and youngest Lockwoods on the third floor, though exceptions are welcome), and most of their rooms will have at least a sitting room, bedroom, and bathroom which can all be made into one topic.
Suitors will have rooms in the east and west wings of the manor. Highest ranking suitors will be on the first floor of the east wing, and lower ranking suitors can be on either the first or second floor of the west wing. Suitors' chambers can contain multiple rooms according to their rank, and all may at least have a bedroom, bathroom, and personal sitting room.
Servants can have rooms on the second floor of the east wing or in separate housing on the grounds of the estate.

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Good evening, everyone! I just wanted to clarify something really quickly for everyone.
This rp is designed to be character-driven. What I mean by that is interactions between characters will be influenced by the participating characters' personalities, backgrounds, beliefs, etc. so that outcomes will be decided by the characters' actions and relationships they've built up. There will be no pre-arranging which Lockwoods end up with which suitors since that isn't fair to everyone else in the group. The whole point of the events that are occurring now and that will occur in the future is to let each character interact with as many other characters as possible instead of just getting set couples of characters locked into rps without rping with other characters.
Thank you all and have a nice evening!

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